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George digging in Ease Gill at Ice Palace near Swindon Hole in May 1950. Photo: R. Bliss

Group at Rosy (Slaughterhouse) Sink on their way to scale into T Piece Passage in Pool Sink. The T Piece poles can be seen in foreground left corner.

Cavers in group from left: Ron Bliss standing, Brian Hayes,Walter Beaumont, Norman Dunnington, Jack Aspin, all NPC Bill Leyland(RRCPC) Bert Bradshaw and Keith ? NPC

This photo shows the dig to open County Pot (1952), The survey from Slaughterhouse Sink, which was the entrance at the time, showed a passage ending under the Gill. The dig was started here. Both RRCPC & NPC were Lancashire clubs we wanted the entrance to be in that County, The actual boundary is the wall,which fell into the hole so we finally ended up against the cliff where it is today.

From the left George Petersen NPC, Dr. Jack Aspin NPC, Wilf Taylor RRCPC, Jack Myers NPC.

The Angel's Wing in The Minarets, Lancaster Hole. Now destroyed!

The Cooling Towers, Colonnade Chamber, Lancaster Hole, Now destroyed!

George Cornes on "Green Wonder" at the highest point on the lane up to Bull Pot Farm.

Queen Victoria, Easter Grotto, Now destroyed!

Dr Aspin putting flouresceine & drain testing cartridge in Slit Sink (Early 1950's). This lead to the naming of Green & Smelly Passage. at the bottom of Pool Sink


George Cornes exploring Oxford Pot in early 1950's

Photo: Ron Bliss



George Cornes exploring Poetic Justice.

The Plumber's Nightmare in Broadway, County Pot - Now destroyed - stolen by vandals!


Red Rose and NPC members outside County Pot about 1955.

Left to Right:

Bert Bradshaw, Jim Eyre, "Budge" Harold Burgess NPC, Nancy Dilling, Mick Bateson, Rose Eyre, Tom Sykes, Jim Leach, "Rocky" Bill Holden (NPC) standing, Bill Leyland, Alec Rodgers and other NPC member?


First attempt to dig Gavel Pot in the 1960's

Unfortunately the RRCPC didn't persevere and left it for the NPC to open. Ray Barker is at the back,Brian Clarkson on his right sitting down, the next lads name escapes me, Mike Steele is near left.


RRCPC 2004