Archaeology in Caves in the Yorkshire Dales

All members are invited to the meeting below. Bring along your friends as well.

If you intend to come please let me know so we have some idea of numbers. We may need a bigger venue.
On 5th March at 7:30 pm at Bullpot Farm Nigel Steel (see below) from DigVentures will be giving a talk on cave archaeology.The project he is involved in is called ‘Under the Uplands’, Digventures are in the process of digitally archiving the artefacts and documents from the excavations in the 1870’s in Victoria Cave (Atermire Scar) and elsewhere and place it into a digital museum that will be accessible for all online. Some of the artefacts will be in 3D enabling users to zoom in and have a look at every detail.  The group aim to teach cavers how to take the images using photogrammetry, this will also be applied underground to take images of archaeological features and artefacts as well as the cave walls and passages.
In order to promote the rescue of archaeology when cavers uncover bone or artefacts they are developing a ‘Digital tool kit’. This will give online information regarding contacts, steps to take and the process that the informed will take with the archaeology.
In August 2016 the project will be excavating the entrance of a previously unexcavated cave, Hagg’s Brow Cave, near Victoria Cave and Nigel will explain a little more about this at the talk.
Nigel Steel B.Sc.. Community Archaeologist

After a career change and archaeological degree at Bradford University Nigel now works as a professional archaeologist in several commercial archaeology units around the north of England. His love of caves began when he was 14 whilst on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales, and he joined the Y. S. S. in the early 1990s and is a member of the British Cave Research Association, Nigel’s mission is to bring cave archaeology back into the limelight and generate a longstanding relationship between archaeologists and the caving community.


If you intend to come please let me know so we have some idea of numbers. We may need a bigger venue.

Andy Hall