From STOP POT a climb up a loose slope reaches the start of DOUBLE DECKER PASSAGE which after A climb of nearly 20 metres up a boulder slope enters the large high level STRAW CHAMBER .

The floor is liberally coated with poached egg formations and a carpet of straws. Along the south wall is a series of laminated clays and following the tape, still climbing, one arrives at the entrance to the DRY DOCK PASSAGE. Here is the best view of the whole chamber whilst sat down on a deep carpet of straws.

Following the passage south eastwards several small climbs are negotiated until the Dry Dock itself is reached, the whole chamber dominated by a huge rock like a battleship in dry dock..Beneath the keel of the battleship are several crawls among the abandoned meanders but all ways are blocked by boulders Under the left wall of STRAW CHAMBER a hair raising descent down loose boulders brings one back into the main streamway just upstream of STOP POT. From here an involved route over huge fallen blocks leads to a narrow section, and a climb down to the stream at HOLBECK JUNCTION.

To the left of the entrance to DRY DOCK a climb up enters the link to GREEN and SMELLY PASSAGE

Following the streamway upstream from Holbeck Junction beyond the climb up to Straw Chamber leads to THACKRAY'S PASSAGE and the connection with TOP SINK

To the right from Holbeck Junction (downstream) after a short distance is the downstream end of Green & Smelly Passage leading to POOL SINK while the main stream continues until it gets too low in boulders.

R.R.C.P.C. 2005