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UPDATED: 8th November 2023

JOURNALS – (1960–2016 )


Lancaster Hole / Ease Gill, Topography, Colour Test in Notts pot, Rumbling Hole, April Fools Day, Bar Pot, Alum Pot, Simpson’s Pot, Hull Pot, Heron Pot, Hardrawkin Pot, Whit Camp – Aggy Aggy, Cave digs – Limestone caves under “A6″, And so like Colombus he set sail (cartoon), Duggen digs, The limestone mines of Burjarg, Dow Cave, Lancaster Hole – from bottom to lid in 3 1/2 hours, Exitus, A chapter from the first book of CHOAS, Water divining on Warton Crag, Annual Dinner, Open to all members.

No.1 (May 1962)

Editorial, A brief report for 1960, Club notes, Ease Gill diary, The 3 Fag Climb, Casterton Fell, Caving log Part I, Jim and Juniper, The epic conquest of Rift Pot, Mendips, Mendip madness, Caving log Part II, Little Hull Hole in pictures (cartoons), Nidderdale, caving log Part III, Brough, Lamentations, Clank Clank!!, Crossword, Slanting Cave Part I, Slanting Cave Part II, Moss House Mine, Survey of Moss House Mine, Moss House Mine – supplementary notes, The Club Dinner, Dismal day at Dismal Junction, Library list, Penyghent Pot.

No.2 (September 1963) Part I

Editorial, Club notes & notices, Cave fever, La Grotte Casteret, Caving log Part I – Marble Pot area, Disappointment Pot, Alum Pot open meet, Kingsdale, Hardrawkin, Thackthwaite Gill Cave; Furness fiasco, Dow Cave conquered, Letters, Echo from the past – Barbondale, An extract from the Dead Sea Scrolls, North Wales, Caving log Part II – Low Douk Cave, Ireby Fell Cavern, John’s Dilemma – Dow Cave; Consumers report, Furness Speleological Club Dinner, Tigers triumphant.

No.2 (September 1963) Part II

Anglo-French Speleological Expedition, Speleo section – Ease Gill diary – recent finds, Moss House System – Warton Crag, Aragonite Band Mine, Leighton Moss Mine, Barrow Scout Mine, Barrow Scout Caves, Dog Holes, Notes on some new localities for aragonite speleothems, Notes on the use of scale models to visualise geologic processes, Uses of experimental geology in speleological research, A new discovery in Dunald Mill Hole.

Plans & Surveys: La Grotte Casteret, Wonderland Cave, Secret Pot, Aven du Mouret, Snail Cavern Series – Ease Gill Caverns, Dog Holes.

Cartoons: Things in Thackthwaite, Bar-Diss – Diss-Bar, Warton Crag.

No.3 (1964)

Editorial, The discovery and Exploration of Upper Trident, Ease Gill Caverns, Dunald Mill Hole, The re-discovery and exploration of Crag Foot Mine, The Anglo-Speleological Expedition 1963, Speleological notes on the potholes of the Devoluy Massif.

Surveys and diagrams. Plan of Upper Trident – Ease Gill Caverns, Section of Upper Trident – Ease Gill Caverns, Plan of Dunald Mill Hole, Plan of Crag Foot Mine, Sections of Crag Foot Mine, Diagram of the ore classifer – Crag Foot Mine, The Ice Tube – Chourun de la Parza, Geological section – Devoluy, Sketch map of Devoluy, Map of the potholes explored – Devoluy, Plan of Le Courun de la Parza, Sections of Courun de la Parza, Plan and section of Le Chourun camarguier, Plan and section of Le Petit Chourun Clot, Section of Le Grand Chourun Clot.

No.4 (Joint publication with Lancaster Cavern & Mine Research Society)

also Published as “North West Speleology” Vol.1 No.1

Editorial, Contents, New discoveries in Kingsdale, Ease Gill Diary, New discoveries in South Westmoreland, Malayan Memories – Special feature.

Diagrams. Undercutting by stream in Gaze Gill Cave, Shale band influence in Gaze Gill Cave, Assumed flow from sump to rising in Gaze Gill cave, Section of levels in Main Stream Passage – Gaze Gill, Origin of plan pattern of Gaze Gill Cave, Area map of west side of Kingsdale Head, Cross section near entrance to Kingsdale Head Cave, longitudinal section near entrance in Kingsdale Head Cave, Evolution of calcite curtain in Kingsdale Head Cave, Area map of Hale Moss Caves – Westmoreland, A cave cricket, A cave scorpion, A cave spider, A cave centipede.

