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   Updated:  24th. JUNE 2022
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  China Caves Project 1987/88, 86/88, 1985 (3) 1988 Good Report
  Diros Caves Greece   Good cave pamphlet
  Abraham’s Heights, The mountain of 1818 Good Guide
  Stump Cross caverns – The underground Wonderland   Good Guide
  White Scar Caves   Average Early Story book
  Grand Cavern of Abraham’s Heights 1818 As new Pamphlet Guide
  Caves and Caving – A guide to the exploration, Geology and Biology of Caves (2) 1969 Average Softback
  Caves in Wales & the Marches 1967 Good Softback
  Gough’s Cave Cheddar – A Pictorial guide (2 copies)   Good  
  English Lake District, The, (Illustrated Guide) 1933 Poor Softback, cover loose
  Guide: Fossil Plants (British Museum) 1935 Average Soft Bound, ex library copy
Verein fur Hohlenkunde in Obersteier 2009 As new Hardback
Guide: Geology and Palaeontology (British Museum) 1936 Average Soft Bound
Ambitt Publications Descent Cavers Handbook, The (2 copies)   Excellent As new
ASPIN, Dr. J. Fantastic Caverns of Upper Ease Gill – Dalesman Magazine Vol. 15 No. 8 1953 Average Magazinw
Baker, E.A. Caving: Episodes of Underground Exploration (2) 1935/1970 Good Hardback, Some damage to inside cover where label removed
Balch, H.E. Mendip – Its Swallet Caves and Rock Shelters 1948 Good Paperback, some slight water damage to cover
Ballard, Jim Spur Book of Caving, The (2 copies) 1978 Good Softback
BARRINGTON, Nicholas & STANTON, William Caves of Mendip, The complete 1970 Good Softback
Bedford, Bruce Underground Britain, A guide to the wild caves and show caves of England, Scotland and Wales 1985 Good Hardback
Bogli, Alfred & Franke, Herbert W. Radiant Darkness 1967 Good Hardback, Fly cover torn
BROOK A & D, DAVIES G.M., LONG Northern Caves Vol 2 Penyghent & Malham (3) 1976/1982 Good Softback
BROOK A & D, DAVIES G.M., LONG Northern Caves Vol 1 Wharfedale 1972 Good Softback
BROOK A & D, DAVIES G.M., LONG Northern Caves Vol 3 Ingleborough 1975 Good Softback
BROOK D, DAVIES G.M., LONG M.H., RYDER P.F. Northern Caves Vol 5 The Northern Dales 1974 Good Softback
BROOK, D, DAVIES, G., LONG, M.H., SUTCLIFFE, J.R. Northern Caves: Volume 4: Whernside and Gragareth (4 copies) 1974/1975 Poor + 1 photocopy Softback Guide – One god + one well used some loose pages
BROOK, D, DAVIES, G.M., LONG, M.H.. Northern Caves: Volume 4A: Scales Moor and Kingsdale (3 copies) 1983 Poor/Average Softback Guide – some spine damage
Brook, D.B. & Waltham, A.C. Caves of Mulu (2) 1979 Good Softback guide
BROOK, D; DAVIES, G.M; LONG, M.H; SUTCLIFFE, J.R. Northern Caves: Volume 4B: Leck and Casterton Fells (2) 1983 Poor/Average Softback Guide – some spine damage
BROWN, G.H. Victoria Cave – Its history and Exploration 1925 Good Guide
CASTERET, Nobert My Caves 1947 Good Hardback
Casteret, Norbert Ten Years Under the Earth 1963 Poor Hardback – Spine cover loose
Casteret, Norbert More Years Under the Earth (2) 1962 Fair / Good Hardback
Collins, S.J. (Alfie) Spelaeodes (Poetry) 1993 Good Softbound
CONS, David Cave Craft -An introduction to Caving and Potholing 1966 Fair Hardback – Fly cover torn
COUSTEAU, Jacques-Yves Silent World 1954 Good Hardback
CRG: edited by C.H.D. Cullingford British Caving: An introduction to Speleology 1962 Average Hardback with cover – slight cover damage at corners. Ex.library
CULLINGFORD, Cecil Exploring Caves (2 copies) 1951 Good/Average 1 ex library
Dawkins, W. Boyd Cave Hunting 1874 Average Hardback
de Lavaur, Guy Caves and Cave Diving unknown Good Hardback
Deakin, P.R. & Gill, D.W. British Caves and Potholes 1975 Good Hardback, ex library copy
EDWARDS, W. &TROTTER, F.M. British Regional Geology – The Pennines and adjacent areas (2 copies) 1954 Good/Average Softback
Elliot, Dave & Lawson, dave SRT Rigging Guide (2) 1987 Good Soft bound
Ellis, Bryan Surveying Caves (2) 1976 Average / Poor (1) Reasonable Copy / (2) Softback with loose pages
EYRE, Jim & FRANKLAND, John Race against Time 1988 Excellent Softback
FELLS, Richard Underground Britain, A visitors guide to: Caves, Caverns, Mines, Tunnels, Grottoes. (3 copies) 1989 Excellent Hardback with cover
FORD, Dr. Trevor Ingleborough Cavern (3) 1967. 1971 Average Softback Guide
Ford, Trevor D. Castleton Caves 2008 As New Softback
