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UPDATED:   8th. November 2023

Easegill Caverns Survey “Sales”

The Club has an extensive library of caving books and publications. A full catalogue of all RRCPC “Publications” appears on our publications page


If you think the club should buy any particular publication for the library then please contact the;-

 librarian: you need to change [at] to @


Newsletter:    Vol.60  No.3. ( 2023) 

News-Sheet:   No.396.  (October 2023)  –    Latest News-Sheet is available to view via. “Members Pages”. 

Journal (2009-2016):  No.11.  (October 2016)  Available from the retail outlets “Bernies” and “Inglesport” in Ingleton (£10) or direct from the editor or the librarian at £10.00 + £5 if posted. 



Members wishing to borrow items from the Library, buy publications or Ease Gill surveys should contact the Librarian:-  Sandra Wilkinson, 7 Broadacre Caton, LANCASTER. LA2 9NF.

Telephone. 0709 717 495  or by e-mail: m.wilkinson [at] btinternet [dot] com

* (denotes donated item) 


British Caving Association:  British Caving No. 36 (July 2019)

Cave Diving Group:  Peak District Sump Index (1994)

Cave Rescue Organisation:  Newsletter No. 6 (1984),    

                                                   Rescue ’23 (2022)

Council of Northern Caving Clubs:  Newsletter Issue 13  (May 2023)

Craven Pothole Club:  Record Nos. 149-150  (Jan, April 2023)

Derbyshire Caving Association. Newsletter – The Derbyshire Caver.  No. 157 (Spring 2023)

Descent:  Nos. 291 (April May 2023),  292 (June/July 2023),  293  (August/September 2023)

Grampian Speleological Group:  Bulletin Fifth Series  Vol. 4 No. 4.  (March 2023)

Irish Caving Club:  Newsletter Nos 2-3.  (1967-70)

                                   Irish Speleology  Vol. 1 No. 1  (Sept. 1965)

National Caving Association:  Speleoscene  No. 12  (May/Aug 1994)

Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society:  Transactions (1962-63)

Northern Pennine Club:  Newsletter:  Jan, Mar, May, Sept. 1966, Nos. 23-25.

RRCPC:   Newsletter:  Vol. 59  No. 3  (November 2022).   Vol. 60 Nos. 1-2  (Spring/Summer 2023)

                                          Newssheet: No. 388-393.

University of Bristol Speleological Society:  Proceedings:  Vol. 18 No. 1, Vol. 22 Nos. 2-3,

Vol. 23 Nos. 1, 3,  Vol. 24 Nos. 2-3.

Weald Cave and Mine Society:   News of the Weald  No. 47  (November 2002)

Wm. Pengelly Cave Studies Trust:  Newsletter  No. 88  (Spring 2003)

Yorkshire Ramblers Club:  The Yorkshire Rambler  Issue 14 (Winter 2000)

Other Publications:

Caves – Exploring New Zealand’s Subterranean Wilderness.  (2017) Marcus Thomas – et al

Other Publications:

Manga Pot –  India  (1970)

Beterh Cave – Darla Ghat, H.P. India  (1970)

Batal – H.P. India (1970)

Darla Ghat, H.P. India  (1970) +2 Unknown caves


Changes for easier access to the library are now in place:-

Members wishing access to the library room should contact the librarian direct who will brief

them on access arrangements and then issue the member with a key. They will then be able to view or log out any publication they either borrow or browse in situ.

 The library is an excellent reference facility, please respect it – but above all please use it. 

          Sandra Wilkinson – Librarian:     m.wilkinson{at}btinternet{dot}com   


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