2023 Photographic Competiton

January 14th at Bullpot Farm

The event was well attended with a varied collection of photographs, many of a high standard. It was good to see a number of new people entering the event and some new placed or wining photographs. The placed photographs are shown below. The winners will be framed and displayed at the Farm in the near future.

Click on each one for better view

UK Below ground

1st. Chris Hunter

Glasford’s Chamber, Gavel Pot

2nd. Paul Swire

Hugh St Lawrence Under Barbondale

3rd. Paul Swire

Adele Ward in Hagg Gill Pot

UK Above ground

1st. Sam Lieberman

Penyghent Reflections

2nd. Sandra Beattie

Wineglass, Ease Gill Kirk

3rd. Al Cook

North Pennine winter day

Abroad Underground

1st. Paul Swire

Di Arthurs, somewhere in Spain

2nd. Paul Swire

Lisa Wotton, Mazo Chico, Cantabria, Spain

3rd. Paul Swire

Julia Arce Saez, A Spanish Forest

Abroad Above ground

1st. Gwen Tawy

Top Camp view, Loser Plateau, Austria

2nd. Sam Lieberman

Fallen log

3rd. Johnny Baker



1st. Gwen Tawy

How to keep Toby Quiet

2nd. Sam Lieberman

Is that safe?

3rd. Sam Lieberman

Old Ruins

Pocket Camera Underground print using available lighting

1st. Alice Shackley

& Giles Barker Award for best overall photo

NASA Speleonauts

2nd. Chris Hunter


3rd. Andy Hall

Lord’s Passage, Hazeltop Cave on day of original exploration

The Giles Barker Award for best overall photograph was judged by a ballot on the night and awarded to Alice Shackley. NASA Speleonauts

Judging was done by Bill Nix, last year’s overall winner

There was a laptop and projector presentation after the awards by Dave Creedy of the presentation shown at Jim Newton’s funeral. One particular photo aroused much mirth and is shown below.

Farm kitchen with Jim, Ray and Ron Bliss early 1994