(including News-Sheets and Bulletins) 

UPDATED: 6th. October 2020


No.1 (date unknown but thought to be late 1940’s)

Photography, Transport, Cash in Hand, Lecture (plus other snippets)

NEWS-SHEET: (1984 – 2020)

Nos. 1 – 369 (Mar 1984 – Sept 2020)

Club and membership news and information published monthly, and circulated to members only.

NEWSLETTER: (1957 – 2020)

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No.1 (1957)

Club Hut, Meets, Digs, Volunteers, Announcements.

No.2 (1958)

Meets, Juniper Gulf, Upper Trident, Secretary’s Report, Balance sheet for 1957, The Diggers (photograph)

No.3 (1960)

A News Letter from the Silent Service, Condensed Report 1958, Notts Pot, Rumbling Hole, Kirk Pot / Sputnik / Upper Gunbarrel, Witches Cave, Little Hull Pot, Washfold Pot, Penyghent Long Churn, Cowskull, Cross Pot, Jackdaw, Cow Pot Casterton, Simpson’s / Swinsto, The Club Dinner, Notts Pot, Lindel in Furness, Rosebay Pot, Lost Johns, Peterson Pot, Crack Pot, Hunt Pot, Heron Pot, Washfold Pot, A.G. Pot, Club Holidays, Hull Pot, Stream Passage, Meregill Pot, Easegill, The Club Dinner.

Vol.2 No.1 (Spring 1964)

Editorial, Meets List 1964, Ease-Gill Caverns, Annual Dinner, Sunset Hole, Gunnerfleet Caves, AGM, Honorary Secretary’s Report for 1963, Ireby Cavern, Leck Fell, Balance Sheet 1963, Derbyshire, Terrifying Tales of Tailbrigg, Yugoslavia 1964, Membership List 1964.

Vol.2 No.2 (Summer 1964)

Editorial, New Members, Subscriptions for 1964, C.R.O. Call Out System, Simpson’s Pot, F.S.G. Dinner, The Odd Fellows Outing, Speleological Dictionary -part 1, Kettlewell – Dow Providence a La Red Rose Route, Badges, Disappointment Pot, Magnetometer Pot, The Quernmore Coal Mine, A Sorte Round Stake Pot – Lancaster Hole, Constitution.

Vol.2 No.3 (Autumn 1964)

Editorial, New Members, Change of Addresses, Annual Dinner Application Form, Speleological Dictionary – part 2, Club Badges, Money.

Vol. 2 No. 4. (Winter 1964)

Editorial, AGM, A Wild Goose Chase, Littledale Coal Mine, Cave Rescue and the Individual, The Good Old Days, Jumble Sale, 1965 Subscriptions, 1964 Annual Dinner, Births.

Vol.3 No.1 (Spring 1965)

Editorial, AGM, Bull Pot, Weekend course on “The origin and development of caves in British Limestone”, Jumble Sale, Notice to all Clubs, For sale.

Vol.3 No.2 (Summer 1965)

Editorial, Proposed Exhibition at Lancaster Museum, Trip to Carrock Fell Tungsten Mine Cumberland, Rowton Pot, Stream Passage Pot, Caves of Elbolton Hill, Meregill, Little Hull Pot, Spectacle Pot, Swinsto, Hardrawkin & Sunset Hole, Nettle Pot, Bull Pot Kingsdale, Long Kin West, Pillar Pot & Rosebay, South Wales, Long Kin East, Swinsto, Easegill, Bar Pot, Euston Road Grotto Mk.II., Some recent discoveries in South Westmoreland.

Vol.4 No.1 (Spring 1966)

AGM, Hon. Secretary’s Report for 1965, New digs and discoveries in Kingsdale, Rift Pot, Quaking Pot, Lost Johns, Steam Passage Pot, Nick Pot, Marble Steps, Rumbling Hole, Bore Hole, Ireby Fell Cavern, Borehole – Easegill, Moss House & Crag Foot Mines, Notts Pot, Easegill, Hon. Treasurers Financial report for 1965, Membership List.

Vol.5 No.1 (Spring 1967)

Meets List insert, Editorial, Minutes of AGM, Hon. Secretary’s Report for 1967, New Members, Top Sink, Slide Show, Rift Pot, Strange Caves of the Bentham District – Waterscales Cave, Ashnott Hole survey, The Blands, Ashnott Hole, The Top Sinks Saga, The Potholers Prayer.

Vol.5 No.2. (Summer 1967)

21st. Birthday Dinner Application Form – insert, Editorial, Forthcoming Meets, Ingleborough Field Meet, C.R.O. Exhibition, Bull Pot Farm, Club Library, “Times” Archaeological Report on the new exciting discoveries at Casterton, Further research in the Casterton Fell area.

Vol.6 No.1. (Spring 1969)

Editorial, Minutes of AGM, Officers Reports, Bull Pot of the Witches – Re: Survey, Aygill Easter, Bar Pot, Membership List, Stop Press.

Vol.6 No.2. (June 1969)

Editorial, Notice of Special Interest to Cavers, Dates for your diary, Bull Pot of the Witches – Progress Report on the survey and two recent discoveries, Bernett’s Great Cavern survey, Bull Pot, Swinsto Hole, Petes Dig, Extensions in Lancaster Hole, Programme of Essential Work at Bull Pot Farm, The Fellsman Hike 1969, Whitsun Meet South Wales 1969.

Vol.6 No.3 (July 1969)

Editorial, Juniper Gulf, Simpson’s Pot – Swinsto Hole Exchange, Bull Pot of the Witches, County Pot, The Bull Pot Farm Ghost, Brown Scar Cave Littondale, Principles of First Aid for Cavers, Stop Press.

Vol.6 No.4 (Aug/Sept 1969)

Editorial, Bull Pot of the Witches, Top Sinks to Lancaster Hole, Sunset Hole, Kingsdale Master Cave, Alum Pot, Bull Pot of the Witches, Diccan Pot and Alum Pot, Crystal Cave, Bull Pot of the Witches, Dunald Mill Hole, Bull Pot of the Witches, Yugoslavia 1969, Stop Press.

Vol.6 No.5 (October 1969)

Editorial, Tatham Wife Hole and Bull Pot of the Witches, Kingsdale Master Cave, Penyghent, Lancaster Hole, Lost John’s, Manchester & TAVR men join the Club, Knotlow Mine, County Pot, Alum Pot, Skittle Alley, The Saga of Falcon Pot, Troutbeck English Lakes, Skye, First Aid for Cavers – Part 2,

Vol.6. No.6 (November 1969)

Editorial, Information about the Council for Northern Caving Clubs, Bull Pot of the Witches, Pool Sink, Cow Pot, Rowton Pot, The epic Saga of the great Skittle Alley Push, One Mans Philosophy, Stop Press.

Vol.6 No.7 (Dec 69/Jan 70)

Dear Member, Pete’s Dig, Bull Pot – Kingsdale, County Pot, Kingsdale Master Cave, Plum Pudding, Annual Dinner.

Vol.7 No.1 (February 1970)

Editorial, You are asked to note the following dates, Annual General Meeting, Annual Dinner, Lancaster Hole and Easegill Through Trip, Sunset Hole and Hardrawkin, Bullpot – Kingsdale, Upper Trident Series – via. Battle of Britain Hall, Christmas Pot to Grange Rigg, Grange Rigg – Christmas Pot exchange, First Aid for cavers – Part 3, Stop Press.

Vol.7 No.2 (March – April 1970)

Editorial, Aygill Cavern: The re-survey, Mummy mummy – what’s that?, Mongo Gill Hole, The discovery of Howgill Sink – Easegill, Easter Friday- Through Trip, Sunday – Kingsdale Master Cave, Bar Pot, Death’s Head, County Pot, Notts Pot, Montagu South, Letter to the Editor, AGM, Howgill Sink (survey).

Vol.7 No.3 (February 1970)

Editorial, Minutes of AGM, Meregill Hole, Heron Pot, Ibbeth Peril Cavern, Ireby Fell Cavern, The Three Peaks, Birkwith Cave, Meregill Hole, Malham cove, Letters to the Editor, Final reminder, Membership List.

Vol.7 No.4 (June 1970)

Editorial, Honey Pot Cave, Further exploration in Howe gill sink, Potholes prayer, Agen Allwedd, Rescue Schedule, Hodge’s secret dig, Gaping Gill, Week-end, Peg Leg Pot, Boundary Pot, Mendip Weekend, Netherscar Pot, Bench Marking, Simpson’s – Swinsto exchange, Bull Pot Farm, Last weekend, Wilson’s Cave, Leisure & Pleasure exhibition, Waterfall passage, Tub Hole – Dentdale, Crystal Cave – Barbondale.

