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The SILVER STREAMWAY fills to the roof and THE SERENDIPITY pitches become impassable in wet weather.


From the ledge an exposed, but chain assisted, step is made into TIGER'S INLETcamera.gif (251 bytes) which is a pleasant walk in a classic trench passage to a junction. To the right soon lowers to a crawl before reaching the ascending pile of boulder up into HANDPUMP HALL. At the bottom of the boulder pile a passage on the right which takes water can be followed for 30m until it becomes too low just after a pool. HANDPUMP HALL is a large section of passage choked at northern end. The southern end has a draughting flat out crawl Rose Tinted Passage to a boulder choke dig. Both ends of the Hall also have avens which are impassable, but the one to the south does have a draught. At the north end a low slot on the left leads back to TIGER'S INLET near the junction,and a wet crawl leads through to CAIRN JUNCTION.Continuing left at the junction in the main passage the way rises and becomes a 1m high bedding with an obvious passage off to the right. Straight ahead at this point leads through beddings to the large and dangerous WHISPER AVEN which contains some very large suspended blocks (Care!). A descending tube in the right corner soon chokes, and just before the aven is reached a series of inlet passages on the right soon become too small.

Back at the 1m high bedding plane junction the obvious passage to the right leads via a crawl over fill and a scramble down to the impressive CAIRN JUNCTION with four passages leading off. The left most of which is a flat out crawl which soon chokes, whilst the right most, hidden under the wall a little way back from the cairn, leads back to HANDPUMP HALL.The second passage on the left is MOLTEN MARS BAR CRAWL, a generally flat out struggle to an enlargement and the sound of falling water at SERENDIPITY a magnificent sight! Halfway through this passage is an aven which leads up to a higher bedding level which chokes in both directions.

The easiest way to SERENDIPITY is via the third passage on the left at CAIRN JUNCTION which passes DEATH ROW, a fine set of stalagmites. The crawl ahead becomes too low, the water entering here has been tested from the EXPULSION SERIES. The way on is through a squeeze on the left, more crawling leads to a larger continuation and a junction with the MOLTEN MARS BAR CRAWL near SERENDIPITY.

A traverse on the right of the floor slot gains the upstream passage, a fine walk for 100m until the way lowers and divides in a region of wet crawls and boulder chokes. Two passages branch off from this stream passage, both on the left. The most upstream one, close to where the passage lowers, is an ascending tube blocked by a large boulder. The other passage is MATCHBOX AVEN, 30m upstream of SERENDIPITY and it leads to the LONE RANGER SERIES.


A 5m climb in MATCHBOX AVEN reaches a tight awkward crawl which pops out at a junction in a tubular passage. To the right passes beneath two avens, both impassable at the top, until the passage becomes silted up. The small stream has been tested to DEATH ROW.To the right at the end a dug out squeeze leads to an area of low crawls and a climb down into the very muddy EXPULSION PASSAGE, an impassable bedding. To the left at the first junction is a muddy crawl to TONTO'S AVEN, impassable at the top. Further crawling beneath two more avens, both impassable, leads to an area of flood deposited mud. Squeezes here pop out into the side of SILVER STREAMWAY. To the left is a dangerously loose aven, whilst on the right, upstream, is a bouldery bedding plane crawl to CONSORTIUM CAVERN in HOWGILL SINK Downstream leads to a sump which has been dived for 5m where it became too small and a boulder blocks the way on. The water in this sump is thought to reappear in the Whisper Aven area of the pot. Near the sump is SOLITUDE AVEN with a short crawl beyond it to a mud choke.


The floor trench at SERENDIPITY can be descended as a 5m pitch rigged from a thread at floor level, or by a climb reached by going around the edge of the slot and across the stream to left hand side. Both routes gain the trench and a bolt belay at the head of a 20m pitch. A third pitch of 8m drops into the beginning of EASY STREET. This is a superb walking passage with some boulder falls and some fine formations. Eventually the roof lowers and the stream sumps.

The main downstream sump at the end of Easy Street Streamway connects with Pippikin Pot. SUMP 1 is 53m long and is followed by 27m of low, awkward crawling passage and SUMP 2. This is 70m long and passes two airbells at 3 m and 33m. It emerges in an inlet that flows into Waterfall Chamber in Pippikin Pot. Both sumps are low but easy.

There are three inlets in EASY STREET, all on the right. The first is just at the bottom of the pitches, though after only 10m this becomes too tight. The second one is SARDINE INLET, situated 90m down EASY STREET. The third, COBBLE CRAWL, is the most extensive. Entered as a large tunnel it soon degenerates into a seemingly endless 200m flat out crawl. Eventually a stream, tested from THE RAMP crosses at right angles from right to left. Downstream a dug extension, Misery Street continues low for over 150m to a sump.