Lancaster Hole Cleanup.

Work has started on cleaning up and conserving Lancaster Hole and the rest of the system.
On Saturday 1st. June. (86), Jim Birchall, Randy Allsop and Chris Naylor, in a mind boggling feat of engineering ingenuity (brute force, interesting knots, and donít stand at the bottom of the pitch) Cleared out all the major ironwork from the bottom of the pitch, landscaped a boulder pile in the rift, and made a flat landing area. With some extra heaving from passing fell walking members.

On Sunday even more rubbish was hauled up, and Roland Abrahams, Frank Hardy, Derick Varnon, Randy Allsop, and Jim Birchall scrubbed the Colonnades, photographed by Rob and Hugh. (The nearest clean water turned out to be at the bottom of Fall Pot).
Various surface members of the club carried the rubbish back to the farm.

Taken out were: 3 railway lines, 3 iron ladders, several lengths of timber, several rubbish sacks containing beer cans, cigarette buts, and one glass wine bottle (smelling of paraffin), a scientific thingy, and two large light bulbs. This work is still continuing.

NOTE. The depth of Lancaster Hole is a true 110ft. (2 x 50ft. ladders will not suffice) and the way out is to climb up the new boulder slope.

Jim Birchall.

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