Vol.7 No.5 (July – August 1970)

Dear Member, Digging report – Fox Holes, Dowber Gill 1970, Penyghent Pot, County Pot, Letters to the editor, Netherscar Cave, Weekend camp at Teesdale, Scaling in Waterfall Passage, Burgess’s Passage, Lancaster Hole, Cwm Dor & OFD II – through trip, Hilton Mines near Appleby, Ashtree Cave – a new discovery, Ashtree Cave (survey), Netherscar Cave (survey).

Vol.7 No.6 (September – October 1970)

Dear Member, Himalayan Chronicle Vol.1, Bull Pot Farm Phenomena, Penyghent Pot, County Pot, Aardvark Country, The finale or aardvark country yet again, The BSA Conference, Pegleg Pot, The tackle situation, Lancaster Hole, Gingling Hole, Accident at Lancaster Hole, CRO callout to Ease Gill, The Lake District Mountain Trial, Pippikin Pot, Moughton Scar Cave, Aygill Cavern and Casterton Pot Entrance levelling, Peg Leg Pot, Main stream Passage, – Lancaster Hole, Quote of the month, Stop Press.

Vol.7 No.7 (November – December 1970)

Dear Member, Himalayan Chronicle Vol.2, Himalayan Chronicle Vol.3, Inside the Lake District Fells, Lancy Caves – Penrith, Gavel – Short Drop and Lost Johns Cave, Short Drop Cave, Easegill Valley – an interesting observation, County Pot – Nagasaki Cavern, Scaling in Waterfall Passage, Short Gill Pot, Walks in Limestone Country, The saga of Lost Johns, Bull Pot of the Witches – Diving, High Gill Cave Gawthrop Dent, Stop Press. A phantom trip down Lancaster Hole.

Vol.8 No.1 (January 1971)

Dear Member, Himalayan Chronicle Vol.4, Peg Leg Pot, Short Gill Cavern, The truth behind the Aardvark, Penyghent Pot, County Pot – Trident Series, Trip to Easter Grotto and Rock of Ages, Heron Pot, Yordas and Kingsdale Head Cave, One mans philosophy (ii), Pate Hole, Upper Pate Hole, Smeltmill Beck Cave, Peg Leg Pot, Ingleborough Cave, Tailbrigg Pott and Blue John Hole – Birkdale, Letters to the Editor, High Gill Cave and Nettle Pot.

Vol.8 No.2

Dear Member, Silver Jubilee Weekend at Kettlewell Wharfedale, Hits for Today, Little Hull Hole, Rescue at Lancaster Hole, Aygill Caverns, Top Sink to County Pot, Chance Mines – Brassington Derbyshire, Kingsdale Master Cave, Gavel Pot, Pippikin, Cove Hole, Thornes Gill Cave, Katnot Cave Ribblehead, Gayle Stone Mines, Top Sinks Pot to County Pot, Cow Pot – Top Sink, Hut Pot, Annual Dinner.

Vol.8 No.3

Dear Member, South Wales Trip, Minutes of AGM 1971, Caverns Measureless, Meets List, Birkwith Cave, A mine of the northern Dales, Installation of the Stop Pot Iron Ladder or a through trip with a difference, Cow Pot Casterton, Roundsea Wood Caves, Pegleg and Sputnik, Marble Steps, Falcon Pot, NW Passage Easegill, County Pot – Easter Grotto, Buttermere Weekend, C.R.O. Practice at Ireby Fell Cavern, Long Kin East Pot, Pegleg Pot, County Pot, Crina Bottom Caverns, Membership List, Letters to the Editor,

Vol.8 No.4

Editorial, Merlin Pot – Easegill, Routine Sump.

Vol.8 No.5

Editorial, County Pot to Lancaster Hole, Lancaster Hole to County Pot, E.P.C. Extension, The day of a thousand nights, Slit Sinks, The re-opening of slit sinks, Never mind the quality feel the mud, Gaping Gill, Change of address.

Vol.8 No.6

Editorial, Lancaster Hole – Earby Series, Gruber Eishole – Tennengebirge Austria, Austrian Holiday, Gaping Gill, Borrowdale Weekend, Lancaster Hole, St. Tropez on a Bee Em, Penyghent Pot, The Mystery of the Sand Cavern Draught, County Pot to Lancaster Hole, The Flood Pulse, Re-Mapping of Barbon Low Fell, Library, Recent additions to the Tackle Store, Congratulations, Forthcoming Red Rose weekend at Nenthead, Cumberland,

Vol.8 No.7

Editorial, Corsican Holiday, Lancaster Hole, Cave Rescue Organisation, Nenthead Weekend, Abortive trip to Nenthead, Pippikin Pot, Stone Circle – Casterton Fell, Nenthead according to Philip Jopson, Death’s Head Hole, Supernatural Occurrences in Easegill, Possession, G…. G…. Pot, Congratulations, Change of Address, John Stark, Welcome, November Meets.

Vol.8 No.8

Editorial, Langthwaite Pot, Dow Cave, Letter to the Editor, The Adventures of Jim, Caves of Majorca, Caves of Arta, Caves of Drach, Caves of Hams, Caves of Camponet, Caves of Genoea, Caves of Quintana, Malham Cove, Wades Entrance, The Stalagmite, Aygill Cavern, In search of the ‘Green Leakeys’ (or how World War Three was averted), The Three Peaks, Change of Address, New Members, Next Committee Meeting, December Meet, Annual Dinner, Finally.

Vol.8 No.9 (December 1971)

Editorial, Book Review, Lancaster Hole, Borrowdale, Pool Sink, Hell Hole, Court circular, Change of address, Next committee meeting, Congratulations, Welcome, January meets, Full meets list until August, For sale.

Vol.9 No.1

Editorial, Easter Grotto, Pool Sink, Aygill Caverns, The adventures of Paul (cartoon), Wretched Rabbit, Cow Pot, The great escape, Wretched Rabbit, Majorca weekend, Stop press, Welcome, Change of address, For sale, Free, Committee meeting, February meet, Contrary to popular belief.

Vol.9 No.2

Editorial, Rumbling Hole, Stake Pot ladder party, County Pot, The adventures of Chris (cartoon), Starkrith Cave and Scoredale Mines, Frog Pot, The Club Dinner, Stake Pot ladder, Welcome, Change of address, Next committee meeting, March meet, Congratulations.

Vol.9 No.3

Editorial, Brewery Shaft – Nenthead, Another new wet section in Lancaster Hole, The Adventures of Dave (cartoon), Switzerland – Holloch, Starkrith Cave and Scoredale Mines, Langdales, Gale Garth Pot, Jim in the Eccles By Pass (poem), RRCPC AGM, The best of British, For Sale, The Yobbos, April Meets, Sports report, Membership List 1972.

Vol.9 No.4

Editorial, Minutes of AGM, Goatchurch Cavern, Upper Lawns Quarry, Pool Sink – County Pot, Pool sink, The adventures of Hugh (cartoon), Barbondale.

Vol.9 No.5

From the grass roots, Award to senior club member, Three Peaks Race, Rescue practice, and now the Easegill story, Meets list, 1972/73, Aqua Mud sump, County Pot to Lower Snail via. Platypus Junction, Alum Pot, Scoredale Mine, Bull Pot of the Witches, New Members, Next committee meeting, B.S.A. Conference 1972, Bevs Barbecue.

Vol.9 No.6

From a grass root, Bevs barbecue, Letter to the editor, New Cave, Marble Steps, May we request, The Halton Mill race, Following a complaint, Nidderdale, October Meets, Working weekend and slide show, The Loneliness of the long distance motorcyclist, Pyrenees, Lost and found, If you have changed your address recently. Library Catalogue supplement No. 10.

Vol.9 No.7

From the treetops, Lancaster Hole, Farm news, Scoredale Mines, Aygill, Chamonix ’72, The Three Big Ones, The adventures of Yak (cartoon), Wilf Taylor’s Passage dig, Grand auction, Library Catalogue Supplement No.11.

Vol.9 No.8

Hello there, Black Shiver Pot, Nettle Pot, County Pot rescue, Barbondale, Gingling Hole, Birks Fell cave, Bull Pot of the Witches and Lancaster Hole, Easegill Refresher Course, Top Sinks, Crackpot Cave, County Pot, Men of Bar,

Vol.9 No.9

Editors bit, Pegleg Pot, Stop Press . . ., Short Gill, Tatham wife, Casterton Pot, The Great Temptation, (cartoon), Library Catalogue supplement No.12.

