Ease Gill Caverns Resurvey

The first full survey of Ease Gill Caverns appeared in the1960’s and was produced b Peter Ashmead It was published as a CRG Transactions in 1967 (Vol.9 No. 2) and has long been out of print. A resurvey has been needed for some time.

Historical Note: The re-survey project was started by FRANK ADDIS and the NORTH MANCHESTER CAVING CLUB in the early 1980’s, and much work was done before Frank emigrated to Spain in 1989. The notes were left with JIM EYRE who passed them on to THE RED ROSE on the condition that the re-survey was finnished off. This now forms part of the Ease Gill Project

The first sheet of the new survey (Sheet 1-Lancaster Hole) was published in 2001 and the second was published in October 2003 Sheet 3 was published in September 2006. Sheet 4 was published in 2013.

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