Bullpot Farm Archive

Drystone Walling Day

Another successful drystone walling day was held on Saturday 15th October. We completed a rebuild of the outside wall of the farm backgarden next to the stream. This was mostly done by members some of whom had not done this sort of work before. Although the event had been widelt advertised to other clubs and quite a bit of interest shown only a few non-members did attend and training was given by Mel and Sam. The weather held and it was a bight sunny day. Click on photos below for larger versions.

Before we began

hard at work

halfway through

Finished job

Members Lounge

Work has finally started on the cavers lounge re-vamp. Soon to be fitted will be a new fire grate – especially made to our own specifications. Advice from our fire officer has recommended replacing the ceiling with fire board, as there is a bedroom above and this work is already in progress with the old joists    being    replaced    before covering in the new fire board.
Ray Duffy and Sandra Wilkinson helping to remove old plaster board from the ceiling
One section of the ceiling has now been completed and the final two will be finished in a couple of weeks time. If you can spare a day or two to help, the work will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday 24th. / 25th. May. Fireplace has now been fitted.
As part of our obligations to improve the farm water supply we have also been revamping the UV system and cold water storage. A new storage tank has been installed upstairs and the UV system made more accessible. The room has now been repainted. A new set of comfy chairs has already been acquired and these will really finish off the room.

AGM News – New club President

New RRCPC President

Pete hands over his chain of office to Ray

At the AGM on April 3rd at Bullpot Farm Ray Duffy was elected as the new club President after Peter Llewellyn stood down after over five years as President. The AGM also decided to make Peter and Sandra Wilkinson life members in recognition of their many years of service to the Red Rose.

Many of the other posts remain the same but another notable change was the election of Carol Makin as club Secretary. Thanks to all the committee members who stood down including Bill Sherrington and Heather Eastwood. A full list can be found on the contacts page. This will be updated soon to include email addresses.

Amendments to constitution passed including …”members may only bring up up to 2 non-members to the Farm without booking them in.”
A pdf of the new constitution will appear on the website in due course.
We are to arrange certain Sat nights that are members only nights at the Farm to coincide with club social events. e.g. summer BBQ. President’s Meet etc.. Newsletter out shortly

Advert for Bullpot Farm

Advertising Bullpot Farm accomodation

If anyone would like a larger copy of the advert to pin up locally please let me know and I will send them one.

New Visitor’s Kitchen

New Visitor’s Kitchen at Bullpot Farm

On a wet weekend in July a small but dedicated band of members returned to the farm to assist Alan (Starkers) Martin install the second of our new kitchens, this time for use by our visitors. A new floor was laid, and complimented by another superb range of new cupboards and gas hobs as well as some wall cupboards.