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Vol.10 No.1 (February 1973)

Benidorm, MUSS Extension, Court Circular, The Potholer (poem), Letter from Germany by Tony Tanner, Cow Pot, Cave Thoughts (poem), Nethermost Cove, Gale Garth Pot, The Adventures of Vernon (cartoon), Simpson’s Pot,

Vol.10 No.2 (March/April 1973)

Ireby Fell Cavern, Caverns under Coniston Old Man, Rowton Pot, Forthcoming Meets, Maracaibo, Mendips, Lamb Leer, Swildons Hole, St. Cuthberts Swallet, Stoke Lane Slocker, Quote of the Month, Cow Pot – County, Lost Johns, Swinsto – Simpson’s, The adventures of Ian Jopson (cartoon)

Vol.10 No.3 (May/June/July/August 1973)

Yorkshire Dales – Spring Cleaning, Dowbergill, Meregill Hole, Juniper Gulf, A right royal trip down Pippikin Hole, Kingsdale, Bevs Barbecue, British Cave Research Association – Conference 1973,

Vol.10 No.4 (November/December 1973)

Some more tufts from the grass roots, Pasture Gill, Birks Fell, Notts Pot, Mammoth Cave, Warning – Strans Gill Pot ‘X’ certificate, Strans Gill – The truth, Aygill Caverns, Stream Passage Pot, Forthcoming Meets, Library Catalogue – supplement No.12, Annual Dinner, annual subscriptions, Stop Press.

Vol.11 No.1 (June 1974)

Annual General Meeting, Rift Pot – a close call, Sell Gill Pot, Out Sleets Beck pot, Meets list 1974, Stop Press, Quote of the month, Library Catalogue – supplement No.14.

Vol.11 No.2 (August 1974)

Diccan Pot, Penyghent Pot, Underground Lancaster, Car Pot, Xanadu (poem), Langstroth Pot, Forthcoming Meets, The Pennine Way, “BCRA Conference, Bev’s Barbecue.

Vol.11 No.3 (September 1974)

A Caving holiday, Alum Pot, Hull Pot & High Hull, Gaping Ghyll, Notice, A day in the Lakes, Thackthwaite Beck Cave, News, The Manchester Bypass, Pippikin Pot, The Rescue, Main Line Terminus (cartoon), Library Catalogue – supplement No.15.

Vol.11 No.4 (December 1974)

Make 1975 lets be kind to electron ladder year, The bits and pieces column, The editors lament (poem), Far Pinnacle Streamway, A reminder, Crossword, Single Rope Technique, Annual Dinner.

Vol.12 No.1 (January 1975)

Auction party, List of Members, Meets List, List of Tackle Key holders, Reminder, Very special announcement.

Vol.12 No.2 (March 1975)

Hodge on the Manchester Bypass, Crossword answers, The Border Sump, Stream Passage – Flood Entrance Exchange, Tatham Wife Hole, Sell Gill holes, White Scar Caves, Members list additions and corrections, Library Catalogue – supplement No.16.

Vol.12 No.3 (April 1975)

AGM notes, Providence Pot to Dow Cave, Flood Entrance – Stream Passage, Magnetometer Pot – Easter Sunday, Tatham wife Hole, Hunt Pot, Quaking Pot, Easegill Wanderings, Pool Sink.

Vol.12 No.4 (May 1975)

Forthcoming Meets, Alum Pot again, Meregill Hole SRT, K.M.C. or the name droppers delight, Alum Pot again and again, Gaping Gill SRT, Pippikin – Mistral solo abseiling through trip, Forthcoming RRCPC Journal, New Cave in the Lancaster area.

Vol.12 No.5 (July 1975)

Forthcoming Meets, with apologies to Wilfred Owen (poem), Juniper Gulf, Ropewalkers for sale, New extension to Wilf Taylor’s passage in Lancaster Hole, Nick pot, Ibbeth Peril Cave dent, K.M.C. Rowton sumps, Earl Pot Rescue, Crackpot Cave, Red Rose Journal 1975, Test on one of the clubs (single rope) rope, Gingling Hole, New Slit Sinks – Borehole – Slit sinks and County, Membership List 1974/75.

Vol.12 No.6 (September 1975)

Dale Head Pot, Tatham Wife Hole, Lancaster Hole.

Vol.12 No.7 (November 1975)

Lost Johns SRT plus Ladders, Washfold Pot, Airing a few views, Food for thought, Marble Pot dig “Jonney’s Dig”, Mammoth Cave Kentucky, New Members, Grange Rigg – Christmas Pot, Club Meets.

Vol.13 No.1 (January 1976)

Slide Competition, Change of Address, Club Meets for 1976, Rowton Cave, Jingling Cave, Jingling Pot, Yordas Pot, Dale Barn Cave, Annual Dinner, An extract from the book of Cravenesis, Car Pot, Christmas Pot – Grange Rigg, Rumbling Hole, Rope Walkers for Sale, Some interesting tests, SRT trips in the Dales, Dog Holes, Bar Pot, The strange caves of Littondale, Bull Pot of the Witches, Aygill Pot with a difference and the Pre-Cambrian Series.

Vol.13 No.2 (February 1976)

Club Meets 1976, The safety factor of wire rope, Long Kin East Pot, Slanting Cave.

Vol.13 No.3 (May 1976)

Forthcoming Meets, The Intricacies of Smeltmill Beck Cave – Brough, Penyghent Pot, Ireby Fell Cavern, Homily from Herbert, Homily from Vernon, Lancaster Hole, Sidetrack Caving, R?? M?? P??, Summary of the main points of the AGM. BCRA.

Vol.13 No.4 (September 1976)

Red Moss Pot, Dog Hole & Crystal Cave, The search for Clitheroe Underground, Bull Pot Sheep – Roasting.

Vol.13 No.5 (November 1976)

Otter Hole – Forest of Dean, Lancaster Hole, Lost Johns, Simpson’s Pot, Auction Party, The clubs financial position, Next dates on the meets list.

Vol.14 No.1 (January 1977)

Hardrawkin Pot, Meregill Hole, Aquamud Sump, And what paper do you read, Meets list 1977, Annual Dinner.

Vol.14 No.2 (March 1977)

Annual General Meeting, The Big Tunnel Nagasaki, Flood Entrance-Bar Pot, Alum Pot, Slide Show, Yugoslavia 1977.

Vol.14 No.3 (June 1977)

AGM, Scordale Camp, Aquamud Sump, Obituary.

Vol.14 No.4 (September 1977)

Red Rose Journal No.7, Rowton Pot, Gavel Pot, Nidderdale, Recent Developments, Forthcoming Meets, Library Catalogue – Supplement No. 18.

Vol.14 No.5 (November 1977)

Meets list, Red Rose Journal No.7, Lost Johns System, Tatham wife Hole, It ain’t half cold mum, Easegill, Stream Passage Pot, Meregill Hole, Bumper Weekend.

Vol.15 No.1 (February 1978)

Longest and Deepest Potholes, Washfold Pot, A Trilogy from Graham Swinsto – Stake Pot Series – Bull Pot of the Witches / Casterton Pot, Lost Johns, Long Kin west, Christmas – Grange Rigg, Forthcoming Meets.

Vol.15 No.2 (March 1978)

Lost Johns, The Booth Eyre Crawl – Easegill, Another Sunday, Penyghent Pot, Hull Pot, Hunt Pot, SRT, (Poem), Pool Sink, AGM, Forthcoming Meets, Wanted, Austria 1978.

Vol.15 No.3 (June 1978)

Obituary, Forthcoming Meets, The day I didn’t go to Dale Head, In reply to SRT (poem), South Wales Easter 1978, AGM, New Stuff.

Vol.15 No.4 (September 1978)

Next Years Holiday, A weekend in Wharfedale, Out Sleets Beck Pot, Alum Pot, Croesor Slate Mine, Boundary Pot, Forthcoming Meets.

Vol.15 No.5 (November 1978)

Auction Party, Club Dinner, Forthcoming Meets, Pippikin Pot, Easegill, Paring weight – or Lost Johns in Style, OFD, Little Neath River Cave, Lost Johns, Meets List, Deaths Head Hole.

Vol.16 No.1 (February 1979)

Meets List, Rift Pot – Long Kin East, Bar Pot, Ingleborough Cave, The Ex-Caver or What having a good job does to you (Poem), Vespers Pot, Report from the Meets Secretary.

Vol.16 No.2 (June 1979)

Meets List, BCRA Conference, Easter in South Wales, Pool Sink Act 1, Pool Sink Act 2, And now a plea from Sandra Muckalt, Journal No.8, King Pot, Pool Sink.

Vol.16 No.3 (September 1979)

Valley Entrance, Penyghent Pot, Bull Pot Telephone, Gingling Pot, Juniper Gulf, Meregill Hole, Meets List, Auction Party, Members List 1979.

Vol.16 No.4 (November 1979)

Annual Dinner, Meets List, Maracaibo, Ogof Hesp Alyn, Alum Pot – Lower Long Churn. Fund Raising, Digging News, Change of Address.

Vol.16 No.5. (January 1980)

Six Shot Bandit Cards, Lancaster Hole – County Pot, A reminiscence of Caving in the Seventies, Dinner Tickets, Underground and surface slide competition. Meets List, Boundary Pot.

Vol.17 No.1 (March 1980)

Meets List, The French Trip, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Long Kin West, Nettle Pot.