Surveys. Gaze Gill Cave, Kingsdale Head Cave, Hazel Grove Cave, Batu Caves, Gunong Tempurong Cavern.

Photographs. Malayan caves.

No.5 (1970)

The exploration of Montagu South Passage – Lancaster Hole, To my son (poem), Topographical Account – Montagu South Passage, Origin and development – Montagu South Passage, recent explorations in Bull Pot of the Witches, Another Red Rose discovery in Lancaster Hole, The intrigue surrounding the early explorations in Lancaster Hole and Easegill, “The Forgotten Land” – The last great problem in Lancaster Hole? The battle for our caves (poem), Mini expedition to Yugoslavia 1969, The exploration of Simon’s Nick, the Red Rose series of Aygill Caverns, The long lost Stainton Cavern, The pitch, Automatic rain recorder indicator.

Surveys and illustrations: Bull Pot of the witches – Survey, Montague South Passage/ Skittle Alley survey, Bill Taylor’s Passage extension – survey, Krizna Jama survey, Red Rose Aygill Caverns – survey, Stainton Cavern – survey, Crown Quarry – sketch, Automatic rain recorder indicator – diagram.

No.6 (1971-1972)

Gale Garth Pot – Exploration, Topography, speleological notes; Minor discoveries – Howgill sink, Netherscar Pot, Old NW Passage; Diving in Bull Pot of the Witches, The Lost John’s flood pulse test, The Lancaster Hole flood pulse test, The Lancaster Hole section – Aardvark country, Sand Cavern extension, The Crater, A small scale in Fall pot, Scaling in Waterfall Passage, A new passage and two sumps; Ode to diggers who have been pipped to it (poem), A diggers diary, Take two caves, Mudstone versus shale, Chachtoll Sea Cave, Worth a weekend (poem), New Cave, The underground strongholds of the Scottish wars, Soug Cave – India, Daylight Hole – Cavern Extraordinary, R.R.C.P.C. – The formative years. Stop Press – Wilf Taylor’s extension, Bus meet (cartoon).

Surveys and illustrations. Howgill Sink, Netherscar Pot, old NW Passage, Flood pulse test graphs, Aardvark Country, The Crater (Bill Taylor’s extension) – Lancaster Hole, Sand Cavern – Lancaster Hole, Wilf Taylor’s Extension – Lancaster Hole, Plans of Hellot Hole, Kirk Pot, Clachtoll Sea Cave – Sutherland, Gale Garth Pot, Lower Easegill Cavern (Peg Leg Pot).

No.7 (July 1977)

Editorial & Memoriam, Tales from the old masters or Annals Ashmeadiensis, The Maeshafn affair, Maracaibo – Lancaster Hole – Easegill – discovery & exploration – topography – notes on the significance of Maracaibo, Some observations on the caves and mines of West Malham Moor, The interactions of phreatic waters and mineral veins with reference to the caverns of W. Malham Moor, Minor Red Rose new finds, Appointment with fear, New Slit Sinks – Easegill, Chest harness for rope walking, A guide to Fairy Cave, Caves of Cefhalonia (Greece) 1974, Cavers crossword, Los Tayos Expedition – Ecuador 1976, Moss Head Slate Mines – Coniston Old Man, Crossword Answers, Heron Corn Mill Cave and Paper Mill Cave – Beetham, New caves in Low Birkwith area, The Wennington Catacombs, More in Easegill – Nagasaki pays dividends (Stop Press), Taurus Expedition to Turkey 1975, Further notes on caving in Turkey and on Pinargozu, Snippets, Archaeological find in Easegill.

Surveys and Illustrations: Maracaibo – Easegill, Diagram to show the relationship between primary and secondary mineralisation – West Malham Moor, Cave paintings, New Slit Sinks – Easegill, Chest harness for rope walking, Fairy Cave, Yew Tree Cave, Area plan relating above two caves, Caves of Cephalonia, Cuevas de Los Tayos – Ecuador, Moss Head Slate Mines – Coniston Old Man, Heron Corn Mill Cave & Paper Mill Cave – Beetham, Low Birkwith area, Fukuyama – Easegill, Pinargozu – Turkey, Sketch map showing locations of caves and limestone areas in southern Turkey, Kelebekli (Cave of the Butterfly) – Turkey, The high level chambers of Pinargozu.

