Access to the Caves of Casterton & Leck Fells

Access to the many but not all of the caves of Leck& Casterton Fells is controlled on behalf of the landowners by the Council of Northern Caving Clubs (CNCC)..a>

Access To the Caves on Casterton Fell (north of Ease Gill):

See CNCC website for contact details 

Much of the land belong to the Whelprigg Estate and access is via permit only. You need to be a member of BCA or CNCC.
No permit is required for Bull Pot of the Whitches.

  Permits are issued for a maximum of

The maximum number of people shall be limited to 8 people per permit with a maximum of two cars per permit. Cars should be parked with consideration to allow access to Bull Pot Farm and other roads or gates.

Access to the caves shall be via the agreed routes as shown on the permit and displayed on the Map at Bull Pot Farm.

Signs and paths will be maintained by the CNCC along with the stiles at Cow Pot and Link Pot

Access To the Caves on Leck Fell:

Is via permit only and you need to be a member of CNCC (BCA) to gain access to most of the caves on Leck Fell, except those on land belonging to Mr Alan Middleton at Leck Fell House. The caves on his land include includes Bye George, Link Pot, Nippikin and Pippikin Pots. It also includes all other caves on the South side of Ease Gill Beck upstream of Pegleg Pot. To visit these caves you should approach via Leck Fell House. He does not require a permit, just call at the farm for permission.

In practice, however many of these caves are approached via Bull Pot Farm. In that case a permit is required to cross Casterton Fell.

Access details

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