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Number Author(s) Title Date ISBN Number
B1001 JENKINS, D.W. & MASON WILLIAMS, Ann Caves in Wales & The Marches 1963  
B1002 MARCH, Bill Modern Snow and Ice Techniques 1986 ISBN 0902363 70 0
B1003 CASTERET, Nobert Ten Years Under the Earth 1952  
B1004 MESAROVIC, Jovan Podtojna 1965  
B1005 ROBINSON, Donald & GREENBANK, Anthony Caving & Potholing 1964  
B1006 FORD, Trevor D. Caves of Derbyshire 1976 ISBN: 0 85206 248 6
B1007 BICK, David E. Old Metal Mines od Mid-Wales, The – Part 2: The Rheidol to Goginan 1983  
B1008 WALTHAM, A.C. World of Caves, The 1976 ISBN: 0 85613 099 0
B1009   Caves of North Wakes, A file index of reference to the    
B1010 Anon. Subterranean Wonders of Iceland    
B1011 Rodway School Caves of the Avon Gorge – Part 2: Eastern or Clifton Side 1974  
B1012 CHANDLER, Peter Trip through Time, A – Aguide to landforms, Waitomo Caves – Marokopa Coast 1987 ISBN: 0-908683-06-5
B1013P WEBLEY, D Balinka Pit with South Wales Caving Club – extract from “successful hydraulics” 1965  
B1014 MOUNTAIN, Professor E.D. Cango Caves, The    
B1015   Waitomo Caves and Wonderland    
B1016 SOEPADMO, E; & HUE, Ho Thian Batu Caves, A guide to 1971  
B1017P Anon. White Scar Wonderland Dalesman Magazine Vol 54 No. 4 (1992) 1992  
B1018P McKenzie, A. Under the Northern Pennines Dalesman Magazine Vol 29 No 8 (1967) 1967  
B1019 ELLIOT, D Caves of Northern Derbyshire Part 1: Eldon Hill 1975  
B1020 ELLIOT, D Caves of Northern Derbyshire Part 3: Perryfoot/Coalpithole 1975  
B1021 ARRELL, Robert Waitomo Caves – A century of Tourism 1984 ISBN: 0-908683-04-9
B1022   Moravsky Kras – Tourist brochure of Moravicia Karst, Czechoslovakia 1991  
B1023 MacKIE, Euan W & GLAISTER, Jane M. Wemyss Caves, Fife 1981  
B1024 Waitomo Caves Museum Society Moas and Other Sub Fossils   ISBN: 0-908683-00-6
B1025 BULPIN, T.V. & Oosthuiizen, Hans Kango – The story of the caves    
B1026 RODWAY SCHOOL Caves of the Avon Gorge Part 1 Western or Leigh Woods side 1973  
B1027 COCHRANE, Liam Cave, The – The inside Story of the daring Thai cave rescue 2018 ISBN: 978 07333 4013 0
B1028 LARSON, Charlie & LARSON, Jo Lave Beds Caves 1990  
B1029 SIDES, Stanley, D,. Guide to the Surface Trails of Mammoth Cave National Park 1991 ISBN: 0-939748-31-2
B1030 PANOS, Vladimir, SPICAK, Josef, VOZDECKY, Jan Moravsky Kras (Moravian Karst) 1990 ISBN: 80-900121-6-7
B1031P BANGS, Daniel Joseph & BANGS, Donald Skeleton Cave, A trip to. (Arizona Highways Vol XXXV No2) 1959  
B1032P OLIN, George Colossal Cave: Home of the “Humming Bird” Bats. (Arizona Highways Vol XXXII No1) 1956  
B1033 FORDER, John & Elizebeth Secrets of the Moors and Dales 1992 ISBN: 0 948511 95 8
B1034 BROWN, Mary Mitchell Endless Caverns, The: In the heart of the Historic Shenandoah Valley (Nature Underground) 1946  
B1035 WARWICK, Gordon Dark Descent, The: A British Caver’s Bookshelf (Journal of the National Book League No 286) 1954  
B1036 WARWICK, Gordon T. Cave Deposits and Palaoclimatology: extract Sumposium Internazionale di Speleologia 1960  
B1037 OLDHAM, Tony Directory of British Caving Clubs – 1982-3 & 1984 1984  
B1038 BATH, Daphne Cheddar Caves    
B1039 BRISTOL CITY MUSEUM Caves and Caving    
B1040 MANSUR, Michael C. Cave Formation Repair Project, The: – Restoring the beauty of America’s caves (2nd. Edition) 2022  
B1041   White Scar Cave – A Picture Guide 1959  
B1042 HAMER, John L. Falls and Caves of Ingleton, The 1949  
B1043 SPEIGHT, Harry Craven and North-West Yorkshire Highlands 1989  
B1044 WISSHAK, Max and BARTON, Hazel A. Lechuguilla, Discoveries in a Hiddon Splendor 2022 ISBN: 978-3-9821714-2-5
B1045 TAVINER, R.M. Somerset Underground Volume 3 Central and South Mendip 2022 ISBN: 978-1-913271-03-9
B1046 GEYER, Ernest, BENISCHKE, Ralf, HASITSCHKA, Josef Hohlen Und Karst – Steirischer Warscheneckstock 2021 ISBN: 978–3-9503434-2-7
B1047 WISSHAK, Max, WISSHAK, Stefanie New Zealand Karst – A voyage across limestone landscapes into the subterranean realm of caves 2020 ISBN: 978-3-9821714-0-1
B1048 MULLAN, Graham Caves of Southern Ireland – University of Bristol Speleological Society 2022 ISBN: 978-0-9545850-2-0
B1049 THOMAS, Marcus & SILVERWOOD, Neil Caves- Exploring New Zealand’s Subterranean Wilderness 2017 ISBN: 978-0-473-38279-7
B1050 PHILLIPS, , John Report on the probability of the occurance of Coal and other Mineralsin the vicinity of Lancaster. 1837  
B1051 GRIFFITH, Cary, J. Opening Goliath 2009 ISBN: 978-1-68134-066-1
B1052 WRIGHT, Martin Pioneers Beneath the Peak – Cave diving exploration in the Peak District 2023 ISBN: 978-1-8382628-1-5
B1053 GILL, David W. Untamed River Expedition, The 1988 ISBN: 0.9514004 0 1

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