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   Updated  5th. August 2015

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Nacimiento de Rio Cortines CRG-T
Nacimiento del Poco Aguanaz CDG Spain
Najdena Jama YSS, SMCC Slovenia
Nakimu Caves CANC Canada
Nall Grove Mine D Derbyshire
Nancy Camel’s Hole MCG Shepton Mallet
Nandan River System NSS China
Nannup Cave WSG W.Australia
Nant Gain Cave (Cilcain Cave) B663 NE Wales
Nant Glas, Caves of ISCA
Nant Maerlor Caves & Tunnel ISCA
Nape Well Cave CDG, CPC Appletreewick
Napps Cave WP, SMCC Barrynarbor
Napps Quarry Cave Dorset
Napra BCRA-T Russia
Nare CI, E Papua New Guinea
Natty Gully Cave CRG-T Jamaica
Natural Arch Series GSG Argyll
Natural Bridge Caverns NSS USA
Nazarovskaya – Osennyaya B237 USSR
Near Vana Cave NSS USA
Nearcliff Wood Rift MSG, YSS
Nedre Gaulstadgrotten SWETC Norway
Nedre Svartvannsgrotten CRG-T Norway
Needlehouse Gill Cave GC Wild Boar Fell
Neffs Canyon Cave NSS Utah
Nenthead, Mines in the area of GCC
Neptune Mine TSG Derbyshire
Nervous Breakdown Cavern OCC
Nesmolnelvgrotta KCC Norway
Netherscar Cave and Pot RRCPC, SS
Nettle Pot BSA-B, BPC, DCA, D, LS, BCRA-CSS Castleton
Nettlebed Cave CI, D New Zealand
New Balch Cave MCC, D
New Goydon Pot CPC, ULSA, CUCC, SS, BCRA-S, CDG, BC, D, CDG-NSI Nidderdale
New Hall Pots BCRA-T Jamaica
New Oxlow Cavern BSA-CS, BSA-B
New Pasture Cave BSA-B
New Rake, shaft on D Derbyshire
New St.Michael’s Cave BSA-CS, OUCC Gibralter
New Venture Mine / Cavern SUSS Derbyshire
New Year Pot NPC Fountains Fell
Newberry Pots MSG Teesdale
Newby Moss Pot GC
Newquay Cave GSG Newquay
Newton Abbot Cave BEC
Nguom Chiom BPC Vietnam
Nguom Pag Bo System IC Vietnam
Ni Hao Dong China Caves China
Niaux, Grotte de B788 France
Nidd Heads Risings CUCC, CDG, CDG-NSI Nidderdale
Nidlenloch WSG, SMCC Switzerland
Nine Barrows Swallet BEC, SS, MC
Nirvana & Twang Cave D Dentdale
Nita Cein “Honey Pit” NSS Mexico
Nixloch in der Drachenwand (nowt Hole in Dragon’s Cliff) BSA-CS Austria
No Business Blowing Cave D USA
No Tul Cenote CDG Mexico
Noddle End Hole BSA-CS
Nohoch Nah Chich Cave System NSS Mexico
Nong River Cave CPC, LS Papua New Guinea
Noodle End Windypit BCRA-T N. Yorkshire
Noon’s Arch B222   ,SUI Co. Fermanagh
Noraldograige KCC, CPC
North Hill Swallet MCC, D Mendip
North Pot NCC, CPC Greenhow
North Quarry Cave SMCC Bridgewater
Notts Pot II D, RRCPC, CDG-NSI Leck Fell
Nowt Hole in Dragon’s Cliff (Nixloch in der Drachenwand) BSA-CS Austria
Nyrudhola BCRA-T Norway
Nyth Bran Series Wales

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Oban-No-Ike-Cave CDG Japan
