The Path Repair Weekend





On the 14th and 15th of April 2012 the CNCC sponsored a weekend to try to get the path over to Link Pot via Lancaster Hole back into some sort of sensible state. As many of you know this takes quite a bit of hammer during the student season as they flounder their way over to Mistral to spread the mud of the Hall of the Mountain King all over the place. On Friday the 13th of April I went over the ground and stuck stakes with section numbers in the fell so that I could send out teams of helpers to attack various places with crowbars, mattocks and spades. Several clubs and individuals turned up for both the Saturday and Sunday sessions and some stayed overnight at the farm. We had a really nice evening meal sitting around the large table with a lot of banter and laughter, especially at the vegetarian membersí expense. Some valuable work was done by the 30 people, 13 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday, involving draining some of the boggier bits, building steps and generally laying a lot of large stones to repair the ever widening path to a more realistic size. Most of the people who attended had a great, if knackering, time and the weather, though cold with the occasional hail/snow shower, didnít diminish their spirits. During the two days I managed to keep their peckers up with brews and snacks so they had no excuse to return to the farm for sustenance. Many expressed the opinion that we should do it again and maybe on the 6th and 7th of October we may see more members joining in to swell our ranks and get the job finish, for this year at least.

My thanks to all who attended from RRCPC, OUCC, MUSC, KCC, YRC,CPC, BEC,CDG, NPC and the others not affiliated and of course the CNCC without whose money the food and drink would have been very basic indeed.

Ray Duffy


LancasterHoleareabefore.jpgLancasterHoleareaafter.jpg††††LancasterHoleareabefore.jpg††††††RRCPCMuscKCCand Harvey.jpg

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