Meets and Events

If you have any suggestions for Meets then contact Bill Nix. wmnix<at>

f you are able or want to coordinate any additional trips please let Dinny know and they can be added to the meets calendar. We have Reciprocal Rights with other clubs in several UK caving regions Reciprocal-rights

Please note that Leck Fell and Casterton permits are now available online and available for booking by anyone. See link below for booking Leck Fell, Ingleborough Estate and Penyghent area

Meets & Events for 2021

Lancaster Hole-County Pot through trip

2nd October to commemorate 75th Anniversary of the discovery of Lancaster Hole

Club Dinner.
Sat 2nd October. Craven Arms, Giggleswick
75th Anniversary

of the discovery of Lancaster Hole Lancaster Hole. 13th October

Bonfire party  6th November at Bullpot Farm

27th Nov.  Jim Newton B’day Party (pm)

Autumn Auction Party at the Farm 27th Nov at 7pm


Casterton Permits

You can now book permits for Casterton Fell

Leck Fell Permits 

Leck Fell Bookings

Book your own permits using the link above and let us know