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Early Meet reports: (1946 - 1959)  
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RRCPC Easegill Survey Project
Updated as available. (Archive copy) CD20
Other RRCPC Surveys
Follow link to digitised: ► Survey Index RRCPC surveys as produced in publications. 56 images of various caves. CD21
(index only online)
Tape Recordings:  
Red Rose Annual Dinner Tape Shows:
During the period 1956 to the late 1970's the Red Rose nearly always presented at their Annual Dinner, a pre recorded play on tape, the members depicting recent club events, often in the style of the "Goon Show". Follow link to: Tape Recordings
Some of these recordings have now been transferred to CD:
Follow link to: Audio archive
Other Taped Recordings in archives:
Red Rose events: 21st. Birthday Party
Yugoslavia Trip: commentary
Dr. Aspin's Annual Dinner Speech
Red Rose Saga
Trip to France: BPC & Red Rose
Solo, stand up act by Peter Ashmead
Pete Ashmeads dinner turn
Red Rose in Majorca: commentary
Caverns of Casterton Fell - the early years: commentary
Ingleborough Cave Trip
Yugoslavia Commentary
The Opening of Top Sink
Turkey Trip Slide Show: commentary
Other recordings: 3 Peaks and Limestone: commentary
Selection of the Goon Shows
Follow link to: Tapes Recordings
Ashmead, Pete:  
Ease Gill Survey: (1967) Original paper drawing in pencil of (1967) survey.
Ease Gill Survey: (1967) Original Ink drawing ready for printing of (1967) publication.
Ease Gill Survey: (1967) Photocopy of Original Ink drawing ready for printing of (1967) publication.
Ease Gill Survey: (1967) Casterton Fell. Surface drawing with overlay of underground passages (1967)
Ease Gill Survey: (1967) OS 6" sheet SD68SE with overlay of geological features.
Bliss, Ronald:  
Volume 1: Nature Notes and Woodcraft Logbook: 28th. February 1943 to 27th. December 1943
Volume 2: Adventure in Woodcraft: 1st. January 1944 to 18th. November 1944
Volume 3: Woodcraft Logbook: 24th. November 1944 to 23rd. June 1945
Volume 4: Woodcraft Logbook: 23rd. June 1945 to 19th. August 1945
Volume 5: Woodcraft Logbook: 25th. August 1945 to 14th. June 1946
Volume 6: Woodcraft Logbook: 14th. June 1945 to 12th. February 1950
1948 diary: 23rd. January 1948 to 30th. April 1948
Volume 7: Woodcraft Logbook: 15th. February 1950 to 22nd. July 1951
1951 diary: 1st. January 1951 to 31st. December 1951
1952 Diary: 1st. January 1952 to 31st. December 1952 (with some 1953 notes added)
Photographs: Digital
Digital: Disc1 RRCPC Old Slides. Selection of 69 photographs copied from old glass slides and/or negatives
Follow link to: Lantern Slides - Box 1
Lantern Slides - Box 2
Digital: Disc 2 Jack King (NCFC) Slides - Power Point Presentation
Digital: Disc 3
Digital: Disc 4
Digital: Disc 5
Digital: Disc 6
Digital: Disc 7
Digital: Disc 8
Photographs: 2"x2" Slides:
Slide Collection Follow link to: Rons Slide Collection
Photographs: Print Albums: A collection of around 1000 prints - both above and below ground
1. Green Album-1: Follow link to: Green Album 1
100 Black and White images: from the period 1949-1953
2. Green Album-2: Follow link to: Green Album 2
60 Black and White images
3. Black Album-1: Follow link to: Black Album 1
100 Colour images: Underground shots.
4. Black Album-2: Follow link to: Black Album 2
57 Black and White images: Underground shots.
circa 1950's
5. Black Album-3: Follow link to: Black Album 3
Mainly Black and White images: Above & Underground shots.
