Crawling forward in the streamway choke beneath HALL OF THE TEN leads to the continuation of the LOWER STREAMWAY. A fine tunnel eventually lowers to a wet section before the water sinks and a dry 7th pitch of 12m and 4.5m climb drop into WATERFALL CHAMBER. The waterfall can be climbed via two pitches to an impassable bedding close to the sink.

In Waterfall Chamber a low wet inlet on the left ends after 90m at the first of the two sumps leading to EASY STREET in LINK POT via dives of 7m and 53m. Downstream quickly sumps on right, but ahead a continuation of the rift leads to a large aven. From ledge on left before aven is a 29m aid climb, followed by another 4m ascent to passage crossing the head of the large aven by a precarious traverse. Beyond becomes too tight, but a branch to the right ends at a 9m aven with passage visible at the top.

Downstream SUMP 1 in Waterfall Chamber is best entered by keeping to the right: this avoids several squeezes formed by silt in the low and very wide passage. A drop down to -3m depth soon enters a sizeable enlargement and a passage 5m wide and 2m high is followed over "whalebacks" of further silt deposits. m from base, the passage lowers to 0.5m high as it ascends a silt bank and turns left before it regains its former dimensions. Continuing ahead in an arched tunnel, the sump surfaces after 224m in POOH'S REVENGE after reaching a maximum depth of -4m.This starts as a large passage, but after 80m the water disappears down a very aqueous rift and the way on is a short climb up into a stooping passage. Stepping over two holes in the floor a third drop returns to the stream via a couple of 3m climbs (handline useful).The continuing passage soon ends at a large pool and Sump 2.

SUMP 2 in a deep rift. Sump 2 descends vertically downwards, passing a ledge at -15m depth and reaching the floor at -20 m. Here a spacious passage leads off which passes an elbow bend after 4 m and then turns south west and descends to -27m depth. After 12 m the route from the GAVEL POT and Leck Fell caves joins on the left. 47m of atrocious diving through interconnected roof arches above thick mud leads to the connection point with the Gavel Pot downstream sump at -25m depth and 74 m from the Gavel dive base. The sump is 17m long to Gavel Pot and 72 m long to the Lost John's downstream sump.

The main passage veers sharply to the right and heads north west.To the right the united sumps continue and becomes huge, while the depth increases to -27m and leads for over 300m and another sump to WITCHES CAVE

R.R.C.P.C. 1999