Alum  Pot.

Party:-      K.  Lewis, M. Wooodhouse & G. Leach.

Graham had only done Cow Pot entrance shaft on ropes before, so after Keith had agreed to lend him his prussiking gear, he looked set for another Alum disaster. However, either Grahame isn’t as thick as Hugh, or the gear he borrowed was better, but we didn’t have a thing go amiss.

So on this bright, sunny day, with a forecast of being drowned later on, we put rather too much Bluewater down the far side of the Alum Pot shaft. Grahame abseiled down first, screaming at me to bring his gloves down with me. Keith & myself happily shouted back at Grahame to stop here & there, look this way & that & to let go of the rope with his hands while we took photos. The suns rays shining down the shaft gave an amazing effect - just hope the photos come out.

Now it was my turn. So, being very cool, I set off down in jeans & T-shirt with a yellow cag over, so as to show up better on Keith’s photos. Once at the bottom, we picked our way through the festering sheep & birds, belayed the ladder for the next pitch to the rope & carried on. We reached the sunp quickly & set off back.

I helped Grahame to put Keith’s gear on, and Grahame duly departed, having once again forgotten his gloves. The idea, when he reached the top, was for Keith to lower another rope down the opposite side of the shaft, go so far down, do a changeover, and then photograph me prussiking. Unfortunately, as soon as Grahame bellowed “Rope free”, I started my ascent. Now either Keith had fallen asleep, had no intentions of going down anyway, or didn’t realise how superbly fast I prussik, (?) because once I appeared above the Bridge I heard him shout, “What the bloody hell are you doing here”. Thus foiled he had to make do with some surface shots. Never mind, Keith, you had a bad foot anyway.  

So once again, folks, another ladder man is converted to the far superior SRT method. All he needs to do now is to spend hundreds of pounds on gear.


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