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Abime Du Fourneau                              24/2    Abime Du Fourneau.

     Johnson, Sue

Alum Pot                                              15/4     Alum Pot    Woodhouse, M.                                                                                                                                                

 .                                                          16/4     Alum Pot – Lower Long Churn    Llewellyn, P.                

Antalya: Turkey                                   30/2    Antalya -Easter 1993.    Tooms, Steve

Archaeology                                         24/2    Diggings.     Wade, Dick (editor)

Ashnott Hole                                        26/3    Ashnott Hole    Walsh, Andy

Atepolhuit de San Andres                    32/1     A Near Death Experience,    Hall, Pete

Aygill Caverns                                      24/1     Aygill Caverns    Pacey, Neil




Bank Holiday Hole                                21/1     Bank Holiday Hole   Newton, Jim

Barbondale                                           31/1     Ease Gill Diary. St. Lawrence, Hugh

Barbon Pot                                           22/2    Barbon Pot – Easter Monday   Allsopp, R.

Bar Pot                                                 16/1     Bar Pot    St.Lawrence, H.

.                                                           17/2     Stream Passage – Bar Pot    Woodhouse, M

.                                                           25/2    Two Stories with Lessons - The High Cost of Caving-Casterton Fell. + The Profits of Caving - Bar Pot Livesey, Pete

.                                                           30/1     Bar Pot to Gaping Gill Main Chamber, Clarke, Tony

Batu Caves, Malaysia                            30/2    Batu Caves - Dark Caves - Upper and Lower Ganesh. Daniels, Elizabeth

Beatus Cave                                          25/2    Beatus Cave Walsh, Andy

Beer, Caves of                                      25/1     Caves of Beer and Beatus Walsh, Andy

Big Meanie                                           22/1     Deaths Head – Big Meanie Exchange  Hall, A.

Birks Fell Cave                                      28/2    A Wharfedale Weekend. Barker., Giles

Black Shiver Pot                                   17/3     Black Shiver Pot    Franklin, R   +  Lewis, K.

.                                                           21/1     Black Shiver Pot   Frankland, Chaz.

Boggarts Roaring Holes             26/3    Boggarts Roaring Holes (middle hole) + Pillar Holes Leach, Grahame

Bolts                                                    28/2    Ingleton Bolt Seminar. Wilkinson., Paul

Boreham Cave                                       17/4     Boreham Cave    Fletcher, A.  

Boundary Pot                                        15/4     Boundary Pot    Pickles, S.          

.                                                           17/1     Boundary Pot    Leach, G.     

.                                                           30/2    Boundary Pot Extension. Savage, Bert

Brown Hill Pot                                      27/1     Brown Hill Pot Frankland, Chaz.

.                                                           15/1     Brown Hill Pot Pacey, Neil

Bull Pot of the Witches                        15/1     A Trilogy from Graham    Leach, G.    

.                                                           17/3     Bull Pot of the Witches – Cascade Aven    Davies, J. 

.                                                           32/2    Snakes and Ladders, St. Lawrence, Hugh




Canada                                                 28/2    A very biased view of Canada. Lloyd., Chris

Carlista, Northern Spain                      17/2     Carlista, Northern Spain    Sefton, M.

Car Pot                                                 17/3     Car Pot    Barber, Pauline

.                                                           26/2    Car Pot   St. Lawrence, Hugh

Casterton Fell                                      22/4    Cover – Casterton Fell Permit issued by the then tenant farmer Capt. Spenser

.                                                           25/1     Two Million Years on Casterton Fell Walsh, Andy

.                                                           25/2    Two Stories with Lessons - The High Cost of Caving-Casterton Fell. + The Profits of Caving - Bar Pot Livesey, Pete

Casterton Pot                                       15/1     A Trilogy from Graham    Leach, G.

.                                                           31/2     Ease Gill Diary. St. Lawrence, Hugh

Cathedral Cave                         17/3     Bread of Heaven, South Wales – Easter    St. Lawrence, H.

Chattanooga                                         31/1     Chattanooga. Pitman, Jason

Cherry Tree Hole                                 22/2    Ribblesdale Camping Weekend – July 6th./7th. –Cherry Tree Hole  Hall, A.

Christmas Pot                                       15/1     Christmas – Grange Rigg     St. Lawrence, H. 

.                                                           25/4    Christmas - Grange Rigg Exchange Newton, Jim

Clapham Beck Head                              17/3     Clapham Beck Head    Fletcher, A.   

Climbing                                               28/2    Eagle Front. St. Lawrence., Hugh

Conservation                                         24/1     Lancaster Hole Cleanup Birchall, Jim

Coolagh River Cave                               29/1     The Ireland Expedition Frankland, Chaz. & Round, Steve

.                                                           32/1     Coolagh River Cave, Wilby, Jo

County Pot                                            16/5     Lancaster Hole – County Pot   Number 1  Crellin, D. J.    

.                                                           16/5     Lancaster Hole – County Pot and back again  Number 2  Loughlin, G.  

.                                                           17/4     An Appointment with the Past    Sheldon, J.   

.                                                           17/4     Pool Sink – County Pot    Crellin, D.J.

.                                                           18/2     Lancaster – Maracaibo – County Pot Through Trip     Muckalt, Sandra & Taylor, Mike

.                                                           21/1     County Pot – Manchester Bypass 21st. November 1982   Harris, Boyd

.                                                           21/2     County to Lancs. Through Trip   Franklin, R.

.                                                           21/3     Wretched Rabbit   Newton, J. 

.                                                           22/3    Sat. 21st. September 1985 – County Pot   Hardy, Frank

.                                                           31/1     Collapse in County Pot - Fresh Scars Everywhere! St. Lawrence, Hugh

Cow Dubs Cave                                      27/2    Cow Dubs Cave Wilkinson, Paul

Cow Pot                                                21/2     Cow Pot  Forster, D.

.                                                           30/2    Cow Pot Rigging Guide

.                                                           31/2     Ease Gill Diary. St. Lawrence, Hugh

Craftman’s Pot                                      24/2    Where have all our diggers gone. Round, Steve

Croesar Slate Mine                               15/4     Croesor Slate Mine, North Wales         Muckalt, S.

Cueva de Valline                                   32/1     The Stuff that Potholers Dreams Are Made of, Hall, Pete

Cumberland Caverns, USA                    29/2    Entertainment USA Pacey, Neil

.                                                           30/2    Poking about in T.A.G. Hall Pete

Cwndwr                                                26/2    Cwndwr to OFD 1 Black, Anne