OBJ Hole LUSS Ingleborough
Ocean Hole BCRA-T Andros
Ochochpec CANC Belize
Ochochpec CANC Belize
October Hole ULSA Selside
Octopus Cave NSS USA
Odloman Cave System E Phillipines
Odyssey Cave NSS Australia
Offertalloch Speleologia Italy
Ofof Claisfer CWM, ISCA S. Wales
Ofof Gofan CWM S. Wales
Ofof Pont Y Meirw ISCA
Ofof Trefechan ISCA
Ogof Afon Hepste CDG, CWM S. Wales
Ogof Afon Nedd Fechan (see: Little Neath River Cave)
Ogof Agen Allwedd (see Agen allwedd)
Ogof Ap Robert ISCA
Ogof Bwa Maen ISCA
Ogof Bwa Maew BUSS, WSG
Ogof Cakin Fant BEC E. Mendip
Ogof Capel D, CSS, CDG, ISCA
Ogof Capel Ddygen B222 Carmarthen
Ogof Carno CDG S. Wales
Ogof Cas, area of WSG
Ogof Cefn Bythen ISCA
Ogof Ci Coch BC S. Wales
Ogof Cil Y Fran CWM Wales
Ogof Cil-Yr-Ychen B222, BC, ISCA Carmarthen
Ogof Clogwyn CSS, CWM, ISCA, BC Clydach Gorge
Ogof Cnwc CSS S. Wales
Ogof Coed Yr Mwstwr CWM S. Wales
Ogof Coeden Prop ISCA
Ogof Corryn Cawraidd D S. Wales
Ogof Craig Derwyddon ISCA Wales
Ogof Craig-a-Ffynonn D, BC, CCC, CC, LS S. Wales
Ogof Cwbl Hardd WSG Ystradfellte
Ogof Cwm Hew Bweb WSG
Ogof Cynnes D, YSS S. Wales
Ogof Cyres SWCC, CCC
Ogof Dan-y-Lleuad Wen D, ISCA Dyfed
Ogof Daren Cilau CSS, BSA-CS, D, CC, BEC, CC, HCC, BCRA-S, ISCA, SMCC S. Wales
Ogof Dau Gi SWCC
Ogof Ddwy Sir ISCA
Ogof Diwedd Yr Enfys SWCC
Ogof Dolygear ISCA Llanddetty
Ogof Draenan D, CSS, CC, LS, WSG, CDG, OUCC, BCRA-T S. Wales
Ogof Dulias YSS N. Wales
Ogof Dydd Byraff LUPC
Ogof Fach (Fechan) CDG, LS
Ogof Fawr WSG, D S. Wales
Ogof Fechan (Fach) WSG, LS, ISCA
Ogof Ffordd Y Blaenau ISCA
Ogof Ffynnon Ddu CRG-P, LUCC, SWCC, CRG-T, CDG, CSS, WSG, LS, D, SWETC, CWM S. Wales
Ogof Ffynnon Haddock CSS
Ogof Ffynnon Taf D, ISCA S. Glamorgan
Ogof Foel Fawr B222, CSS, SWCC Carmarthen
Ogof Garny Bica CSS Wales
Ogof Garreg Fawr CWM S. Wales
Ogof Gelynnen ISCA
Ogof Glan Gwenglais D, ISCA Dyfed
Ogof Glan Hepste CDG, ISCA S. Wales
Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion CSS
Ogof Gwyfyn (Moth Cave) CWM
Ogof Hepste 11 CWM
Ogof Hesp Alyn BCRA-T, CC, B663 NE Wales
Ogof Llungwyn CSS, CCC Llangattock
Ogof Llyn Du CC, LS Clwyd
Ogof Llyn Parc CC N.Wales
Ogof Nant Hyfryd D, ISCA
Ogof Nant Rhin Croydon Clydach Gorge
Ogof Nant Rhin D Clydach Gorge
Ogof Newport CSS, CCC, ISCA Llangattock
Ogof Noeth GCC Wales
Ogof O’Flaln Y Waun WSG
Ogof O’r Herwheliwr (Poachers Cave) NPC
Ogof Pant Y llyn D, ISCA Llandbie
Ogof Pen Y Craig BCRA-T Carfdiff, near
Ogof PenEryr ISCA
Ogof Pont Bont CSS
Ogof Pont Sychryd BUSS, ISCA
Ogof Pwll Coedog ISCA
Ogof Pwll Swnd BC, B222, ISCA
