RRCPC2 (1963)

The closure of Casterton Fell curtailed visits to Ease Gill and of course surveying among other things suffered. Since the last Journal however, the small amount of time spent has produced further results which are summarised below.

Reports had filtered through of an alleged round trip from North West Passage to Stop Pot via a hole in the bottom of Snail Cavern. Accordingly we investigated, and as a result a chamber was found beneath Snail Cavern blocked at both ends. A crawl by an orange coloured shale band led to a meandering tubular passage which doubled back to connect with the eastern end of the Lower Snail Cavern. This tube continued into a collapsed region resulting in a small chamber where various tricky crawls led out. No route was found to North West Passage.
It is interesting to note that the collapse is very near the collapsed chambers found in the Master Cave downstream from Eureka Junction. (See survey.)
The total length surveyed was 1/8 mile.

An old oxbow was observed a short way downstream from Holbeck Junction and a tentative exploration carried cut. This passage still remains to be pushed and surveyed.

As far as anyone was aware the lower passage of Green & Smelly had never been surveyed and we decided that it would be a good check for the upper level. This lower level was surveyed from Holbeck Junction to the foot of Spiral Staircase Passage. Unfortunately a slight discrepancy occurred and a further small check is needed to tie up loose ends. (See Survey)

A further passage near Depot Passage has been surveyed and has been given the name of Depot Passage No. 2.

Interesting side passages have also been entered in Wretched Rabbit passage but have net yet been surveyed.
Whilst the system was closed the Club Surveyor has been doing theoretical work such as triangulations and working out closing errors.
The following closing errors will be of interest.

Lancaster Hole lid underground to County Pot - overland to Lancaster Hole. 45 feet.

County Pot underground to Top Sink Pot overland to County Pot via Ease gill stream bed. 35 feet.


Rosy Sink County Pot - Broadway Rosy Sink. 10 feet.
Oxford Circus - Platypus Junction Showerbath Oxford Circus. 24 feet.
Eureka Junction - Stop Pot - Wretched Rabbit - Eureka Junction. 11 feet.
Stop Pot - Holbeck Junction - Double Decker - Stop Pot 10 feet.
Oxford Pot - Holbeck Junction Pool Sink Oxford Pot. 100 feet.
(error somewhere along Pool Sink?).


On the way upstream from Stop Pot few people notice the vast overhead cavern, the roof of which is decorated by a profusion of straw stalactites.
A climb of nearly a hundred feet up a boulder slope between Stop Pot and Holbeck Junction brings one to the far end of the chamber. The floor is liberally coated with poached egg formations and a carpet of straws. Along the south wall is a series of laminated clays and following the tape, still climbing, one arrives at the entrance to the Dry Dock. Her is the best view of the whole chamber whilst sat down on a deep carpet of straws.
Following the passage south eastwards several small climbs are negotiated until the Dry Dock itself is reached, the whole chamber dominated by a huge rock like a battleship in dry dock.
Beneath the keel of the battleship are several crawls among the abandoned meanders but all ways are blocked by boulders.
The passage is intimately connected with the formation of Depot Passage and Green & Smelly Passage and should furnish clubs as to the development of these little passages.


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