By taking the north slope out of the HALL of TEN in PIPPIKIN and proceeding along sandy tunnels you arrive at DUSTY JUNCTION where three ways diverge.

To the left is the way through to THE HOBBIT and MISTRAL HOLE Whilst straight ahead is the a wide bedding cave connecting through to LINK POT and the rest of the EASE GILL SYSTEM.

Round to the right descends into a crater chamber. A descending hole next to the obvious pit enters the DICKERIES inlet. Downstream the passage drops to a choke,bypassed by a hole in the roof. The water runs into a dismal canal with diminishing airspace. Upstream easy going lowers to a crawl and a junction, where the arched passage straight ahead soon leads to a blocked sump. The inlet crawl continues past a high joint to DROPOUT AVEN where a climb reveals 18m of passage to a choke. Below the passage has been forced for another 61m to a tight undived sump.

Across the crater is a wide passage and a climb over blocks to RED WALL CHAMBER. From here a scramble up and a 'U' section crawl leads into WHITE WALL CHAMBER.

From the bottom of RED WALL CHAMBER a crawl leads off to a high fissure and another crawl to an aven. Here a window on the right enters INTER COUNTY PASSAGE, follow this downstream to another aven after 61m. on downstream leads to the boulder choke beneath the HALL of TEN, but a crawl off above the stream trench pops out in a roof tube above the PIPPIKIN STREAMWAY just before the boulder choke. Back in the start of the crawl from RED WALL CHAMBER an oxbow leads off to an aven rising in WHITE WALL CHAMBER, continuing the crawl through a final waterlogged tube emerges between the first two inlets in RATBAG

R.R.C.P.C. 1998