No.8 (June 1983)

Editorial, Blea Moor Cave, Wisdom Tooth Extension, Scaling in Burnett’s, Intro. To cave photography, Back Lane Quarry Cave, Wilf Taylor’s 2, Woodhouse Way – Lancaster Hole, Boulder Pot, Porthole, The tale of Terry’s talking tent – or Spain 1982, Report of Spain 1982, Of mice and men – bolting in Newton Hall Lancaster Hole, Tanne du bel Espoir – Grotte de La Diau Traverse, Cascade Aven – Bull Pot of the witches, Ode to single rope techniques, Kirk Bank Cave – exploration, Kirk Bank Cave – notes, In reply to SRT, Deport 1 Extension – Lancaster Hole, Digging – thoughts and theories, Karst development near Casterton Village, Lost Pot incident.

Cover Photo: 2nd. Duck – Woodhouse Way.

Surveys: Wisdom Tooth Extension, Back Lane Quarry Cave, Wilf Taylor’s 2, Woodhouse Way, Boulder Pot, Porthole, Sima del Cuetos, Minas de Los Ingleses, Cascade Aven, Kirk Bank Cave, Depot 1 Extension.

No.9 (1983 – 1992)

The discovery & exploration of Sylvester Pot, Dismal Bypass & Luff’s Passage Extensions, Bank Holiday Hole, Daimler Hole, Exploration of the Wretched Rabbit Entrance Series, Ringle Mill Cave, Speleological Observations, Yuletide in the Holloch, A tribute to Frank Hardy, A tribute to Nick Waite, Turkey 1989, Minor digs and discoveries, Thoughts of a good day on the mountains.

Cover photo: Fran Dike admires Newton’s Wonder, Sylvester Pot.

Surveys: Sylvester Pot, Luff’s Passage, Ringle Mill Cave,

50th. Anniversary Journal ( 1946-1996 )

Editorial, All the Presidents men, The 1940′s, The formative years, The 1950′s, The 50′s continued, Richard Reynolds Remembers, Early Pippikin Exploits, How it all began, The 1960′s, Barns Dumps Rooms and Farms, The 1970′s, Club dinners, The 1980′s, The 1990′s, Ease Gill area explorations, The ‘Three Pots’ anniversary trip.

Cover Photo: Montague West by Ron Bliss.

Surveys: Lancaster Hole Main shaft (sketch), Montagu South Passage/Skittle Alley of Lancaster Hole, Red Rose Series – Aygill Caverns, Ease Gill area,

No.10 (1993-2009)

Editorial, The Early Days of the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club

WHARFEDALE: Mossdale Caverns – In Search of Gripper’s Rift, Stukbar Pot Langstrothdale.

GRETADALE: Jinglepot Hole

FOUNTAINS FELL and PENYGHENT: Echo Pot – Far Away in Time, Other work on Fountains Fell, Penyghent Pot – Kaboom Aven, Penyghent Pot – Interdiction, Penyghent Pot – Eerie Pot, Penyghent Pot – Too Long Gone.

INGLEBOROUGH: Work in Gaping Gill, Dowlass Moss, Five Ways Pot, Fulcrum Pot, Loose Pot, Stock Pot, Trapdoor Pot, Boggarts Roaring Holes, Gritstone Sink, Mudfoot Hole, Canary Pot, Minor Digs and Caves, Dowlass Summary, Jenkin Beck Cave, Goesunder Pot – White Scars, Ten Pound Gill – Jane Eyre?, Bilberry Pot – Chapel-le-Dale, Black Slither Pot, Double Bucket Pot and Tin Pot Two.

RIBBLEHEAD: Ribblehead Dig, Blea Moor Cave.

SCALES MOOR and EAST KINGSDALE: OS Pot, Crescent Pot, Various, Brown Hill Pot – Par Dessus.

WEST KINGSDALE and MARBLE STEPS: Green Laids Pot (McShea’s Mine), Marble Steps Pot, Rift Pot – Temple of Doom Series, Tow Scar Cave.


Ireby Fell Cavern. East Inlet, True Grit, Glory Holes, The Glory Holes – Cripple Creek, a dry route into Ireby II, North East Inlet and Adulterer’s Passage, The Bolton Extensions, The Story of Bubbles.

Notts II. A Dry Way In, Committee Pot Breakthrough Dig, Passchendaele Area, Inlet 7, Oliver Lloyd Aven, The Truth about Voldemort Hole, Showerbath Inlet, Green Tape Inlet Aven Extension, Hard Enough in Notts II, Brown Trousers in Inlet 14.

Lost John’s. Tantrum Aven, Work in Boxhead Pot, Short Long Drop Cave, Caving Sans Le Welly.