Ford, Trevor D. Caves of Derbyshire, The (4) 1964/1967 Good Softback – various conditions
Ford, Trevor D. Caves of Derbyshire 1979 Photocopy Spiral Bound
Gemmell, A. & Myers, J.O. Underground Adventure (3 copies) 1952 Good. Average Hardback, (plastic covered). Hardback
Gemmell, Arthur Out of Doors and Countrygoer (Magazine article: Caving) 1954 Poor Well used and tatty, ex library copy
Geographic Magazine Riddle of the Welsh Caves 1968 Good Magazine
GLANVILL, Peter First Aid for Cavers 1989 Good Guide
GLENFELL, Harold & MORRIS, Bernard Gower, The caves of   Good Guide. ex library
Hamar, John L. Falls and Caves of Ingleton, The 1951 Average Softback – some discolouration of pages
Hamer, John L. Moors and Fells of Ingleton, The 1950 Poor Cover damaged
Heap, David Potholing 1964 Good Hardback
Hendrix, Charles E. Cave Book, The   Very Poor Softback – Cover sellotaped, ex library
HINSON, Ron & Lucy Around Ingleton & Clapham 1964 Average Pamphlet Guide
HOLLAND, Eric, G. Underground in Furness 1960 Average Hardback
Irvin, D.J. Catalogue of the postcards of Gough’s Cave, Cox’s Cave and Wookey Hole (2 copies) 1980 Good Soft
Jackson. Donald Dale Underground Worlds 1982 Excelent Hardback
JASINSKI., Marc Caves and Caving – A guide to the Exploration, Geology and Biology of caves 1967 Fair Hardback
Jeffreys, Alan Scotland Underground 1984 Good Softback guide
Judson. David Caving Practice and Equipment 1984 Excellent Hardback complete with dust cover. 2). Softback
Lake, P.M.B. Kents Cavern, The Story of 1950 Average Softback
Lovelock, James Life and Death Underground (2 copies) 1963 Good Hardback with fly cover
Lovelock, James Caving (3 copies) 1969 Average/Good Hardback, one plastic covered
Lovelock, James Caving Manual, A 1981 Good ex library copy
Marshall, Des Vercors Caves, Vol 1. Classic French Vcaves 1973 Photocopy Spiral Bound
Meredith, Mike Vertical Caving (3 copies) undated + 1986 Good Softback, ex library copy
Middleton, John & Waltham, Tony Underground Atlas: A gazetteer of the World’s Cave Regions (3 copies) 1992 As new Hardback, ex library copy
Mitchel, A. Yorkshire Caves and Potholes: No. 1 North Ribblesdale 1948 Average Fly cover poor:
Mitchel, A. Yorkshire Caves and Potholes, – 2. Under Ingleborough   Very Poor No cover – Heavily sellotaped
Montgomery, Neil R. Single Rope Techniques, a guide for vertical cavers 1977 Poor Well used, binding loose, ex library copy
National Geographic Lechuguilla 1991 Average Magazine
Observer Magazine Secrets of Welsh Caves (2 copies) 1966 Average Magazine
Out of Doors – The Countrygoer Caves (Arthur Gemmel) 1954 Poor Magazine
Riley, Frederic Settle District, The A practical guide book for the visitor and tourist Unknown Very Poor – No cover Guide (not complete)
Robinson, Don Potholing and Caving: Know the Game 1967 Average Softback, some staining, ex library copy
SAVORY, John (editor) A Man deep in Mendip – The caving diaries of Harry Savory 1910-1921 1989 Excellent Hardback
SELF, C.A. Caves of County Clare   Good Hardback
Stenuit, Robert et al Caves and the Marvellous world beneath us 1966 Good Hardback
Stratford, Tim Caves of South Wales, A caver’s guide book 1978 Poor Bound photocopy
STYLES Showell How Underground Britain is explored 1959 Fair Hardback
Telegraph Magazine 100 years Journey to Daylight, The (Gaping Gill/Ingleborough Cave) (3 copies) 1970 Average Magazine
Thornber, Norman Pennine Underground. (3) Various Both Poor Softback – spine protected by sellotape, previous owner inscribed
THORNBER, Norman Britain Underground 1953 Poor Guide
Thorneycroft, L. B. Wookey Hole, The Story of: In fact, Fiction and Photo. 1956 Good Softback – Sliight damage to rear cover
Tratman, E.K. (editor) Caves of North-West Clare, The Good Hardback – some damage to fly cover
WAINWRIGHT, A. Walks in Limestone Country Undated Average Softback Guide
Waltham, A.C. Limestones and Caves of North West England 1974 Good Hardback – vcovered in plastic
WALTHAM, A.C; SIMMS, M.J; FARRANT, A.R; GOLDIE, H. Karst & caves of Great Britain 1997 Good Hardback
Waltham, Tony Caves 1974 Average Softback, ex library copy
WALTHAM, Tony Sandstone Caves of Nottingham 2018 Good Softback
Wilson, G.H. Cave Hunting Holidays in Peakland 1937 Average Softback
Zim, Herbert S. Rocks and Minerals, A guide to Minerals, Gems and Rocks 1969 Good Softback

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