Vol..17 No.2 (May 1980)

Meets List, SRT, Stream Passage – Bar Pot, Swinsto Hole, Carlista – Northern Spain, Magnetometer Pot, Top Sinks to Pippikin Hole, AGM

Vol.17 No.3 (August 1980)

Clapham Beck Head, Top Sinks – Pippikin, Bull Pot of the Witches, Black Shiver Pot, The finding the right shakehole dilemma, Car Pot, Bread of Heaven – South Wales, Meets List, Cartoon.

Vol.17 No.4 (November 1980)

Pool Sink – County Pot, A climbing trip in Keld Head, Boreham Cave, An appointment with the past, Reyfad Pot – Co. Fermanagh, Pollnatagha, Gaping Ghyll – The Far Country, Red Rose Who’s Who, Reyfad Pot, Meets List, Annual Dinner, Simpson’s – Swinsto, Some notes for your diary.

Vol.17 No.5 (January 1981)

Obituary – Mark Woodhouse, Meets List, Sara – Northern Spain, Gouffre Berger 1980, Down Lancaster Hole, Annual Dinner

Vol.18 No.1 (March 1981)

Editorial, Forthcoming Meets, A trek in Nepal, Uamh nan Claig-ionn.

Vol.18 No.2 (May 1981)

Editorial, A new link to Link?, For Sale, Trekking in Knoydart, Lancaster – Maracaibo – County Pot through trip, Hurness Moss Pot, An afternoon down Roaring Hole, BCRA Public Liability Insurance, Annual General Meeting, Meets List, Pool sink.

Vol.18 No.3 (August 1981)

Editorial, Annual dinner, Meets List, Top Sink, Wisdom Tooth Passage (survey), Hammer Pot Fountains Fell, Visit to Heysham Nuclear Power Station, Plug Hole, True Story.

Vol.18 No.4 (November 1981)

Editorial, Hammer Pot, Growling Hole, 62 years on the bottom of Scapa Flow, Gale Garth Pot, OFD 1 to 2, Meets List, Annual Dinner, Members Addresses.

Vol.18 No.5 (January 1982)

Editorial, A summer memory – King Pot, Hunt Pot, Rescue at Bullpot Farm, Radio Location, (survey)

Vol.18 No.6 (March 1982)

Presidents Message, Annual General Meeting, Programme for AGM Weekend, Meets List.

Vol.18 No.7 (May 1982)

Editorial, June Meets, Trekking in Knoydart – 2, Lancaster Hole – Upstream waterfall Passage (+ survey), Caving Techniques Symposium, News of another South Wales Meet,

Vol.19 No.1 (July 1982)

Editorial, Next Meets, County Pot, Langcliffe Pot, Trekking in Knoydart – Part 2, Are there caves beneath the Snooty Fox?

Vol.19 No.2 (October 1982)

Editorial, Next Meets, Fun Meets, Take three Holes, Thunderstorm Flood Danger, What are the lessons to be learned?

Vol.19 No.3 (November 1982)

Editorial, Juniper Gulf, Large Pot, Lost Johns, Reseau de la Diau, Woodhouse Way, The possibility of Karabiner failure at low loads, Next Meets, Annual Dinner.

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 All Vol.20 was numbered as Vol.1

Vol.20 No.1

Meets List, Subs, Sweatshirts, Bad News, Weather Reports, Farm Bookings, Stop Press.

Vol.20 No.2

Meets List, Subs, Dates for your diary, Club Dinner, Call for papers, The gossip Column.

Vol.20 No.3

Meets List, Subs, New members, Diary Dates, Newly elected members, The Gossip Column.

Vol.20 No.4.

Meets list, New members, Diary Dates, BCRA Conference, Exhibition, The gossip column.

Vol.20 No.5


Vol.20 No.6

New members, Diary dates, For sale, The gossip column.

Vol.20 No.7

Meets list, Club Dinner, Subs are due.

Vol.21 No.1 (April 1984)

Editorial, Club Meets, Gouffre Berger, A coast to coast Walk, Black Shiver Pot, Poul na Goulor, Jingling Pot, Dowber Gill Passage, A cave & crag walk, Juniper Gulf, Easegill – Surprise Junction to Eureka Junction, Red Rose Blues, Dowbergill Passage, Red Rose visits Otter Hole – Chepstow, A grade 6 trip, Bank Holiday Hole, County Pot – Manchester By Pass.

Vol.21 No.2 (June 1984)

Editorial, Why, Cow Pot, Club Meets, Caving without a light – To Cape Kennedy in Darkness, A north, Northern Cave, A day in the Mendips, County to Lancs – A through trip.

Vol.21 No.3 (August 1984)

Editorial, Club Meets, The lost river of Nedd Fechan, Large Pot, Notts Pot, Yet another bad day at Bull Pot, Wretched Rabbit.

Vol.21 No.4 (November 1984)

Editorial, Meets list, Gunpowder Hole, Lancaster Hole to Top Sinks, King Pot, A lesson in keeping your mouth shut, Majorca – Ascent of the Tijx.

Vol.21 No.5 (March 1985)

Editorial, Meets list, Diccan Pot, Daimler Hole, Notts Pot – Adamson’s route & Acrobat Pot, New stuff in Lost John’s, Red Rose Cavers Alphabet.

Vol.22 No.1 (June 1985)

Editorial, Meets list, Bad Day at Bull Pot, The discovery of Hemmingway Hall, Waterfall Inlet (survey), Deaths Head – Big Meanie Exchange, SRT Blues, Tatham Wife Hole.)

Vol.22 No.2 (September 1985)

Editorial, Meets list, A Dalesman, Barbon Pot, Moking Hurth / Moking Pot, Ribblesdale Camping Weekend – Cherry Tree Hole – Magnetometer Pot, Washfold Pot.

Vol.22 No.3 (December 1985)

Editorial, Meets List, Spring Bank Holiday in Ireland, Now the other side of the story – Polnagollum of the boats, Hurnell Moss Pot, Quotes from the rope, A long Walk from Bull Pot Farm, For Sale.Vol.22 No.4 (March 1986)

Rules, Editorial, Meets list, Daren Cilau, Digging in the dales, Red Rose Cavers Alphabet No.2.

Vol.23 No.1 (September 1986)

Editorial, It should have been all right on the night, or:- A solo trip with 8 friends, Lost John’s trip, Yugoslavia or How to make your pension stretch while holidaying abroad

Vol.24 No.1 (June 1987) printed as June 1897

Editorial, Marble Steps, Otter Hole, Otter Hole – Notes and trip guide, The Easegill traverse / The basic route, Dan-Y-Ogof, OFD 2, Out Sleets Gill Beck Trip, Gavel Pot – my first pothole, Ignorance is Bliss, One man and his dog – and others, Aygill Caverns, Peak Cavern, Neutron Cavern, Lancaster Hole cleanup, South Wales ’87.News Flash, Late News, Curio, Adverts, Far East Passage is wrong on the new map, Rope knots, Press Cuttings,

Vol.24 No.2 (September 1987)

Editorial, Gaping Gill, Abime du Fourneau, Trou Bernard – Belgium, Where have all the diggers gone? Karst Research Expedition to the Peruvian Andes 1987.

Vol.24 No.3

Editorial, North Wales Camp, The Gouffre Berger ’87 (or The Follies Birchall), Little Hull Pot, Old Acquaintances, Norway 87, Monster Raving Weekend, Odd bits about pushing & what ifs, A Club Meet, Mistral, Le Flicet Le Feu

Vol.25 No.1 (March 1988)

Editorial, Now for something different, Two million years on Casterton Fell, The story of O, North Lonsdale Prehistoric Research Society, Lost John’s SRT meet, Caves of Beer and Beatus, Matienzo.

Vol.25 No.2 (June 1988)

Obituary, Club trips, Beatus Cave, Good caving practice, The Hobble, A Derbyshire weekend, Jib Tunnel – Stream Passage, Probationary Members, Two stories with Lessons – The high cost of caving, Casterton fell – The profits of caving, Bar Pot, Reminiscences – Rumbling Hole.

Vol.25 No.3 (September 1988)

Editorial, Lancaster Pot, Bullpot 1934, and another one from the near past – Notts Pot, Some news on the digging scene – Low Douk, Turkey, the organised way, Turkey 88, The organised way cont., Ingleborough Marathon entry form.

Vol.25 No.4

Editor, One day in Easegill, Another day in Easegill, What we did on our hols. – or how to be a football hooligan, Christmas – Grange Rigg exchange, Marble Steps, Annual Dinner, Another fine mess you have got me into or Faulty steps into the unknown.

Vol.26 No.1 (April 1989)

Letter, Rowton Pot, Little Hull Pot Re-visited, How to avoid PJ and all that, Press Cutting.

Vol.26 No.2 (August 1989)

Editorial, Letter, Daren Cilau, Cwndwr to OFD 1, Car Pot, Cartoon, Serendipity – Do – Da, The sound of music – The Holloch Xmas 88, Arran – An Odessy of adventure, The girlies trip.