Ogof Pysgodin Gwyn D
Ogof Rhaedr Ddu D
Ogof Rhedyn ISCA
Ogof Robin Goch CWM, ISCA
Ogof Rydd Sych SP, WSG, CWM
Ogof Schwyll ISCA
Ogof Siani (Gas Pot) GCC Wales
Ogof Taf Fawr ISCA
Ogof Tarrddiad Pwll dyu ISCA
Ogof Triachwech WSG
Ogof Twyn Tal Draenan SWCC
Ogof Twyny Gloz WSG
Ogof Uchel B222 Carmarthen
Ogof Wyntog CWM, ISCA S. Wales
Ogof Y Cae B222 Carmarthen
Ogof Y Ci SWCC
Ogof Y Garimperiros SWCC
Ogof Y Gwnt GCC Wales
Ogof Y Ychen SWCC
Ogof Yr Esgyrn BC
Ogof Yr Uwd Lwyd D S. Wales
Ogof Yr Ychen CWM Caldy Island
Ogofau Hengoed B222 Carmarthen
Ogog Afon Hepse WSG
Ogog Cadno BC, CCC Ystradfellte
Ohelo Chasm NSS Hawaii
Ohio Caverns NSS USA
Ojo Goarena SP Spain
OK Kumun Tem BCRA-T New Guinea
Okinawa B714 Japan
Okshola Kristihola KCC
Old Ash Cavern (Mine) MSG Derbyshire
Old Cote Pot BPC Littondale
Old Cottage Cave D New Zealand
Old Engine Shaft GCC Wales
Old Fox Hole, The CANC Scotland
Old Fox Holes GSG, CANC
Old Gang Mines BSA-P
Old Holborn Cave RRCPC
Old Homestead Cave IC W. Australia
Old Ing Cave CDG, YSS Birkwith Fell
Old Providence Mine WRPC Kettlewell
Old Quarry Pot CSS Llanrhidian
Old St. Michael’s Cave OUCC Gibralter
Old Storrs Cave BRPC Ingleton
Oldbury Hill Rock Shelter CSS, WP Kent
Ole Reppen’s Hola CSS Norway
Omolos Cave WRPC Crete
Ondol Cave NSS Korea
Onesquethaw Cave System NSS USA
Onune Magara LUSS N. Turkey
Ooanagoloor (Coolanau) MSG, D, IS Co. Waterford
Opper Natural Bridge NSS California
Optimisticeskaja NBSS Crimea
Ora E Papua New Guinea
Oregon Caves NSS USA
Ore’s Close Folly B841 Mendip
Ore’s Close Mine OUCC, CSS Mendip
Orkan Hohle CC, NCC, CSS Austria
Orlinnaja B332 Uzbekistan
Ortobalagan Trough Valley NSS West Caucasus
Ossicular Hole GSG Perthshire
Osthullet CPC, LS
Otter Hole BC, CDG, D, BCRA-T, WSG, CSS, LS Chepstow – Monmouth
Otter Hole GSG, ISCA Sutherland
Otter’s Cave CPC, CDG-NSI Coverdale
Our Lady’s Cave RRCPC, D Aygill
Out Fell Master Cave CDG-NSI Fountains Fell
Outlands Head Quarry Cave EPC Bradwell
Ovens Cave BC Co. Cork
Overholt Blowing Cave CANC USA
Ovre Svartvannsgrotten CRG-T Norway
Owillfore Tem BCRA-T New Guinea
Owl Hole D Derbyshire
Oxbow Cave ISCA
Oxclose Mine BCRA_CS
Oxford Hole BSA-CS Casterton Fell
Oxlow Cavern ULSA, NCC, BSA-P, DCA, LS, D
Oyaskjeleren BCRA-T Norway
Oyu la Madre CDG Picos de Europa
Ozana Cave System BCRA-T Spain
Ozonloch B776 Austria

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P102a (see: Quaking Pot) See: Quaking Pot
P106 a la Scia B809 France
P5 Swallet DCA Castleton
P6 Dig, The SUSS Derbyshire
P6 Eishohle ULSA Austra
P8 (Jackpot ) See: Jackpot
Padres Pot GSG