6. Blue Album-1: Follow link to: Blue Album 1
100 Mixed images: Underground + Red Rose related
historical images
7. Blue Album-2: Follow link to: Blue Album 2
100 Mixed colour images: Winter Scenes
8. Blue Album-3: Follow link to: Blue Album 3
100 Mixed colour images: Above and underground
9. Blue Album-4 Follow link to: Blue Album 4
100 Mixed colour images: Winter Scenes
10. Red Album-1 Follow link to: Red Album 1
Images: Wildlife and Flowers
11. White Box Follow link to: Mounted Prints
Mainly Black and White images mounted on display cards
( some underground )
Photographs: Stereoscopic Viewer + slides
Mahogany Stereoscopic slide viewer: including
3D Slides (Box 1) Set of 7 slides. In The White Scar Cavern 1
In The White Scar Cavern 2
In The White Scar Cavern 3
In The White Scar Cavern 4
In The White Scar Cavern 5
The Grotto - White Scar Cavern
The First Waterfall - White Scar Cavern
3D Slides (Box 2) Set of 7 slides. The Treak Cavern - Castleton
In the Treak Cavern - Castleton 1
In the Treak Cavern - Castleton 2
In the Treak Cavern - Castleton 3
In the Treak Cavern - Castleton 4
In the Treak Cavern
The Grotto - Treak Cavern 1
The Grotto - Treak Cavern 2
Behind the Wire - Treak Cavern
Stalagmites - Treak Cavern Castleton
Variegated Cavern - Treak Cavern - Castleton
The Treak Cavern - Hold 45 upwards
The End Cavern - Treak Cavern
Eyre, Jim:  
Photographs: Print Albums:
12. Red Album-2 Follow link to: Red Album 2
66 Old Black & White Photographs relating to RRCPC early days
13. Purple Album-1 Follow link to: ► Purple Album 1
125 Old Black & White Photographs relating to RRCPC early days
13. Green Album-3 Follow link to: ► Green Album 3
66 Old Black & White Photographs relating to RRCPC early days
1. Red Exercise Book
- Odds & Sods , various discovery dates noted down
2. Red Exercise Book
- Early 1950's RRCPC
3. Blue Exercise Book
- Bits of Formation of Red Rose - Early Odds & Sods
4. Blue Exercise Book
- Easegill Early Days
Letters and other items:
Iran - 2001: Speleological Project Gjhar Alisadr. Text of article to appear in International Caver 2002
Letter from Simon Brooks
Copies of illustrations. From Linda Heslop. Re. The Illustrator, Vol. 8 Issue 4. (July 1994)
Flyer: The Cave Explorers
Dilling, Nancy:  
Diary: Still being catalogued
Newton, James Henry:  
Photographs: CD: The Red Bus Trip to India - British Speleological Expedition to India 1970.
2 CD's dipicting the journey from England to India, their stay in India and the
return journey in a modified Preston Corporation double decker bus.
together with attched notes of lecture given to BCRA Conference
"Hidden Earth 2008"
CD: Morecambe Rock & Pot Club - Early Caving (1950-2007)
A record of mainy early B/W slides of Jim's caving undertaken with the club
Taylor, Wilfred:  
Press Cuttings: Selection of post 2nd World War press cuttings - yet to be catalogued.
Diary: (Hand Written) Front Cover -" Bury Cave and Pothole Club" notepaper + Picture of Main Chamber, Gaping Ghyll. by H.W. Rhodes
Lancaster Hole:
Discovery - 29th. September 1946. Pages 1-2
The Descent - 13th. Octiober 1946. Pages 3-7
Lancaster Hole - 21/22/11/46 Page 15
(page out of order but numbered as given)
Lancaster Hole, Sketch Plan and section, 22/11/46. Page 8
(probably the first ever survey of Lancaster Hole)
Lancaster Hole - 27/10/46 Pages 9-11
Lancaster Hole - 10/11/46 Pages 12-14
(blank page)
Lancaster Hole, Saturday night - 7/12/46 Pages 3-7.
Lancaster Hole - 22/12/46 Pages 16-18
Lancaster Hole - 7/12/46. Pages 19-20
Lancaster Hole - 22/12/46. Pages 21-22
Lancaster Hole - 5/1/47 Page 23
24th. November 1946. The Master Cave Pages 24-25
(Typed and signed)
Report from R.W.Taylor. Burrow. Received 13.xii.1946) Page 25
- Saturday/Sunday. December 7/8th 1946.
- The expedition began at midnight.
(Typed and with penciled notes)
Lancaster Hole - 19/1/47 Pages 26-27
Casterton Fell - 30/3/47 Pages 28-30
The Collonade, Lancaster Hole - photograph by E. Simpson 1947. Page 30
(with R.W. Taylor, Christine, Thornber)
The Master Cave - April 13th. 1947. Pages 31-36
Lancaster Hole (Thursday night) 8th. April Pages 37-39
Oxford Hole - 12/6/47- Survey. Page 39 (insert)
- One hours exploration. June 12th. 1947. 8.45pm 9.45pm, George Cornes, W. Taylor)
- Explored depth approx. 100ft.
Oxford Hole - 8/6/47. Page 40
Oxford Hole - 12/6/47. Pages 40-44
Lancaster Hole - 24/8/47. Pages 46-48
Lancaster Hole - 14/9/47. Pages 49-49B
Lancaster Hole. New Section. - Survey. Page 50
- Rough sketch on exploration by Martin Ridges and W. Taylor 24/8/47.