Vol.26 No.3 (November 1989)

Editorial, Turkey 89, Roaring Holes (middle hole), Ladder and lifeline techniques, Kirkgozler Chasm, (survey), Ashnott Hole, Home thoughts from abroad.

Vol.27 No.1 (June 1990)

Force Crag Mine, Vulcan pot, Brown Hill pot, Is it on – Is it off? Hollach 1989, Langstroth Pot, Force Crag Mine cont.

Vol.27 No.2 (November 1990)

Cow Dubs Cave, Large Pot, Brown Hill pot, Dow Cave, Kirk Pot, Knock Caverns, Knock Fell Caverns revisited, Lancaster Hole – wretched rabbit, Stop press, Tail end, Donkey Mail – Uzbekistan.

Vol.28 No.1 (May 1991)

Editorial, Lancaster hole, Mossdale Caverns, Log Book Entry – King pot, Penyghent pot, The chronicles of Quaking Pot, Ten ways to destroy a club, White Horse – Caucasus.

Vol.28 No.2 (October 1991)

Ingleton Bolt Seminar, Mallorca 1991, A Wharfedale Weekend, Langcliffe Pot, Nearly the coast to coast walk, Eagle front, Wilf Taylor’s diary, A very blessed view of Canada.

Vol.29 No.1 (January 1992)

Editorial, In memoriam – Frank Hardy, The Ireland Expedition, Lancaster Hole, The book of Revelations, Dear farm animals.

Vol.29 No.2 ( 1992)

Editorial, Penyghent Pot, The DMM 8mm hanger and Hilti C50 Resin, Entertainment USA, Lancaster Hole to Diamond Hall, The Top Sink Saga, Trou de Vent, Experiencing the Peak – Speedwell Connection.

Vol.29 No.3 ( 1992)

Vale – Giles Barker, A Narcissus for Giles (poem), (Re) discovering passage in Perlis, Caving scene in Malaya, Dear Paul, Ben Macdui, Making plans for Nigel -Quaking, Crescent Pot, Ladder and Lifeline meet, Cow Pot, Surveying Meet, Underground in Thailand, Tackle list, SRT Tackle Masters Report update, Cow Pot training circuit – (survey), Magnetometer Pot, Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend Wharfedale – The official meet leaders report, Whitsun in the Jura, Easegill project, Hagg Gill Photographic Trip, La Merveilleuse.

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Vol.30 No.1 ( 1993)

Editorial, Six mile Tunnel – Kinta Valley Perak Malaysia, The Dentdale Meet, Marble Steps, Bar Pot to Gaping Gill Main Chamber, Lancaster Hole to Oxbow Corner, The Easegill Traverse: Top Sink to Pippikin, That’s entertainment, – A wet day in Easegill, The ten Newtonian Laws, Flood Entrance pot, The crawling meet: Hats off to Hensler!

Vol.30 No.2 ( 1993)

Editorial, Easegill, Visiting the peak, Gua Temperong, Antalya – Easter 1993, From the office of the White Rose, Poking about in TAG, Cow Pot rigging guide, Christmas in Mexico, Easter in South Wales, Boundary Pot extension, Voices from the past, Batu Caves and environs, Top Tips, Batu Caves (survey). insert

Vol.30 No.3 (December 1993)

Editorial, Wot Dabney goes west, The Crater, Dubious tactics – Notts Pot, Another excursion south of the border, Artwork, Caverns measureless to man, Pool Sink – new bolt guide, Wot Dabney goes south – with the RRCPC, Sunnycrest and Emma Hole, Dorton Knob Smoke Hole – the hardest pot in the USA, Self rescue weekend.

Vol.31 No.1 (May 1994)

Editorial, Spanish Ramblings, Visit Little Lechuguilla, A cautionary tale, A short holiday, America in six days, Karhalzeta Ko Karbia, Collapse in County Pot, Run to the Mill, Sunday school, Chattanooga, Bullpot Farm needs you.

Vol.31 No.2 (August 1994)

Editorial, Thank you, A quick look in the Atlas, Ropes and Ladders, The Quest, Easegill diary, Ray of the Rosers, Porridge unlimited, Jac meets Champion the Wonder Horse, Pool Sink, Out Sleets Beck Cave.

Vol.32 No.1 (December 1994)

Editorial, A near death experience, Snakes and ladders, Flood Entrance – Stream Passage, Coolagh River Cave, Wet wet wet, The stuff that potholers dreams are made of, Shorty Hole -the continuing saga.

Vol.32 No.2 (July 1995)

Editorial, Magnetometer Pot, In search of Grippers Rift, The curse of the CRG extension, Going underground – Gouffre Berger 1994, Disappointment Pot, Smashing Inlet, Quaking Pot.

Vol.32 No.3 (November 1995)

Editorial, George Cornes, Some memories of George, Return to caving, Langcliffe Pot, the Exploration of Bye George Pot, Easegill project, The Dowbergill Traverse, Crete – sun – sand – and … speleology? Sig Pot.

Vol.33 No.1 (April 1996)

Editorial, A grand day out, Exploring Khoh Al-Bidi – the first kilometre, Mallorca – October ’95, Pool Sink – the baby feeder, Stepping into the past, Large Pot – New Rift Pot exchange, Letter from Antipodes, Beneath the Gobi desert, Horse Cave and Goat Cave (survey), Fun Quiz.

Vol.33 No.2 (August 1996)

Editorial, My weekend, (&the 50th.), The best tenner I ever spent, Ireby Fell, marble Steps, The search for the Wretched Easter eggs, Three Pots, White Scar Meet, A night down Langcliffe Pot, The Farnes, An everyday story about forest folk, Quiz answers.

Vol.34 No.1 (April 1997)

Editorial, Boundary Pot, Su Palau-Condula de Luna, Zig and Zag’s mystery tour, White Scar, The brightness of Christine Bleakley

Vol.34 No.2 (1997)

Editorial, Mel’s memories – 40 Years ago, Sima del Cueto-Coventosa 1996, Heaven and Hell, Disappointment Pot, Detackling – Ireby Fell Caverns, Caption Competition.

Survey: Sistema Cueto-Coventosa-Cuvera

Vol.34 No.3 (December 1997)

Editorial, Mel’s memories- from the archives 30 years ago, 12th June 2543 Times archaeological report on the new exiting discoveries at Casterton by our special correspondent, Hidden Pot – and hidden sheep, Big Meanie – Death’s Head exchange, The 1996 Yangtze Caves expedition or where have all the chicken breasts gone!

Please be upstanding for your President! Adventure in Oman, Kahf Hoti, Alum Pot – the “Flash and Splash” trip.

Surveys: Alum Pot – Lower Long Churn Cave

Photographs: The President.

Cartoon: A Big Meanie.

Vol.35 No.1 (July 1998)

Editorial, Mel’s memories 20 years ago, Sylvester Pot to County Pot – a rare through trip, Saturday afternoon Series- Lancaster Hole, Kaht Hoti- Jabal Akhdar-Sultanate of Oman, Sunset Hole-Grade 3 (mostly), Restaurant at the end of the universe, Follow that bat, Free “Caver training day”, Caption competition.

Vol.35 No.2 (July 1998)

Presidents Message, Arch Cave-Oman, Wild Rover, Sardinia, Short Drop-Gavel Pot, The “Golden Oldies” trip, Red Rose goes to South Wales, Mel’s Memories, Thoughts, Rumbling Adventure, Three Counties System, Useful contacts.

Vol.36 No.1 (January 1999)

Arch Cave II, – Oman (part 2), Letter page-greetings from the south pole, Caption Competition, Questions and answers, Turkey, Letters page continued, Access to the countryside, Duddon valley weekend, Boxing day walk?, useful contacts.

Vol.36 No.2 (June 1999)

Editorial, Pip to Top and Back again (Pippikin), Caving in Pierre St. Martin area, Easegill Project, Edgar Sixtus -One of the early cave personalities, Digging through the mountain – Illusion Pot, Useful contacts.