Paint Rock River Cave NSS USA
Pal Y Cwrt No. 2 B222, SWCC Carmarthan
Pan Hole CRG-T
Pant Mawr Pot CRG-T, LS, WSG
Paper Cave GSG Argyll
Paper Mill Cave RRCPC Beetham
Papoose Cave CC, NSS USA
Park Mine CWM S. Wales
Park Scar Cave MSG Raydale
Parks’ Ranch NSS USA
Parthenon Pot BCRA-S Crete
Passion Pit NSS Alaska
Patricks Rift CSS
Pavie EPC Papua New Guinea
Pay Sank CPC
Payo de Fresno CRG-T
Peacock Springs Cave System CDG USA
Peak – Speedwell System, The LS Derbyshire
Pearl Mine B841 Mendip
Pech Merle WP France
Pedro Great Cave CRG-T Jamaica
Peg Leg Pot RRCPC, LS, NPC Leck Fell
Pegwell Sea Caves WP Kent
Pen Park Hole CRG-T, B841
Pen y Fron Mine GCC Wales
Pena Cavern CRG-T Portugal
Pendleton Pipe YURT Greenhow Hill
Penitentiary Holes CRG-T Jamaica
Penn Recca Mine BSA-CS Devon
Pentadaktylos Pot BPC Cyprus
Penyghent House Cave Rising CPC Penyghent
Penyghent Long Churn ULSA, LS
Penyghent Pot BPC, NCC, SP(D&N), ULSA, D, LS, B681, RRCPC, CPC, CDG-NSI Penyghent
Perbeck Stone Mine CSS
Percorso del Fiume Piuka (Pivka) B681
Permian Caves SUSS Knaresborough
Perran St George Mine D Cornwall
Perryfoot Swallet (Cave) CC, DCA
Perry’s Pot MC
Persaervation Pot DCA
Pestara Neagrel WSG Romania
Pestera de la Astileu BC Romania
Pestera Din Dealul Humpleu WSG Romania
Peter Plummet CDG, YSS Spain
Peterkin Pot BSA-CS
Peterson Pot LUCC, SUSS, RRCPC Leck Fell
Pete’s Potty OUCC N. Spain
Petit Chourun Clot, Le RRCPC
Petralona Cave B742 Greece
Petrefakten BSA-CS
Phelps Cave NSS Kentucky
Piaggia Bella BPC, D, B236 Italy
Piani Eterni Speleologia Italy
Picos de Cornion CC
Picos de Europa CPC
Pictor End Cave SUSS Derbyshire
Pierre Saint-Martin CANC, SCP France
Pierre St. Martin ULSA, CI, B236, LS
Pierre’s Pot D, B841 Mendip
Pigeon Hole CDG Galway
Pigs Play in the Mud Cave SMCC Thailand
Pikedaw Calamine Caverns B222, NCC, LS, YSS, B597
Pikhauggrottene CRG-T, BSA-CS Norway
Pilkinton’s Cavern BCRA-T Derbyshire
Pillar Hole (Pot) YSS, GC Newby Moss
Pinargozu Resergence LUCC, LS, RRCPC, CSS Turkey
Pindale Cave D Castleton
Pinetree Pot B841 Mendip
Pinhole MSG
Pinney Cave NSS USA
Pint Pot GSG
Pinto Lake Caves CANC Canada
Pipers Cave GSG
Pippikin Pot LS, LUCC, NPC, ULSA, NCC, CC, D, RRCPC, CDG-NSI Leck Fell
Pique Grane BEC
Piracy Cave NSS Guatumala
Pirhuacocha Region, Geology of BSA-CS, LS Peru
Pitchford’s Resurgence Cave CANC Canada
Pivka (Percorso del Fiume Piuka) B681
Pixie’s Hole BC Chudleigh
Placentra Pot CC, DCA Derbyshire
Planimetria Speleologia Italy
Planinska Jama SMCC Slovenia
Platteneckhohle B236 Austra
Playshcool Pot OUCC N. Spain
