Collapse in County Pot- Fresh Scars Everywhere!

Visitors to County Pot will find a large boulder pile obstructing the canyon streamway about 150ft down Showerbath Passage. This has been deliberately trundled by club members to render safe a potential death trap on what is one of the most frequented routes of the system. A gentle tap on a small chockstone was all that was required to bring down a 5ft block and several tons of assorted boulders - and to frighten the wits out of me and Andy! We donít make a habit of such vandalism (well I canít speak for Andy...) but this was an accident just looking for a victim.

Club members and all visiting cavers should look carefully at the fresh scar marks in popular routes such as Oxbow Corner and Stop Pot boulder chokes, and en route from Stop Pot to Holbeck Junction. There also appears to be some very fresh marks on the walls above the greasy slab climb up out of Fall Pot into Montague East where there is also a freshly clipped overhang.

Mind how you go.

Hugh St.Lawrence


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