Boundary Pot

As the weather had been settled for a few days, it was decided to be adventurous & do Boundary Pot & Borehole one after the other. Boundary starts with a short crawl to a 20 x 30 foot chamber lit by an open shaft. To the right is a 12ft. awkward climb down & a small passage again to the right leads to
another chamber with a 20ft. easy climb down. Naturally, we went straight on! After 400 feet with the roof closing all the time, it ended with just a small crack where the water was sinking. Now the fun started with six people laid flat out, some trying to turn round while others tried to crawl backwards over the top of them. A good start for our fearless leader, naturally itís Andy, who by now has decided itís not the way on. With thinking that quick itís obvious why he is the leader.

After weíd c1imbed down the 20ft., we were in Bar Stewards Passage, itís easy to see how it got its name - 300 to 400 ft. of crawling on shingle & small boulders, great fun for bare knees & elbows. The last 15ft. is very tight, Grahame & I struggled but it was Peter Muckalt who didnít get through & perhaps itís a well he didnít. Straight after this is a 50ft. pitch, the top of which is rather awkward but opens out to
a pleasant climb. Andy was down first then Grahame, Sandra & Bob. Everything seemed normal as Bob tied on, nothing to warn us of what was to follow. He was about 15ft. from the bottom when a flake of rock about 5 foot long by a foot, just fell off above his head, glanced off his helmet & fell heavily on his left thigh. At the bottom we discovered no cuts, nothing broken, a lucky escape as if it bad dropped from higher up it would surely have killed him. He eventually sad he was alright to go on, so Jopson off down. Half way he stopped & said he was having trouble with his ammo box, after a few minutes we looked over the edge & to our amazement found he had untied & was climbing down without a word to anyone & he wondered why we called him a b--- nut case.

I was the last one down & by the time I got to the bottom Bob was pale, shivering & his leg was stiffening up, so it was decided to go out. Andy & myself made a sit harness with tapes while the rest prepared to haul Bob up. Jopson to our amazement went (again) had got his camera out & calmly asked us to pose. He must be hell bent on winning the photographic prize at all cost. I went into the crawl first with a tape to give Bob a pull & Grahame followed to supply a push. However Bob did so well that we had to keep waiting for Grahame to catch up, but I must admit he came in handy on the two free climbs. Pushing &
pulling we soon had him on the surface.. Grahame set off back to the farm with Bob while I went back in to see if the others were alright. I met Sandra in the crawl, took her ladder & went out again. Soon Andy joined us but after 5 minutes with no sign of Jopson, I went back in for the third time, this time with Andy & we found him struggling in the crawl with his ammo box. Andy took it from him & we set off out & left
him, but he followed us back to the farm. Sorry lads.

S. Pickles.

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