The Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club was formed in 1946 and was based around the town of Lancaster in the North of England. Since then it has become one of the country’s leading caving clubs with a growing membership of nearly 200 living all over Britain, as well as a number of overseas members.

The RRCPC continues to be an active hub for cavers in the Dales with close links to other northern and visiting clubs. Our members are busy with conservation, digging, photography and surveying work and a good number of members are active in the Cave Rescue. Recent digging and hydrology work related to local flooding issues in Casterton village has raised the profile of our club and cavers in general amongst the local community and the club continues to be involved in promoting the benefits of cavers and caving both locally and beyond. We’re also welcoming new members, not just from the visiting clubs but people living in the area with an interest in caving.” We have Reciprocal Rights with other clubs in several UK caving regions Reciprocal-rights

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We have a separate website describing the Ease Gill cave system at www.easegill.org.uk

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Membership . Two levels of membership are available, Caving Membership and Social Membership. The minimum age for Full membership shall be eighteen (18) years. Prospective  members under 18 may be accepted as Members as long as they are always under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Prospective members are always welcome at Bullpot Farm. Why not pop in at the Farm one weekend to meet us. For further information on membership see the ‘How to Join‘ link or contact the secretary.

The RRCPC holds regular caving meets at weekends and organises expeditions to other caving regions in Britain and abroad. For example the club members have recently been caving in Sardinia, Spain, the French Pyrennees, China, Mulu and Crete. As well as the normal club meets there is a wide cross section of members interested in all aspects of caving. Most of our activities are based around Bullpot Farm near Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. This remote farmhouse at the western end of the Yorkshire Dales National Park acts as the Club’s headquarters and members are present most weekends. The Farm bunkhouse is available for booking by visiting groups or clubs. The Farm is located above Ease Gill Caverns,which is part of the Three Counties Cave System, Britain’s longest cave system with over 90 Km of passages and the Red Rose has always been actively involved with the continued exploration of this cave system. At present the whole system is being resurveyed and the survey data digitised for use on various IT systems

We have a separate website describing the Ease Gill Caverns cave system at www.easegill.org.uk

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