Lancaster Hole - 13/9/47. Page 51
Lancaster Hole - 14/9/47. Page 51-53
(No page numbering from this point)
Lancaster Hole - 20/9/47. 1 page
Bull Pot of the Witches. Casterton. - photograph by R. Bliss R.R.P.C. 1 page
Lancaster Hole - 12/10/47 2 pages
Lancaster Hole - 26/10/47 4 pages
Lancaster Hole - 23/2/48. Sat & Sun. 3 pages
Next section of diarty consists 23 pages of photographs
page 1 Lancaster Hole - by G. Aspen. 23 pages
1. Foot of 110 ft. Pitch. Entrance Chamber. Showing Iron Ladder.
2. "Portcullis". "Chocolate Tunnel". "Wilf Taylor's Passage".
page 2 Lancaster Hole. by J. Aspen.
1. Deformed Stalagtites caused by flood debris. Stream Passage Master Cave.
page 3 Lancaster Hole - by J. Aspen.
1. "Snail Cavern", Montague Cavern", "East"
2. "Snail Cavern", "Montague Cavern", "East",
Unusual formations showing floor movement.
page 4 Lancaster Hole - by J. Aspen.
1. Lancaste Hole.
2. Deformed stalagtites due to collections of flood debris. Master Cave.
page 5 Ivory Castles Lancaster Pot - by R. Bliss
1. Missing
2. Grave-Yard, Lancaster Pot.
page 6 Missing
page 7 Portcullis Passage - Lancaster Pot - by R. Bliss. Missing
Eyre, Bewes, Kitchen, Saunders.
page 8 Lancaster Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss
1. (no details)
2. (no details)
page 9 Collenade. Lancaster Pot 1950. by R. Bliss "Red Rose" Missing
page 10 Smokey Hole. Leck Fell - by R. Bliss
1. Leyland, Smoked Out.
2. Marton Arms 1950
page 11 Swindon Pot, Easegill - by R. Bliss
1. Himself. Cornes Missing
2. Bewes, Eyre, Pollit
page 12 Oxford Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss
1. J.Eyre, Platypus Junction
page 13 Oxford Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss "Red Rose" Missing
page 14 Oxford Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss "Red Rose"
1. Leyland
2. On the Road. Taylor, Bliss
page 15 Oxford Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss
1. "Broadway" - Photograph by Lead-lamps.
page 16 Oxford Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss
page 17 Portculliss Passage LP. - by R. Bliss
1. Kitchen, Leyland.
2. Flash Bliss, Taylor.
page 18 Oxford Pot 1950 - by R. Bliss
1. Eyre and Leyland
page 19 1. Marble Steps Feb 26th. 1950 - by R. Bliss. Taylor, Bliss, Leyland.
2. Gale Garth, March 1950. Leyland, Taylor, Bliss
page 20 1. Smokey Hole, Leck Fell - Bewes, Eyre, Taylor.
2. Marton Arms 1950.
page 21 Red Rose
1. (no details)
2. (no details)
page 22 1. Red Rose
2. Taylor, Bliss - Ingleboro
page 23 1. Ease Gill - Leyland, Bliss
2. Lancaster Pot - Eyres, Taylor
Notes on Lancaster Hole - 3/11/46 1 page
Hunt Pot Ribblesdale - photographs by W. Taylor B.C.P.C. 1 page
1. (no details)
2. (no details)
Hull Pot, B.C.P.C. 1939. 1 page
1. W. Taylor B.C.P.C.
2. Hull Pot in Flood. Horton in Ribblesdale (Postcard T73 Walter Scott)
Skirwith Farm Ingleton 1939-42. - photographs 1 page
1. Our Camp.
2. Self, Jack, Dick.
3. Dick Simpson.
page 1 Alum Pot, Selside, Ribblesdale
Description with surface photograph by R. Simpson.
page 2 Alum Pots Shaft
Facts on Alum
Photograph of shaft by W. Taylor.
Postcard of Rock Bridge - T72 Walter Scott
page 1 The Descent of Alum
with picture - The Double Shuffle Long Churn Cave by J. Mitchell
page 1 Alum Pot 1939 - photographs of members of B.C.P.C.
1. View of Alum Pot
2. R. Simpson
3. Taylor
4. R. Simpson
Next section of diarty consists 8 pages of photographs 8 pages
page 1 Sulber Pot, Fell Close, Ribblesdale
Photograph of Sulber Pot by Mitchell CPC
page 2 Rift Pot, Clapham Bottoms, June 7th. 1941
Party: R.H.Simpson, R.D.Leakey, F.Horrocks, J.Holt, W.Taylor, (Dorothy) surface.
1. R.H.Simpson B.C.P.C.
2. Holt by W. Taylor
3. Taylor by J. Holt
4. (no details) by W. Taylor
5. (no details) by W. Taylor
page 3 Postcard, Rift Pot, Chaple le Dale, - T107 Walter Scott
page 4 Postcard / Photograph.
