RRCPC Newsletter

Volume 49 Number 4

December 2012



RRCPC Vercors Caving Holiday 4th. – 18th. August 2012      Steve Gray

Pot 2       Robert Bialek (Dalek)

Paperless Surveying 3-4 Dec. 2011    Andy Chapman

Small Mammal Pot   Andy Whitney

After Chartreuse Trip   Jonny Baker

Grotte de Gournier   Robert Bialek (Dalek)

Back to the Drawing Board   Ray Duffy

From the Log Book – Kingsdale Master Cave 8/10/12    Jonny Baker

From the Log Book – Rays StarTrek/Wars/Sci-fi Birthday Party    Ray Duffy

From the Log Book – Herberts Hole 2/11/12

Boreham Cave    Steve Robinson

Pot 2 (from another perspective)   Edvin Deadman

Paris   Andy Ive

Trou de Glaz to Grotte Annette Through Trip   Andy Hall

Ron’s Old Wetsuit   Peter &Julie Mohr

The Path Repair Weekend   Ray Duffy

Slug takes the BEEB down Lancaster Hole    Michael Hale  (Slug)


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