Pippikin Pot. The Exploration of Smashing Inlet and Bye George Pot, Beelzebub’s Hairy Ringpiece – Entering the Devil’s Arsehole, The Big Mean Porridge Machine, Svengland, Further work in the Misty Mountain Series, Electric Winegum (I and II), Red Wall Chamber, Bargain Passage, The Hobbit, Muddier than Mud Itself,Far Streamway.

Link Pot. Rose Tinted Passage,Echo Crawl – ‘Wrestling Alligator’, Misery Street, D’oh Hole and Previously Enjoyed Hole.

EASE GILL and CASTERTON FELL: The Dark Side of The Grind, A Grand Day Out: Gaping Gill Main Shaft, Leck Beck Head East Flood Rising, Boulder Cave Extension, Lower Kirk Cave 6 – Ease Gill, Mir Hole, Old Holborn Cave, Saint George’s Cave, Second Best Hole, Cow Dubs Two, Cliff Cave and Howgill Sink,Top Sink.

Boundary Pot. Savages Bypass – an alternative to the Bar Steward’s Passage,Boxing Day Aven, Gimli’s Glee, Bar Steward’s Passage Left Hand Upstream Inlets, Inlets below Savages Bypass ladder pitch, Pickwick Pot, Thackray’s Passage Oxbow

Borehole. Finger Slitting Good Passage / Blissful Aven, Galaxy Passage.

Pool Sink. The Baby Feeder, Craven PC 1980 Extension revisited, Anemolite Junction, right hand branch Wretched Rabbit Area. Wretched Rabbit Passage, Dreamweaver, Upstairs Downstairs, The Three-Pronged Attack – Trident, Two New Entrances to Ease Gill,

Lancaster Hole and Cow Pot. Breakdown Cavern, Main Drain, The Subway, EarSeries, Hemmingway Hall Extension, Saturday Afternoon Series, Handles for Forks? Right to Roam Traverse, The Slug-World Retro Diary 1997 to 2000, Shorty Hole, Cow Pot to Aardvark Country,The B.S.A. Extensions in Cow Pot, Cow Pot Entrance Training Route, Woodhouse Way.

Bull Pot of the Witches. Burnett’s Great Cavern, Snakes and Ladders, Kerplunk Inlet, North Chamber Extension, Downstream Sump – My First Dig,

Others: Top Tip, Bull Pot – Aygill – Barbondale, Casterton Pot, Herbert’s Hole, Kirtle Pot (Rollerball), Our Lady’s Cave, Aygill Caverns, A Day Out in Aygill Caverns – observations and hypotheses, The Stockdales of Bullpot Farm.

BARBONDALE: The Churns, Porthole, Bucket-on-the-Head, Battery-on-the-Head, Dog Hole, Barkin Mad Cave, Brittannia Cave, Strike Cave, Spider Cave, Sig Pot, Hanging Pot, Barbondale Water Tracing.

OTHER AREAS: Silence of the Lambs, Dentdale, Bluecaster Fell Area, Haverbrack Bank Pot (Dog Hole), Red Rose Abroad, Seeking Sieben Hengste’s Bottom Entrance.

STOP PRESS: Vein Pot, The Allotment. Redhead Rift Series, Stake Pot Series, This Side of the Gill, Casterton Fell. Sunnycrest, Casterton Fell. Javelin Hole, Casterton Fell. Dragon Hole, Ease Gill. Dunald Mill Hole, Morecambe Bay Area. Sunset Hole, Chapel le Dale. Howgill Sink, Ease Gill. Main Line Terminus, Ease Gill Caverns. Gale Garth Pot, Casterton Fell. Hazel Sike Sink and Flake Pot, Casterton Fell. Blythe Hole, Ease Gill. Bramble Hole, Ease Gill. Moral Highchair Hole, Casterton Fell. Blackmoss Pot, Wild Boar Fell. Knucklebone Pot, Upper Wharfedale. Fox Scar Sink, Great Whernside. Bolton Schoolgirls Cave, Giggleswick. Quaking Pot. Maple Leaf Dig and Diamond Hall, Lancaster Hole. The Bucket Mine area, near Gour Hall. Whittle Cave, Ease Gill. Lost Marbles Pot, Marble Steps, Steps Pot, Marble Steps. Eye Hole, Leck Fell. Fester’s Passage, above The Incredibles, Notts II. Count Lazlo Stroganoff’s Aven Area, Notts II. Echo Inlet, Notts II. Rumbling Beck Cave, Leck Fell. The Dead Bobbin Series, Rumbling Hole, Leck Fell. Bumbling Hole, Leck Fell. Ireby 0.5, Ireby Fell. Ireby Fell Cavern, Skylight Passage. Ireby Fell Cavern, Blissful Creek, Uranus Crawl and Upstream Waterfall Passage. Smokeless Hole, Leck Fell.

