PAPERLESS SURVEYING   3-4 December 2011




Whilst on expedition in Austria this year, Neil Pacey and myself got chatting to Andrew Atkinson about paperless surveying using DistoXs. Both Neil and I decided we needed to learn more about this, so we set about organising a course.

The course was held at Bull Pot Farm and 7 eager students turned up on the Saturday. Andrew led the course, ably assisted by Wookey, Footleg and Julian Todd who provided training on collecting survey data using DistoXs and PDAs underground and then transferring the data to a computer to allow the survey to be drawn up using Therion.


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Once the initial training was completed, we all descended Bull Pot of the Witches to try out these new techniques. Two teams calibrated the instruments and set about surveying the bottom of the entrance pitch. Once this was completed, both groups headed back to the farm to begin drawing up the finished surveys. Finally, Julian gave us an introduction to using Tunnel, to enable us to have an understanding of how this program works.

Overall, the course was a great success with everyone learning a great deal about paperless surveying. Many thanks go out to Andrew, Wookey, Footleg and Julian for teaching us all how to use paperless surveying techniques underground and thanks also to the Red Rose and CNCC for providing support and funding for the weekend.

Andy Chapman