Surveys: Lancaster Hole (part of)

Vol.36 No.3 (November 1999)

Finding the “way-on”, Milwr Tunnel extravaganza, A Japanese encounter, Haunted by Juan Lombrero, The August visit to Wharfedale, Puzzle, The Penyghent saga of ’56, NCA/BCRA Merger????, Annual Dinner 2000, Boxing Day Walk, New Years Eve Millennium Party, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 37 No.1 (April 2000)

The Three Peaks and The Three pots, Mud, Into the devil’s arse – James Hall Over Engine Mine (JH) to Peak Cavern exchange trip, (survey), A case for re-training, Seven months under the earth, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 37 No.2 (July 2000)

Editorial, Devis Hole Mine caves and Crackpot Cave, Snatcher Pot, A tale of two pots, Craftman’s Pot, Smeltmill beck Cave, Sell Gill Holes, The Bradford by-pass – BPC Gaping Gill winch meet – Stream Passage Pot to Dihedral, Wizard’s Chasm (or Willy wonka’s Chocolate Factory), Long Kin West and Pillar Holes, Caving under the Moonlit Sun, Simpson’s Pot, Competition, Useful contacts,

Newsletter Vol. 37 No.3 (September 2000)

Nidderdale: Goyden and the gorge adventure, The amazing Goyden Pot and Manchester Hole (survey), Marble Sink – a classic tight hole, A little bit on the side (of Wilf Taylor’s), How it started – a no holes barred in depth report on how I went to pot, White Scar- beyond the show cave, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 37 No.4 (November 2000)

Living it large, Juniper Gulf – on ladders, Thackthwaite Beck Cave, Pool Sink, Cherry Tree Hole, Rumbling Hole (also known as Roger Kirk Cave), Bull Pot of the Witches, Crete 2000, Lost John’s – Boxhead Pot, and finally.., Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 38 No.1 April 2001 (Millennium Expedition issue)

RRCPC Millennium epedition to Reseau de la Coume d’Hyouernedo (Reseau Felix rombe) Cave System in the French Pyrenees. Introduction, Huhs comments fronm his recce trip in summer 1999, Camping, Grott de Pene Blanque, Trou du Vent, Pene Blanque, Trou Mile to Trou Heretiques, A french fairy tale, Grott du Goueil di Her, The Big One: Trou Mile to Pene Blanque, Th Real Thing – Trou Mile to Pene Blanque, Trou Heretiques to Trou Mile, Pene Blanque: Photos and Video, Search for Grotte de Bouruse, Through Trip: Trou Mile to Pene Blanque, The Hole in th wall trip, Andorra, Pic Gigantes: Autres-les-Bains, Grotte de Bedeihlac, Grotte de Labouiche, Grotte du Mas-d’Azil, Epilogue, Appendix, Further Reading, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 38 No.2 (May 2001)

Contents, Editorial, A note on Walter Sylvester and his invention, Ritton Castle Mine, (sketch – Ritton Castle Mine) The Dig – Committee Pot, The Slug World retro diary 1997-2000, Blind date at Bullpot Farm, Krem Amrabeang – India, Borrowdale Wad Mine, (survey), Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 38 No.3 (October 2001)

Large Pot/Rift Pot Exchange, A bridge too far – Vesper Pot (cartoon), Crystal Connection, Large Pot / New Rift Exchange, Lost Johns / Box Head exchange, A right Rum experience, Foot and Mouth -Bagshaw Cavern Peak Cavern and Ingleborough Cave, A day out in Nenthead: Smallcleugh to Capplecleugh (cartoon), Giants Hole, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 38 No.4 (December 2001)

Abisso Fighera to Buca del Serpente, Grotte de la Marveilleuse – Reseau du Vertige, The Dent de Crolles (survey), Gorge – Ecouges gorge Vercors, Reseau de Verneau, Coniston Copper Mine, Another bleat for Crete, Hidden Earth 2001, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 39 No.1 (May 2002)

Meregill Hole, Banging in Boggarts, A quite day at Valley Entrance, Black Shiver Pot, “Ignorance is Bliss” and the passage of time (survey), Family caving in Pool Sink, The Trident nightmare (survey), Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 39 No.2 (October 2002)

Sir Francis Level – Swaledale, Letter from China, Swinsto / Simpson’s Exchange, Our Lady’s Cave (survey), The Notts 11 Log, Useful contacts.

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Newsletter Vol. 40 No.1 (May 2003)

The Magic Rounabout, Pete Ashmead (1938-1977), Aerchaeological legacy, Bar Pot to Gaping Ghyll Main Chamber, Traditional Boxing Day Walk, The Green Wonder, Red Rake Mine ñ Silverdale, Cliff Force Cave, The Buttertubs, On ropes and lights, Editorial, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 40 No.2 (September 2003)

Two new entrances to Easegill, Upper Leck Fell Caves, Zig & Zag get “Goosed up” with “Dangerous Denis” for daring rescue mission, Bar Pot to Gaping Gill Main Chamber, Tea ladies on tour ñ Extreme tea making, Mines aí Guinness, Notts 2 ñ (Geriatric trip), Lefka Ori Trek, Editorial, Useful contacts.

Newsletter Vol. 41 No.1 (February 2004)

Red el Silencio, Devis Hole Mine, Wretched Rabbit Passage Part 1 The Trident Pretender, And now for something completely different, A treat in Tripiti, Reipiti Gorge (an alternative account), Useful contacts.

Surveys: La Red del Silencio, RN-50 Torcadel Hoyon,

Newsletter Vol. 41 No.2 (May 2004)

Matienzo Easter 2003 – – Introduction to Introduction – Introduction: The Matienz Polje: Geography and Geology – The Matienzo Caves: Exploration and documentation – The South Vega Caves – Th North Vega Caves – Four Valleys System – Recent reports – Bibliography. Matienzo Top Ten – A tale of Anis Phosphate and Crowbars. Mexican Through Trips, FSG Dinner 1964, Useful contacts.

Map: Matienzo.

Newsletter Vol. 41 No.3 (December 2004)

A good night out, Eric Holland, Swaledale weekend, Crete 2004, Useful contacts.

Photographs: Bolted ramp out of lower steam house quarry + various on Storrs common, Eric Holland at Oxford Pot, Crete: 3 x Pink Lady Passage, 2 x Dracolaki, Pachnes Summit, High desert – awaiting rescue.

Surveys: Long Gour Cave, The Caves of Storrs Common,

Newsletter Vol. 42 No.1 (May 2005)

Gavel Pot, Wreck of the Frence submarine ‘Souffleur’, Goosey Tyson’s Cave, “Hilti Capping”, Poem – Albert and the Cave, Trip to Cherry Tree Hole, Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 3rd April 2005, Useful Contacts.

Photographs: Gavel Pot, Submarine Souffler – various artefacts, Mel Wilkinson, New President receives “Chain of Office”.  

Newsletter: Vol. 42 No.2 (November 2005)

Dent de Crolles, Red Rose’s Caving Lantern Slide Collection, The search for more, County Pot, Trip to County Pot, Haverbrack Dog Hole,Hong Meigui CES 2005 Expedition to China, Gour Fumant, Grotte de Bourniullon, Pete’s birthday bike ride extravaganza, Useful contacts.

Photographs: Selection of Lantern Slides – Long Churn, Alum Pot, Hull Pot, SEll Gill, Gaping Gill, Sunset Hole. Hong Meigui – Valley below Er Wang Dong, Mr Wang, Erin Julian and kids, ERin at Nitrate Pit, San Wang Dong, Feng Dong. Gour Fument – Julian descending main pitch, Paul in Dagon Chinois, Grotte de Bournillon – SAmuel in Bournillon entrance, Samuel in Village Negre, Pete’s Birthday Bike Ride Extravaganza – Various.

Newsletter: Vol. 43 No.1 (July 2006)

Johnny’s 40th. Birthday Treat – Gaping Gill on Ldders, A Grand Day Out, Ray’s Easegill Ferret, Crete 2005: The Mavri Laki Valley, Diccan Pot, Minutes of Annual General Meeting, Useful Contacts.

Photographs: Straws in Spiral Staircase Passage, Toby in Spiral Staircase Passage, East to West accross the Mavri Laki from below Hillary’s Step, Eileen and Mick at Dracolali entrance (2004), Dave Dalek and Shaun at Camp Paradiso the remotest camp in Europe, Phil at the entrance to ZN84 aka Snow Plug Hole, Hucky and Phil waiting to descend pitch in dracolaki.

Newsletter: Vol. 43 No.2 (December 2006)

Hidden Earth 2005, Rubicera to the Morttero d’Astrana, Little Neath River Cave, Big Meanie to Death’s Head Hole, Tatham Wife Hole, Swimming in the Drain, Useful contacts.

Photographs: Hidden Earth – RRCPC Stand, Building the stand at Bullpot Farm, Rubicera to the Mortero d’Astrana – various,

Survey: Rubicera to the Mortero d’Astrana.

Newsletter: Vol. 44 No. 1 (October 2007)

My first dig, Gaping Gill Main Chamber from Bar Pot entrance, ‘Les Speleonauts’, The illusion of Dale Barn, The Long Big Meanie, Dowber Gill Passage, Lost Johns Centipede Route, Gale Garth Pot, Another use for Bull Pot of the Witches, Ron Bliss: Obituary.

Photographs: Diving (3) Bullpot of the witches to Lancaster Hole, Dowber Gill Passage, Paul Thomas in Gale Garth, Ron BLiss at Aquamud Sump – Easegill, Ron Bliss (1927-2007)

Newsletter: Vol. 44 No. 2 (December 2007)

Crete: Lefka Ori, Borehole Extension, Notes from the Underground, Rat Hole, Knacker Trapper, Bucket on the Head.

