including Cotton Chamber and Upper Pierce's Passage

The original climb into Iggy Bliss is near to the bottom of the Poetic Justice chimney (PJ); it has an awkward start and most people give it a miss. About 40 metres further down stream on the left is an easier ascent. An alcove on a ledge above the stream, marked by an old cairn of pebbles, leads to a muddy chamber from which an easy climb-up of 3 metres reaches the abandoned, dry, high-level passages of IGNORANCE IS BLISS. Upstream, a well-travelled mud-floored passage goes back left for 30 metres to the original climb-up near PJ.

In the other direction a crawl leads to a boulder-strewn rift passage, which after about 20 metres is joined by a large passage on the left, THE GALLERY. This leads to a well-decorated chamber with two holes in its floor, from which a crawl leads back to the main stream, halfway between the entrance to Iggy Bliss and PLATYPUS JUNCTION, thus forming a short 'round trip'. Off to the right of the crawl an unstable area leads through a boulder fall to another crawl and eventually after more crawling toTHE GALLERY EXTENSION.

The main passage in IB continues as an easy crawl to an awkward boulder squeeze followed by a few metres of narrow, winding passage to a mud choke. Just back from the choke a fairly easy 3 metre climb on the left reveals an unexpected flat-out calcite crawl, which after 25 metres joins a T-junction at Upper Pierce's Passage (UPP).

UPPER PIERCE"S PASSAGE runs about 20 metres above LOWER PIERCE'S PASSAGE; it is a dry, abandoned passage, with large boulders along the floor. The 'main' way is left (west) from the T-junction; after 20 metres the passage slopes downwards into COTTON CHAMBER. A window overlooks a second chamber, which is reached via a mud tube on the left, which has a choke-stone squeeze halfway down. From this lower chamber a second 3-metre mud tube lands on a slippery slope, followed by an easy climb down ledges into the stream of Lower Pierce's Passage (LPP), about 80 metres from Eureka Junction. Another way on from the lower chamber goes to a separate complex rift, which again squeezed down into LPP!

Back at the right-hand branch (east) of the T-junction at UPP? After about 50 metres the boulder-filled passage splits into a Y junction. The left fork is partly blocked by a large boulder with the initials 'AA' and the word 'help' written above it, perhaps an oblique warning of the unexpected hole in the rift floor under the boulder! An 8 metre ladder pitch drops to a sloping ledge where water could be heard; a further climb down leads to a rift and lands in Lower Pierce's Passage, near to the Trident junction.

Traversing over the boulder along UPP the rift narrows to a squeeze. beyond is a climb-up into Brown & Smelly Chamber in the Manchester Bypass. The right fork from the Y junction leads to a little-travelled winding crawl, which ends in a chamber with a false floor and two pretty stalagmites.

R.R.C.P.C. 2003