Far Streamway Pippikin

The lowest tunnel leading out of THE HOBBIT is the main way on to Far Streamway. A crawl over calcite passes through a chamber to a three way junction. To the right a trickle emerges from an aven with a complex of passages in the roof. This passage may be followed into a muddy crawl which becomes impassable after a chamber. The way forward is back to the left into CANYON STREAMWAY 120m of walking to a sump. This has been dived past a squeeze but ends at a choke at only 4.5m from base.15m before the sump is a crawl over blocks into an aven chamber succeed by a larger passage to further avens until it intersects the FAR STREAMWAY rising from a wet bedding.

The Streamway is large and block strewn for 120m; the water sinks amongst boulders. Above the final choke is a climb into a roof chamber, whilst a passage to the left ends in a stal choke. From the latter passage a crawl ends in a series of rift climbs.

On the opposite side from where Far Streamway rises an inlet stream crawl goes about 10m to a left turn the passage continues for over 100m to a dug calcite barrier. Beyond this the stream falls down from an 8m aven, Pit Pot. At the top there is a short section of passage which becomes too tight.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013