Photo Competition 2020 Results

The club’s photo competition was held on 1st February 2020, and the placed photos are displayed below. The overall winner (Giles Barker Trophy) last year was Alex Anderson and as is the rule he came along to judge this year’s competition this year and presented a portfolio of his recent photos. Thanks Alex.

Alex did the judging

Click on each photo for larger image

Andy Pringle has had issues uploading his photos

UK Underground

Scanty Lardos Pot Ann Summers Passage

1st. Bill Nix
Crack Pot 2nd. Andy Pringle

Sam in Big Rift, Wretched Rabbit

3rd. Ray Duffy

UK above ground

Crag Hill & Casterton Fell

1st. Andy Hall
Red Deer Stag 2nd. Andy Pringle

Cwm Idwal Slabs

3rd. Chris Hunter

Abroad underground

Deep pool traversing.. Ret Dung Khur, Meghalaya.

1st. Bill Nix

Ailwee Cascade, Doolin Cave, Rep of Ireland

2nd. Bill Nix
Jiuero 2, Cantabria 3rd. Andy Pringle

Abroad Above ground

Lake Annecy, France

1st. Sam Leiberman
Mother & calf Sperm whale diving 2nd. Andy Pringle

Entrance to Little Tiger temple cave. Krabi, Thailand.

3rd. Bill Nix

Pocket camera prints

Traverse in Alum Pot

1st. Chris Hunter1

Self Portrait, County Pot

2nd. Andy Hall

Crystal Palace, BPOW

3rd.  Andy Hall

Best overall underground photo (Gile Barker Award) was decided by public vote on the night. The winner (Bill Nix) gets to judge next year’s competition. His photo is the one taken in Meghalaya.

The opportunity for members to show photos from the last year’s holidays or caving trips on the big screen after the end of the competition was not so successful as Ray’s digital projector developed a fault and the images were split into bits as can be seen from the screenshot below.

Andy Hall