Pleasley Vale Railway Cutting Pot MSG
Pluais An Sciathain Leathair IS Co. Cork
Plunge Hole DCA Buxton
Poachers Cave (Ogof O’r Herwheliwr) NPC
Poachers Cave (Ogof O’r Herwheliwr) BN663 NE Wales
Podpeska Jama SMCC Slovenia
Point Buchon Area Caves NSS USA
Point Cave NSS USA
Point Edward Cave CANC Canada
Pol Eighe (File Pot) GSG
Poljska Jama BCRA-S Slovenia
Poll an Ionion B205, CPC, CSS, UBSS
Poll An Tobar UBSS Co. Clare
Poll Chait IS Co. Cork
Poll Chnoc an Spa IS Co. Kilkenny
Poll Cragreagh HCC Co. Clare
Poll Donough (& North) SWETC Ireland
Poll Eidheann BCRA-T
Poll Gorm CROY Ireland
Poll Iffrin BCRA-T
Poll Kilmoon East B205
Poll Na Damclean GSG Sutherland
Poll Na Gceim CC, D, HCC, IS Co. Clare
Poll Na Leppechauns CPC
Poll Seomar (Chamber Pot) D, GSG Argyll
Pollaille CUCC Co. Leitrim
Pollaloughabo CDG Galway
Pollapooka 1 & 3 CSS Co. Clare
Pollaraftra BEC
Pollasillagh CRG-N Ireland
Pollatoomary D Ireland
Pollballiny B205, CPC, CSS, UBSS Ireland
Pollballyelly CSS, LS Co. Clare
Pollballyshanny CSS
Pollbeahan CDG Galway
Polldangan D Ireland
Polldeelin D Co. Galway
Polldinna CUCC Co. Leitrim
Pollduagh/ The Churn D Ireland
Polldubh B205, CPC, CSS, UBSS, D
Pollelva B205, CPC
Pollfrughlisk WSG
Pollhoish CDG Galway
Pollingdang CUCC Co. Leitrim
Pollna Crom CPC, D, IS, HUSS Co. Fermanagh
Pollnabrock SUI Ireland
Pollnacrom LS Ireland
Pollnagollum CUCC, WSG, IS Co. Fermanagh
Pollnagollum of the Boats IS, D Co. Fermanagh
Pollnagrossen SUI Ireland
Pollnapatsy CDG Galway
Pollnatagha CUCC
Pollskeheenhrinky BEC, IS Co. Tipperary
Pollthanacarra IS Co. Fermanagh
Polltoophill D Co. Galway
Polltullybrack IS
Polnangclde CSS Co. Clare
Poloska Jama Yugoslavia
Polyfilla B187 Co. Fermanagh
Pompeii Cave Jahreshaft New Zealand
Pont Newydd Rising CDG, YSS Denbighshire
Pool Cave BCRA-T Norway
Pool Sink LS, RRCPC Easegill
Poole’s Cavern EPC Buxton
Poor Farm Cave CANC USA
Popples, The CDG Dentdale
Popskata Dubka SUSS Bulgaria
Porcupine Cave BCRA-T, CC British Columbia
Porcupine Cave (Krem Lymmoh) B842 Meghalaya
Pork Sandwich Shaft D Derbyshire
Porth y Ogof D, CRG-T, BC, UBSS, CWM, ISCA
Porthole RRCPC Barbondale
Porthole CC East Kingsdale
Portland, Isle of Dorset
Posongave E, SMCC Papua New Guinea
Postojnske Jame ICCC Slovenia
Postonja NCC, CRG-T, B718 Yugoslavia
Pot Deux (Pot II ) ULSA Vercors
Potter’s Cave SWCC Caldey Island
Pottery Hill Vave NSS Belize
Potts Moor Cave BPC Littondale
Pou de Na Patarra Endins Mallorca
Pou des Fumassos Endins Mallorca
Poul Donough North SWETC
Poul Skeheenarinky SUSS
Poulakeol CC Co. Kerry
Poulamuck GSS
Poulawillin BPC Co. Clare
