Jim Newton, Jim Farrer, and Bruce Redpath.

Mention a cave or Pothole to Jim Newton and he is your man.

An archaeological group did just that earlier this year, and so Jim and his companions became involved.

The cave in question appears at the moment to be split level, divided by a calcite floor and it appears to go; but.

The archaeological group are excited, to put it mildly, by the results of their labours. They have, as is usual in their circles, excavated numerous bones both ancient and modern, along with much modern rubbish from the level above the calcite floor. Below this under the floor they found glacial fill, this contained bones and artifacts. These included a tooth thought to be that of a bear, hyena, or wolf. A flint scraper was found along with their FIND. This the cause of their excitement, ďa flint bladeĒ, thought to be dated at 13000 bp (I donít know if that is a miss print Ed.). If this dating is correct it will mean a significant addition to prehistory.

Jim having been into the cave is now baulked, his mole like, or should it be terrier like activities having to wait until the archaeological interests have been served.

Dick Wade

p.s. Since I wrote the above, a bronze spearhead, in excellent condition, along with several more stone tools have been found.

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