Damage to Formations

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The formations shown below no longer exist. All have been removed by carelessness and in some cases pure vandalism.

The photos were all taken in the 1950's by Ron Bliss

In recent years we have taped off many formations and routes through major passages. Please stick to the marked routes. The tapes may appear unsightly but are nowhere near as bad as mud covered formations.

For example we spent some time cleaning up formations in Graveyard Chamber,camera.gif (251 bytes)Lancaster Hole. Some of these had over a centmetre of mud on them. A route has now been taped through this chamber.

Angel's Wing in the Minarets, Lancaster Hole

Cooling Towers, Lancaster Hole

Queen Victoria,Easter Grotto

Plumber's Nightmare, Broadway, County Pot.

Stolen by vandals!

R.R.C.P.C. 2002