BCRA Cave Archaeology Group

The Cave Archaeology Group (CAG) is BCRA’s newest Special Interest Group, launched in October 2011 to promote interest and understanding of archaeology in and around caves. The Group’s target ‘audience’ are members of the caving community, who regularly visit or explore caves and who are in an ideal position to identify archaeological or paleontological material within cave environments. The creation of CAG has come about following the achievements of the Upland Caves Network -a discussion group of experts and interested parties drawn from various areas of discipline within cave research. The UCN was given a finite two-year lifespan and was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The group hopes to enlist support and interest from anyone who spends leisure or professional time in caves, or who require a ‘first stop’ point of contact for advice, information, or other help with finds of potential archaeological material in caves. It is hoped that group
activities will be developed over time to include guided site visits, lectures, and the dissemination of information on cave archaeology
projects. The success of CAG will depend largely on the level of interest and support shown by those with an interest in cave
archaeology, who are also invited to come forward with their own suggestions regarding the development of the group.