Pouldermet CC Co. Kerry
Poulderreen SMCC Ireland
Poulelva D Co. Clare
Poulkacapple Pot SMCC Ireland
Poulnagollum IS, D Co. Clare
Poulnagree B205, UBSS, BPC Ireland
Poultalloon IS Co. Clare
Poultullyard D Ireland
Pounder Lane Cave D, DCA Derbyshire
Pozo Azul CDG, D Spain
Pozo Bajo del Sedo CC Spain
Pozo Chicago D Spain
Pozo de Cuetalbo CC Spain
Pozo de Fresno OUCC N. Spain
Pozo de los Caracoles OUCC N. Spain
Pozo de Vega el Forcau OUCC Spain
Pozo de Vega Huerta CC Spain
Pozo del Arguelles CC N. Spain
Pozo del Caballo Cimeru CC N. Spain
Pozo del Cantu del Hombre OUCC N. Spain
Pozo Della Neve B236, Speleologia Italy
Pozo Estella B236 Spain
Pozo Las Perdices OUCC Spain
Pozo los Texas CPC, OUCC Spain
Pozo Optimisto OUCC N. Spain
Pozo Palomeru CRG-P N. Spain
Pozo Paso Doble OUCC Spain
Pozu Cabeza Julagua CC N. Spain
Pozu Cabeza Muxa CC N. Spain
Pozu Cebolleda B236 Spain
Pozu de la Cistra OUCC N. Spain
Pozu de la Pessimista CSS N. Spain
Pozu de Vayeya OUCC N. W. Spain
Pozu del Joe 90 OUCC N. Spain
Pozu del Ojo de la Bruja CC, OUCC, LS N. Spain
Pozu del Xin LS
Pozu del Xitu CC, IC, OUCC, CSS N. W. Spain
Pozu Jorcada Blanca CC, D, OUCC N. Spain
Pozu Jultayu CC N. Spain
Pozu los Caracoles CC, OUCC, LS N. Spain
Preacher’s Cave CDG, CDG-NSI Wild Boar Fell
Predjama B187, B718, SMCC Yugoslavia
Pretty Pisspot Cave E Crete
Prices Dig CSS Llangattwg
Priddy Green Sink GSG, D, SMCC, B841 Mendip
Pridhamsleigh Cavern BSA-CS, CDG
Priesttown Cave IS Co. Tipperary
Prima B332 Uzbekistan
Primadona ICCC Slovenia
Princess Louise Mine ISCA
Priorsdale Cave MSG
Pritchards Cave OCC Manifold Valley
Prods Pot WSG, CDG, IS, LS Co. Fermanagh
Projects Cave, The CANC Canada
Propast Pema BC Montenegro
Prophet’s Cave BCRA-S Spain
Proventina CRG-N, BSA-P, CI Greece
Providence Pot CPC, CDG-NSI Kettlewell
Prpoastna Pyescher ULSA, LS Bulgaria
Psyche Cave NSS New Mexico
PT4 BCRA-S Montenegro
Pueblo Creek Cave D Belize
Puffball & Icing Sugar Cave CC Austria
Puits d’Anglais CRG-OP, KCC, LUPC, CUCC, LS Pyrenees
Puits de Cinde Blanque see Puits d’Anglais Pyrenees
Puits de la Broche CSS France
Puits de L’if SMCC France
Puits Francis B236 France
Pumphouse Cave BSA-CS, NSS Tennessee
Pungi Rota BCRA-T Indonesia
Purbeck Stone Mine CSS
Purgatory System NSS USA
Puron Cave CRG-T
Putwell Mine PDMHS Derbyshire
Pwll Du Quarry Cave ISCA
Pwll Dwfn NCC, CPC, WSG, MCG, ISCA, CDG, BC Breconshire
Pwll Pindar WSG, D
Pwll Pindar ISCA
Pwll Y Goeden Gnau WSG, SWCC, CWM, ISCA S. Wales
Pwll Y Gwynt CSS, D, CCC, CC
Pwll Y Rhyd D, CCC

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