DOWNSTREAM from EUREKA JUNCTION leads to Oxbow Corner via Lower Snail Cavern via a very wet route at stream level (not recommended) only passable in drought.

Upstream from Eureka Junction the large passage passes fallen roof slabs and potholed boulders to reach a small chamber, here there are two ways on. To the left the stream can be followed through a sometimes very wet bouldery section (The Sluice), whereas straight on up the slope ahead leads to a low wide bedding plane crawl, both routes reunite at the vastness of STOP POT.

There are several routes out of Stop Pot.

A climb up the huge boulder slope above leads to the Iron Ladder, climbing this leads to the usual connection with the HIGH LEVEL route through to LANCASTER HOLE At the base of the Ladder low down on the left is a connection through boulders to FOUR WAYS CHAMBER and the route through to WRETCHED RABBIT PASSAGE.

From the foot of the Stop Pot boulder slope two passages can be entered from a rock shelf on the right. The first one is DEPOT PASSAGE 2 Whilst the more obvious is the complex DEPOT PASSAGE 1

On the opposite side of Stop Pot from the Depot Passages an involved route over huge fallen blocks leads to HOLBECK JUNCTION

A climb up the loose boulder slope leads to Double Decker Passage and STRAW CHAMBER

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