Clapham Beck Head

The first dive here was on the 16th. of February 1980. A search of the main resurgence resulted in me finding a loop 190 feet long connecting back to the main passage near the breakdown area close to Beck Head Stream Cave. Steve reeled back in and before untying turned to the left and searched the left-hand wall. This was followed over mud banks, with the right-hand wall not visible. After 30 feet of nasty going, the mud banks gave way to a clean washed passage, the right-hand wall reappeared and this signaled entry to a new passage. 150 feet of line was laid on a bearing of 300 and a cold exit made.
Since then we have made another dive. Steve dived first and laid another length of line to a junction and silt bank. I dived next and dug over the bank to the left and forced my way fur 30 feet before starting to wonder about the route the line was taking. The bearing at the end was 240 and our survey shows the first 200 feet passing under Ingleborough Cave and from the junction the passage turns sharp left and heads in the opposite direction away from G.G. In this direction the passage is going
up-dip and hopes are high for the passage to surface soon, perhaps into a large passage carrying Long Kin West & Hurnel Moss water.


A. Fletcher.



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