Ease Gill Survey, Survex and Google Earth Files

The cave survey can also be viewed in Goggle Earth using a kml file. Kml is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth.The Survex data has been converted into .kml or .kmz files that can be run in Google Earth so that you can see where the caves fit in with the surface topography. I have put the latest .kml files on the Red Rose CPC website at this link along with the latest easegill.3d file that we have. I will try to keep this updated. See links below.

  1. Install the free Google Earth tool on your computer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Earth

  2. Double-click on any .kmz file to open it in Google Earth.

  3. Right-click (or control-click) on the .kmz layer and select Save As.

  4. Use the Save As drop down menu to select .kml format.

Link to Google Earth file

Link to Survex.3d file

UK Caves on Google Earth – a quick guide