Photographs: The rain stops, The rain starts again, Retreat downhill – chased by storm clouds, Ribbons of resurging water from below sea level after the rains, The ‘Badlands’ depression, Looking back (east) to Siesta saddle (middle sky-line) across Sideheroporti coll.

Survey: The Borehole

Newsletter: Vol. 45 No. 1 (March 2008)

Cauldrons of the Devil, Autumn Watch- Live broadcast from a cave, The Ron Bliss Collection, The ups and downs of Spiral Staircase: a tale in four parts, Lancaster Hole, The Manchester Medical School Pot-Holing Club 1951-55, Frank Croll – Obituary, Growling and it’s offerings (Growling Virgins), Crackpot Cave, Tony Tanner – Obituary, Thailand, Nov 2007 to Feb 2008, Editorial.

Photographs: Going down, 300 feet underground, John Altringham and Tim Fogg at the entrance to Link Pot, Just some of the gear needed at Link Pot for the outside broadcast, Ice Cave, Ron and Friend 1964, Oxford Pot 1988, RRCPC group 1990, untitled, untitled, Figure 1: Julie entering Spiral Passage through the hole at bottom of the crater and Wailing Wall, Figure 2: Julie in the Straw Section of Spiral Passage, Figure 3: Julie at the junction, at the end of the straw section: the final rope in the easy passage is to the left, Britain Underground – a small caving guidebook, A map from the book, showing Casterton Fell, Bull Pot Farm and Lancaster Hole but not County Pot, Frank Croll,

Newsletter: Vol. 45 No. 2 (May 2008)

Note from the new editor, Notice of Rescue Practice, Selected Diary Extracts fromBucket on the Head, My First Dig: Part II, Herbert’s Hole, Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit – and now for something completely different, A long Weekend out and about, Bull Pot Kingsdale, A weekend in Castleton, Red Rose Library.

Photographs: Various (Pete Devlin), Various (Jude Onions), Various (Adam Evans)

Newsletter: Vol. 45 No. 3 (August 2008)

Cantabria, Keld Head, Conservation Weekend, Re-re-lining the Sump, Grotta di SU Bentu, McPlod ofPlodsville goes for a Plod, Tour of France Bike Ride, Gaping Gill, Titan to Peak Cavern

Photographs: Orchids, Colonnades (Ray Duffy), Swiss Alps – various (Peter Devlin), Gaping Gill (Paul Thomas)

Newsletter: Vol. 45 No. 4 (October 2008)

Jim Eyre, Fear of Heights, Top Sink Surveying Meet, Harry Holliday’s Photo Album,- Lancaster Hole 1956, Fair Exchange is no Robbery, Family Caving Day, Alternative Conference Report, Rescue Practice Weekend, Club Library – From the archives 1950 + Recent additions.

Photographs: Cimbing photos – Peter Devlin (various), Lancaster Hole – Harry Holliday (various), Family Caving Meet – Andy Hall, Rescue Practice Weekend – Ray Duffy (various).

Vol. 46 No. 1 (February 2009)

The Giles Barker Award, Jim Eyre: Scattering of his ashes, Jim’s Cartoons raise £1534 for CRO, Saas 4000s, Caving in China Sept/Oct2007, Beardy loses his Bottle, Ice Climbing, Hurtle, BU56: A personal account,

Photographs: Friends gather at Top Sink to remember Jim – Bev Stevens, Saas 4000s – Peter Devlin, Caving in China – Liz & Ian Lawton, Ice Climbing – Peter Devlin, Hurtle – Gary Taylor, BU56 – Helen Blyth.

Newsletter: Vol. 46 No. 2 (April 2009)

Crossing the Himalaya by Bicycle, Wandering around Crina Bottom, Thank God I never have to go there again, Are the Lakes in? Notts II, My first Munro.

Photographs: Crossing the Himalaya by Bicycle (Ian & Liz Lawton), Are the Lakes in? (Peter Devlin), My first Munro (Peter Devlin).

Surveys: CRG Extension – Easegill (Part)

Newsletter: Vol. 46 No. 3 (June 2009)

Lost Johns on Rope Ladders – 1953, Diving with Pete – Two Little Dickie Birds, Short Drop to Gavel, Through the Mountain, Wretched Rabbit / Wrecked Right Knee.

Newsletter: Vol. 47 No. 1 (February 2010)

Downstairs at Bruno Kranski’s, Ivy Hole, A day in the life of Imgonnahaveabitch, County Pot to Wretched Rabbit, Nobel Prize for Communication, Sybil and Marge go Caving, The Ingleton Alps, Al’s Amazing Exit

 Photographs: Helen Blyth, Helen & Pete Dwevlin, Various Ingleborough in snow.

Newsletter: Vol. 47 No. 2 (May 2010)

Some notes and speculation, Dog to Bucket, Red Rose Coast to Coast Walk, Jim Puttrell.

 Photographs: Footnaws Hole,

Newsletter: Vol. 47 No. 3 (September 2010)

Short Gill Rising, A day trip to Lundy, AGM minutes.

 Photographs: Canoe to Lundy

Newsletter: Vol. 48 No. 1 (September 2011)

One man and his dog, Caving in Furness, Large Pot,  Not just an illusion, Owert Kilns Dig, Colonnades project

Newsletter: Vol. 49 No. 1 (January 2012)

Dog Hole, A Potted History, Back to it, Cherry Tree Hole, Committee Pot/Notts 2, Lancaster – Wilf Taylors – Wretched Rabbit.

Newsletter: Vol. 49 No. 2 (June 2012)

Editorial, Notts Pot – 17th. March 2012,  From the log book (1) – Johnny,  It was written on the side of Heather’s fridge,  From the log book (2) – Kirk Pot,  From the log book (3) – Committee Pot,  Back to the drawing board,  Seven shivering souls in Swaledale,  2012 Annual General Meeting, The path repair weekend, Matienzo,  The grand circle


Survey:  Howgill Sink.        Photographs:  Peru (2),  Howgill Sink (3), Path Repair Weekend, (6)


Newsletter: Vol. 49 No. 3 (November 2012)

Editorial, New Cav,  Chartreuse Overground, Audax,  Beyond Slug World,  Bruno Kranskis – 3 Counties Link,  Notts 2, Committee Pot,  Peak Expedition, 2012 – A Brief Visit,  The RRCPC VHS and DVD Collection,  Marooned – or One Week in Coruisk,  The Great Coruisk Shit Fountain,  Show Caves of the Ogliastre region of Sardinia,  

Photographs:  Chartreuse (7, Beyond Slug world (2), Coruisk (5),  Sardinia (5)

Newsletter: Vol. 49 No. 4 (December 2012)

RRCPC Vercors Caving Holiday 4th. – 18th. August 2012, Pot 2,  Paperless Surveying 3-4 Dec. 2011,  Small Mammal Pot, After Chartreuse Trip,  Grotte de Gournier,  Back to the Drawing Board, From the Log Book – Kingsdale Master Cave 8/10/12,  From the Log Book – Rays StarTrek/Wars/Sci-fi Birthday Party,   From the Log Book – Herberts Hole 2/11/12, Boreham Cave,  Pot 2 (from another perspective,  Paris,  Trou de Glaz to Grotte Annette Through Trip,  Ron’s Old Wetsuit,  The Path Repair Weekend,  Slug takes the BEEB down Lancaster Hole.  

Photographs:  Vercors (2), Pot 2 (3), Chartrues (2), Grotte de Grounier (5) Howgill Sink (3, Boreham Cave (2), Paris (2), Trou de Glaz/Grotte Annette (2), Ron’s Wet Suit (3), Path Repairs (6)

Newsletter: Vol. 50 No. 1 (March 2013) 

Side of the fridge (Part 2), A crazy weekend in Kalin, Grey Wife Hole, The Underground Journey, More Video Tapes and DVD’s, Kents Cavern Show Cave, Alderley Edge West Mine, Nearly not Notts 2, Xitu 2012, Peak Cavern, Caves First Aid Kit, Some Notes on Ron’s Wet Suit, Ding Done Mine, Club contacts

Newsletter: Vol. 50 No. 2 (November 2013) 

White Scar Cave, Cueva del Barbancho, Greenside Mine, Low Douk, Minutes of 2013 AGM, The Earplug Conundrum, Caving in 2050, Alderley Edge Mines, Cavers Crossword.

Newsletter: Vol. 51 No.1 (July 2014) 

The Three Counties Prediction,  Summer of running in the Peaks, A buitiful decorated shit-Hole, Harry Harwood Tunnel Walk, Cuevo del Vinto, Abandoned Coal Mine – Bolton, Sunset Hole, Volcanic Cave – Cape Verde, Training Day.

Newsletter: Vol. 51 No.2 (July 2014)

Grotte de Bournillon, Training Day – A Riposte, A Bumble before the Auction, Magnetometer Pot, Holiday with RRCPC and CSCA, Dunald Mill Cave – Carnforth, Morecambe Rock and Pot lub, Birks Fell Cave, Crystal Cave North – in the Dark Lords Land.