Surveys: Mossdale Caverns, Stukbar Pot, Jinglepot Hole, Far Away in time – Echo Pot, Penyghent Pot – Kaboom Aven Area, + Interdiction Streamway, Five Ways Pot, Mudfoot Hole, Jenkin Beck Cave, Goesunder Pot, Bilberry Pot, Black Sliver Pot, Double Bucket Pot, Boulder Cave, Tin Pot Two, OS Pot, Green Laids Pot, True Grit, Ireby Fell Caverns – THe Bolton Extensions + Bubbles Route, Notts II – Poppy Passage + Inlet 7 + Haywagon Passage +Green Tape Inlet, Short Long Drop Cave, Bye George Pot, Pippikin Pot – Beelzebub’s Hairy Ringpiece + Svengland, + Bargain Passage + The Hobbit, Peterson Pot, Link Pot – Echo Echo Pot Pot + Easy Street + Cobble Crawl + Misery Street , Easegill – The Dark Side of the Grind + Leck Beck Head + Boulder Cave Extensions + Lower Kirk Cave 6 + Mir Hole + Old Holborn Cave + St. Georges Cave + Second Best Hole + Cliff Cave, The Borehole, Pool Sink – Baby Feeders Passage, Wretched Rabbit Passage – Dreamweaver, Swildon Hole, Corner Sink & Upper Trident, Lancaster Hole – THe Subway + Saturday Afternoon Series + The Fork Handles Series + Sand Caverns, Shorty Hole, Cow Pot – BSA Extensions, Bullpot of the Witches – Kerplunk Inlet + North Chamber Extensions, Top Tip, Herbert’s Hole, Our Lady’s Cave – Aygill + Aven beyond Curtain Chamber, The Churns, Bucket-on-the-Head, Battery-on-the-Head, Barkin Mad Cave, Sig Pot, Hanging Pot, Rumbling Hole – Dead Dobbin Series, Ireby Fell Caverns, Boundary Pot.

No. 11 (2010-2016)


WHARFEDALE:      Great Whernside:   The Mossdale Project, Mossdale, Mud Tunnel, Mossdale, Ouroborous Passage,  Lower Littondale:  Sleets Gill Cave      

INGLEBOROUGH:  Thyme on ‘H’our Hands    

RIBBLEHEAD:         Family caving day       

SCALES MOOR and EAST KINGSDALE:   Porthole       

WEST KINGSDALE and MARBLE STEPS:    Roof Tunnel traverse, West Kingsdale re-survey, Footleg, Easter Front      

LECK FELL: Ireby Fell Cavern Lower Main Streamway (continuation),  A ‘Mini Grand Day Out’ in Ireby Fell, Upstream Duke Street 

Notts II, Pippikin

EASEGILL AND CASTERTON FELL:  Avon Pot, the diary of a dig; Bull Pot of the Witches; Caving Fairy Tales; The Grand Circle; The Conveyor; County Pot, Christmas Cracker; Boundary Pot – The Manhatten Connection; Son of Slug World and the Sentinals; Herbert’s Hole, Lancaster Hole – entrance replacement; A tale of two scrubbers; Bumble Bee Hole; Javelin Hole; Link Pot, Serendipidy; Barker’s Pot; Wilf Taylor’s 1.5.   

BARBONDALE: Barbon Pot clean up; Barbondale roundup, Ruskin Pot, Westbank Cave, Cupcake Cave, Hanging Cave, Dark Lord’s Sink; Town’s Fell Sink; Sodoff Pot; Crystal North. 

OTHER AREAS:  Dunald Mill Hole; Daimler Hole; Tolla’ Roimh.

FOREIGN:  Krubera 2013; Caving at altitude, Dachstein 2011; Xitu 2012; Baisuntau, The Dark Star of Uzbekistan 2023-2014; Chartreuse Expedition 2011; Gouffre Berger Expedition 2014; Exploration of the Schwartzmooskogel System; Beardy’s Spectaculars; Adventures in East Timor; Caves in Ywangan Township, Shan Plateau, Myanmar; 

BTS AND PIECES: Boundary Pot, Boxing Day Aven; Gavel Pot, Southbound Passage; Link Pot, Oche Pot.

MISCELLANEOUS: Aygill; Link Pot; Mistral; Tatham Wife Hole; Ease Gill path Repair; Galegarth entrance stabilisation, G.P.S. entrance fixing; Boundary Pot upper entrance fence repair; The BEEB visits Lancaster Hole; Owert Kiln dig; Lanky Hole.





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