Aygill Caverns.

Frank decided to take Gerald, Paul, and myself on a short trip down Aygill. We set off from the farmhouse at around 11am.

We entered the cave with the intention of it being a short trip. After struggling over the short traverse we entered the first chamber, Gerald decided to climb down the 15f t. pitch, while Frank rigged a ladder for us mere mortals with short legs. It seemed an unusually tricky climb down, maybe due to the fact that the ladder twisted around the side of the rock.
After reaching the bottom the way on seemed tight, a small hole in the floor.
This continued down and came to the top of the 35f t. pitch, this was no trouble. By now the sound of the water rushing down the cascades sounded uninviting, it would help if we were wearing wetsuits. After the wet cascades, came a complicated junction, Frank led the way to the start of the New Year series. After a wet crawl it emerged into a large passage which continued for some distance. It finally ended in a large cavern with a boulder choke.
Gerald crawled down a small hole in the floor which followed the stream around a series of extremely tight bends. He returned saying, “You can’t get down there, it doesn’t go.” Paul and Gerald returned back to see how much of the way back they knew.

Frank then entered the small hole and managed to get round the first two bends, he returned and I then had a try at getting as far as he had. We returned and got lost around one of the junctions (what, again Frank? Ed) somewhere, eventually we ended up in the Red Rose series, swinging around on fixed ladders and traversing over false floors with big drops below. We were completely lost by now. After a couple of hours we found the way out and returned to the farmhouse at 6.OOpm.

An enjoyable time was had by all getting lost in Aygill Caverns.

Neil Pacey.

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