To the right at SQUID JUNCTION is an easy walk to the BLACK HOLE Chamber, Where a way up a loose slope to the right chokes. Ahead, across the chamber and above the obvious blind pit in the floor, is a crawl to another chamber with SNUFF RIFT in the floor, a stream enters this in wet weather. The main way on is down a rocky slope to the left and a short flat out section reaches a hands and knees crawl. Immediately to the left here a crawl leads through to ARROW PASSAGE. Ahead leads to a left hand bend with the obscure and choke MISSED PASSAGE straight on. The main passage leads to a step across the floor slot of THE CANYON,via a rock bridge. On the left just after this the small entrance to ARROW PASSAGE is seen. This begins as a crawl, but soon enters a large passage. to the left chokes immediately, but to the right leads to a large aven with very loose boulders and a good draught. The inlet which falls from above can be entered from the aven and leads via a beautiful passage to a narrow choked rift with a high level boulder chamber. The main passage leads easily to the once finely decorated CHINA DOG CHAMBER, now sadly very damaged. A traverse over THE CANYON starts here and leads after 45m to a ledge on the right, next to an inlet feeding THE CANYON PASSAGE below. This is TIGER'S INLET and the ledge marks the junction between THE CANYON CHAMBER and the SERENDIPITY SERIES


From the shelf at TIGER'S INLET camera.gif (251 bytes)a very exposed step across to left can be made to enter a boulder strewn area. A careful crossing of the boulders reveals a floor trench. A prominent stalagmite on the edge of the trench marks the easiest descent down into the trench. Upstream in the trench leads to the very dangerous PANIC AVEN where one rock is holding back a large pile! It is not advisable to cross beneath this aven and it is much safer to use the following route.

Instead of descending the floor trench continue in the main passage until it chokes after 16m. On the right here under the wall, is a low crawl. This leads under a climb, the passage up the climbs too small after 15m, to a junction. To the right is silted up, but to the left is a descending tube to a 'T' junction in a streamway. Downstream leads via a flat out crawl to PANIC AVEN. Upstream via several wet crawls and a climb up leads to a narrow choked rift.

Back in the trench after TIGER'S INLET the canyon is high and narrow. a descent is made and shortly after this the stream enters a passage which disappears under the right hand wall, which is a narrow struggle until a climb down is reached. The stream can be followed down THE RAMP until it sinks under the right wall. This stream is next seen again at the end of the COBBLE CRAWL off EASY STREET in the lower streamway. A series of dry oxbows, some muddy, also lead to THE RAMP.

R.R.C.P.C. 1999