Bunkhouse bookings & Calendar

Keeping People safe at Bullpot Farm after July 19th 2021


(To see availability in the future look at bookings diary below, or make an enquiry using comment blog at bottom of this page. DO NOT RING Bullpot Farm. For further information contact our Hut Booking Officer To make your booking

Fees payable in advance  (BACS transfer) is needed to confirm booking. A PIN number for the correct Farm door lock will then be sent to you, email   

Overnight Fees

Students and caving club members for camping or stopping inside is £7:00 per person per night.

Other groups £8 per night.

Members £5 per night

Day Fees: 

Bullpot Farm for day use is £2 per person for none members. Lots of visitors are using the facilities for more than just changing. We do not object to this but think that people should pay accordingly. 

FREE WiFi now available to all members and guests staying at Bullpot Farm.

Groups should be bona-fide organisations or individuals who wish to be involved in outdoor pursuits in the Yorkshire Dales – Lake District area.

We cannot guarantee exclusive sole booking of the Farm as Red Rose club members may turn up during your visit. There is a separate members only kitchen and bedroom. Please leave these available for Red Rose members should they require it. The building acts as a base for access to the caves and footpaths on Casterton Fell and surrounding areas. Payphone Telephone available (landline) as no mobile phone signal in or near building.

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Date and booking

Leader Name Indoors. 6 people

Leader Name Camping. 6 tents

1st-2nd Jonny B(2)
2nd Simon Perkins(1)
1st-4th Chris Jewell(1) Kristian Brook(2)
2nd-3rd UBSS Sioned Haughton(3)
5th-8th Newcastle UCC Jonny B(2) Anna Taylor(6)
9th-10th FREE Dinny(1) Chris Jewell(1)
16th-17th FREE Chris Jewell(1) Dinny(1) Tamlin Barton(2)

 End of July – COVD Rules removed

Date and booking

Leader Name

23rd-24th Grampian SG Tamlin Barton(6)
30th-31st Red Rose BBQ Martin F


Date and booking

Leader Name

6th-13th BEC Ben Auton
13th-14th FREE
20th-21st Grampian SG Simone Sambento (15)
27th-30th Women cavers Gp Gwen Tawy


Date and booking

Leader Name

3rd-4th FREE
10th-11th FREE
17th-18th RRCPC Steve Gray
24th-25th Caving Crew. Alex Sheppard (12)


Date and booking

Leader Name

1st-2nd FREE
8th-9th York CC Fleur Loveridge(pro)
15th-16th FREE
22nd-23rd YUCPC Rosie Marshall
29th-30th FREE


Date and group

Leader Name

5th-6th Bonfire Party


Date and group

Leader Name


ALL DATES beyond this are bookable as well.

For further information contact our Hut Booking Officer