Kingsdale Master Cave 8/10/12


A nice trip in Kingsdale - my first trip in Valley entrance for a few years, on a photo trip……I did a lot of flashing. Not very exciting as a caving trip, but a jolly evening nonetheless.


I was up at the farm a couple of weeks ago and saw some newts on the lane by the bins – they didn’t look particularly pissed

Jonny B


Rays StarTrek/Wars/Sci-fi Birthday Party 19/20th October


Friday night was supposed to be balloon blowing and food preparation, but unfortunately guitars and a violin made more like a folk club. Also unfortunately, the host got a little worse for wear on whisky and woke up with cuts on face head hands and no idea how he got them.

Later on Saturday, just as the party ‘true’ got under way the host had to take to his bed. Everyone else had a real great time with Star Trekkers, Avatars and even a Zaphod Beeblebrox

Well done all !!!




Herberts Hole 2/11/12

Late Friday evening trip

Tom, Emma, James, Simon.


Previous trips by Tom and Emma had moved spoil back from the front in to rift to allow further digging at the front next time. James tricked Simon into wearing full SRT kit and then hid it.


Then James’ aim when throwing spoil into the drag tray. He blamed the beer wearing off. Then James wanted some more beer so wanted to go out but was not allowed because Tom would not let him go till 1am. As soon as the time came we went. Digging at the front next time.


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