Survey:- Barbon Pot

Newsletter: Vol. 52 No.1 (June 2015) 

Early days with the CRO, The Red Rose Annual Dinner 1953, What’s in a Name?, Crossing the Thorung La (5417 metres), Barbon Pot or Confessions of a Fat Bast*rd, Pipikin Pot – 21st. January 2015, Ladder Training at Bullpot Farm 13th. April 2015, 2015 AGM, Something from the Brown Lagoon, Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of Whitbarrow southern Lakeland, Investigation into the Porcellanous Band relationship to Cave formation in and under Casterton and Leck Fells, Knotlow Caverns – 2nd. May 2015 

Newsletter: Vol. 53 No. 1 (January 2016)

Heron Pot, Kingdale Head – 23rd. May 2015, Dunald Mill Hole & Cave – Saturday 23rd. May 2015, Oh NO! Not again, Killer zombie voles from hell – a cautionary tale, Knotlow Caverns – 2nd May 2015, Mistral to Pippikin Sump, Our day in Littondale, Derbyshire extensions, Kingsdale, December new members trip =- or how I beat Desmond,  FRom the archives – Gavel POt.

Newsletter: Vol. 53 No. 2 (June 2016)

Caving with my “Minders”, Heron Pot, Anglo Expedition to BU56 in 1991, Lancaster Hole, Sunday 13th. March 2016, Trials and Tribulations of a Dig (Avon Pot), Hagg Brow Cave, Lower Winskill, Settle, From the Archives – Gavel Pot, August 1953

Newsletter: Vol. 54 No. 1 (June 2017)

Whirley Gill Pot, Saturday at Sunset Hole, Ian Carruthers,1947 – 2017, A new discovery in County Pot, Casserole Pot , A Ballard  to Alan (Starkers) Martin, Keld Bank Sink – May 2017, The Cobblers, Owert Kilns, Skirwith Cave, Ingleton, Reflections on the RRCPC dinner, Across Europe Underground – Chapter 1, Gaping Gill

Newsletter: Vol. 54 No. 2   (October 2017)                                                                                                                                               

At Last, Summer, Nettle Pot – Derbyshire, PSM Expedition Diary – Aranzadi Gallery Trip, PSM Expedition Diary – Tete Sauvage /  SC3 Entrance Recce, Formation of the Red Rose & Early Odds & Sods, A Mouse’s Tale, or is it Tail?, The 5 M’s Ride, PSM Expedition – EDF to Tunnel du Vent Trip, Easegill Through Trip, New RRCPC Library and Reading Room, Let’s Talk Risk, Memories of Tom Sykes, Yorkshire Dales National Park – Presentation Day, Doh! Here we go again, Dunald Mill Hole – June 2017

Newsletter: Vol. 55 No. 1 (January 2018)                                                                                                                                                                                                        Boxing Day Walk, The Discovery of Poll Breugair – Applecross, Tan Hill 600:   11thJune:   What Really Happened! The Stockdale’s of Bullpot Farm, Alum Pot – 1st. day of Advent, Cuckoo Cleeves – Mendip weekend, The Crumbles, Beyond my comfort zone: Caving in the Totes Gebirge, Three Counties Survey data and relationship to the surface Topography, Casserole Pot Update.

Newsletter: Vol. 55 No. 2 (May 2018)                                                                                                                                         

The (Further) Discovery of Poll Breugair – Applecross, Robinson’s Pot – 1st. July 2017, Sylvester Pot, The Intercounty Passage Saga, Living in the past, Caves in Lanzarote, Blast from the past – excepts from Jim Newton’s , Poem – Looking for Crackpot, Karst investigations around the village of Casterton, Lava Caves of Easter Island, Langcliffe Pot – 30th December 2001, North Wales Trip: Day 1: Croesor – Rhosydd through trip, Explorations in Upper Ribblesdale and Park Fell

 Newsletter: Vol. 55 No. 3 (September 2018)                                                                                                  

North Wales, Birks Fell Trip Report, Heron Pot Trip Report, Doh! You dummy!, Cresswell Crags, RRCPC Caving Calendar, Jim Newton and the GG Winch, and now for Jim’s own story … , Walks in Tenerife – Tamaimo Tunnels:, Training Report, Another blast from the past – South Wales, Sandstone Caves of Nottingham, Musée du Village Troglodytique de Rochemenier, Pommes de terre – underground with the Aussies

Newsletter: Vol. 56 No. 1 (January 2019)                                                                  

2018 Boxing Day Walk, Grinding Away, An Introduction to Caving, Memories from an older Member, 2019 Club Calendar, A Murder Mystery, Langthwaite Sink Dig – Interim Report, Slab Pot, New Caves to find, Sandstone Caves of Nottingham, Traversing Hidden Valleys of Tenerife, Jason Liversidge’s descent of Lancaster Hole, Library additions, Jims Memories – 1 Pot ‘oles – Joseph Haverthwaite 1852. Jim’s Memories -2, Bullpot Farm – Before the Red Rose, Giles Barker Award 2018, Not Wookey Likely, Top Sink Saga (1967), Jane Chilton’s 65th. Birthday Trip, Juniper Gulf.

 Newsletter: Vol. 56 No. 2 (May 2019)                                                                  

County Pot to Wretched Rabbit via Whiteline Chamber, Rollerball, or its guidebook name “Kirtle Pot”, British Cave Monitoring Centre, Photographic Competition, News from Vietnam, My Black Felt Hat, Sylvester Pot, Lacey’s Caves and other interesting ‘adits’ in the Eden Valley, CNCC Clean up on Ingleborough, Library Additions, ‘The Honourable Piss Pot Award’ – Annual Dinner 2019 , Casserole Pot – Update.

 Newsletter: Vol. 56 No. 3 (October 2019)                                                                  

Chris Kinghorn Remembered, Contents, Forthcoming Club Meets, News, The No ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’, Canada 2019, Nose to the Grind Stone, The Double Decker Himalayan Caving Adventure + Review, Library Additions, Pot ‘Oling Panic. A Yorkshire Tale., Giles Barker Award 2019, Lies, Lies and Fake News, From Disaster to Delight, Memories of the Red Rose ‘Dump’, County Pot to Wretched Rabbit, Blast from the Past: Sunday 22nd. October 1989, Cantabria Trip – August 2019, Club Digs: Progress Report – Mid October 2019, Notes of interest to Members from recent CNCC Meeting:, In the Sun for a Change, Blast from the Past: Sunday 9th. April 1989, RRCPC 2017 trip to Pierre St Martin.

Newsletter: Vol 57 No. 1 (January 2020)                                                    .                                                                                Contents, Forthcoming Club Meets, News, Rift Pot – Saturday 9th. December, We’re at the farm and got nothing planned ..well you have now! From the Log Book 1   –   Gale Garth, Annecy 2019, The Discovery of Lancaster Hole – Original account by Wilf Taylor, Library Additions, Trials & Tribulations – Rollerball, Boxing Day Walk – Penyghent, From the Log Book 2   –   Rowton Pot, 2019 Conservation Works, From the Log Book – 3 – Wretched Rabbit, Twelve Moans of Duffy, Back in those days when we went Caving, Blast from the past – Jim’s Memories, Illusion Pot – 3rd. November 2019, Cavern 32 Extension Extension More Jim’s Memories, Dentdale Progress:  Dye Tests and New Caves Explored, Publications for Sale.

Newsletter: Vol 57 No. 2 (May 2020)                                                                   .                                                                                                      Contents, Editors note + News, RRCPC 2017 trip to the Pierre St Martin – Part 2, Conservation, Rollerball Update, 2020 Photographic Awards, Blast from the past – 1, Letter from Lionel, 50 years ago, or nearly – Scaling in Waterfall Passage, Trois Betas to Grotte de la Diau, Blast from the past – 2, Jims Memories, Library Additions, Blast from the past – 3,    5th. August 1997, Women’s Caving Weekend, Ramblings of a Novice Potholer, BCA Course’s, Eli Simpson & other Speleological Archives pertaining to Caves on Casterton Fell, Four Caves in the Gill….tra la la lala…, Visit to Armstrong’s Brinscall Quarry and Stone Works, Publications for Sale.

Newsletter: Vol 57 No. 3 (September 2020)                                                           .                                                                            A Tribute to Roy Breakell, Access to Bullpot Farm during Covid-19 Restrictions, Caving in Applecross, Blast from the Past: Juniper Gulf – Same Trip/Two Versions, Whimberry Hill Tunnel, Blast from the past:  Sunday 8th. May 1988, Library Additions, Mandale Mine,  13th June 2020, Yellow Gill Pot,  Dentdale, Nowt’s New fer Newton, The Lost Pot of Netherscar, Blast from the past:  Aygill Hole  17th. April 1966, An afternoons wander in the Dales, but where are we?, Gingling Hole Rescue 1934, Publications for Sale, Photos – Mandale Mine.

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