From OXFORD CIRCUS The downstream passage continues as a twisting streamway to a high level junction, with GREEN PASSAGE on the left, a long low crawl whichends choked under Cow Dub.

Carrying on downstream brings one to TOADSTOOL JUNCTION. BUTTERFIELD'S PASSAGE enters here on the left as a large inlet. This can be followed up a 4.5m waterfall into a rift passage to a junction. To the left is a short section of rift ending at a 4metre aven . The paasge continues but is too tight. Back at the junction Butterfield's continues low and up a 2mtere climb to a crawl to a canal and a tight and wet exit at COW DUBS II

The main way on continues with several cascades to RAZOR PASSAGE where some small climbs down over and through breakdown lead to PLATYPUS JUNCTION

About 30m back up RAZOR PASSAGE from the junction a low wide bedding off from the shelf on the right leads to a hole up through boulders, a slope up over the boulders enters a large passage heading upstream above RAZOR PASSAGE, this leads back towards THE BROADWAY but ends in a choke. Back at the hole up through the boulders an awkward crawl containing a squeeze continues for about 40m. To the right an unstable boulder choke breaks out into a crawl through to THE GALLERY above NORTHWEST STREAM PASSAGE downstream of POETIC JUSTICE

Dismal Bypass

To the left the bedding plane crawl continues, after 60m there is a junction and the crawl continues straight ahead. A climb up over slabs on the right leads into THE GALLERY EXTENSION a short section of large well decorated passage heading back towards The Gallery associated with Iggnorance is Bliss. To the left DISMAL BYPASS continues through boulders to FUNNEL CHAMBER with a hole in the floor to a wide bedding plane. This can be followed though two separate passages which both break out into the roof of UPPER MOLLUSCAN HALL An awkward climb down and traverse lead to the lower chamber and hence a bypass to the flood prone route through DISMAL JUNCTION. Continuing along the crawl below GALLERY EXTENSION more flat out going leads to a complex junction. Up to the left a small chamber, HALL HALL is entered. This is the start of LUFF'S PASSAGE which continues as a high meandering streamway to the DELICATE SOUND of THUNDER boulder choke. A very unstable route up the right hand side of this has been forced through to SYLVESTER POT

Back in HALL HALL, NORTHERN PASSAGE leads to a point very close to MOLLUSCAN HALL

Below HALL HALL the crawl, IRAQ-NAPHOBIA, continues as a sandy grovel for over 50m until it breaks out into the roof of CLOUGH'S PASSAGE close to the point where it gets low before it pops out at DISMAL JUNCTION.

For description of original exploration of this section of the cave see article

Main Route on Downstream

Continuing downstream from PLATYPUS JUNCTION the well decorated NORTHWEST PASSAGE soon degenerates to a wet crawl past DISMAL JUNCTION where CLOUGH'S PASSAGE leads off to the left for 100m to a 9metre aven entering THE MANCUNIAN WAY EXTENSION leads off above here.

Upstream beyond the avenUpper Clough's Passage continues up an awkward inlet rift and leads into the lower reaches of SYLVESTER POT

Downstream from Dismal Junction a crawl ends at a squeeze past some massive blocks where the stream backs up in flood. Holes between the blocks lead up some slippery climbs into the high level cavern of MOLLUSCAN HALL

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