1. Peca Falls Ingleton
2. Photograph, Ingleboro from Chapel -le-dale
page 5 Rift Pot 1941
1. Carrying tackle up to Rift. - Simpson, Taylor B.C.P.C.
page 6 Rift Pot
2. Entrance Shaft by R.H. Simpson
3. Holt on entrance shaft, by W. Taylor
page 7 Gingling Hole, Fountains Fell
1. Horrocks in Gingling by R.D. Leakey
2. Simpson, Taylor in Gingling by R.D. Leakey
3. Simpson, Taylor in Gingling by R.D. Leakey
4. Bob in Gingling by W. Taylor
page 8 Gingling Hole, Fountains Fell, R.D. Leakey B.S.A.
1. Horrocks in Gingling
2. Horrocks in Gingling
3. Horrocks, Taylor in Gingling
4. Taylor in Gingling
5. Simpson in Gingling
6-9 (no details)
Next section is a typed copy of the first six pages of the diary
Lancaster Hole:
Discovery - 29th. September 1946. 1 page
The Descent - 13th. October 1946. (last page not typed) 2 pages
Next section of diarty consists 16 pages of photographs 16 pages
page 1-4 Nottingham Pot - 1st. Descent BSA Members, photographs by J.O. Myers Bsc. B.S.A.
1. Leach, Taylor, Cornes, Cherry.
2-5. (no details)
page 5 Sell Gill, Ribblesdale
Sel Ghyll (3rd. Pitch) Horton in Ribblesdale T105 Walter Scott
page 6 Ingleboro Area
Clapdale Farm
Deep Snow - G.G. 1946.
page 7 Beauties of Craven
Malham Cove
Typical Craven
page 8 Winter on Ingleboro
page 9 Views in West Riding
1. Ingleboro from below Hill Inn, Chapel-le-dale, by J. Garvey
2. Kilsey Crag, Wharfedale by W. Taylor
3. Pecca Falls, Ingleton by W. Taylor
pages 10-13 Sappers Romantic discovery of a huge cave in the rock of Gibralter containing a freshwater lake
1. March 22nd. 1943 - The third chamber ..
2. This chamber leading to a lake .
3. Tunnelling in the Rock of Gibralter .
4. The fourth chamber
page 14 5. Royal engineers discover a many chambered huge cavern .
page 15 The lanes near Copy Nook, Ribblesdale 1939
page 16 R.H. Simpson by J.E. Garvey B.C.P.C. 1939
Ribblesdale 1939 - W. Taylor by R.H. Harvey Sec. B.C.P.C. 1939
Thorns Gyll and Ling Gill 1940
1. Holme Hill Cave (Holme Gill Cave) by J. Garvey
2. Thorns Gill by J. Garvey
Ling Gill 1940
1. Top Waterfall by J. Garvey
2. Half Way Down by J. Garvey
3. Bottom Fall by J. Garvey
W.J. Pot, Kingsdale 7th. December 1947 (with sketch map) 3 pages
Crina Bottom 14th. Dec 1947. 1 page
Crina Bottom 11th. Jan 1948.
Next section of diary consists 14 pages of photographs 14 pages
pages 1-2 Oxford Pot
1. East Passage by J. Leach N.P.C.
2. Stream Passage nr. Syphon. By J. Leach N.P.C.
3. Stream Passage nr. Pool Junction by J. Leach N.P.C.
4. Past the Snake by J. Leach N.P.C.
page 3 Langdale 1952 Nr. Gimmer Crag by R. Bliss
page 4 Unknown photo with press cutting "Underground caves said to be ."
page 5 Flood Entrance G.G. by J. Leach N.P.C.
page 6 Magazine cutting:
Yorkshire Underground by Norman Thornber (Tom Taylor's Cave)
page 7 Mere Gill
Taylor, Holt by R.H. Simpson
Press cuttings: Pothole gives up its secret, Potholers discovery - Daily Telegraph Fri. Mar 4 1949.
pages 8-11 Slasher Pot 1948, with photographs by J. Walmsley
1. Entrance
2. 2. J. Pearce, J. Walmsley
3. Kitchen, Pearce, Helm and Walmsley
4. Oakes, Thackerey, Kitchen, Cornes, Helm, Harrison, Walmsley.
5. Helm, Walmsley, Harrison.
6. Slasher Pot Jan-Feb 13th. 1949.
Party: BSA leader George Cornes dug through above pitch from surface.
Sound of running water heard but gel. Needed for final push.
page 12 Peak Cavern - Survey (BSA)
page 13 Juniper Gulf 1948 by J. walmsley N.P.C.
page 14 Postcard. Juniper Gulf Inglebough T85 Walter Scott
Juniper Gulf - Survey (Gritstone Club Sept. 1924) 1 page
Jockey Hole & Rift Pot - Survey (Cuttriss & Brodrick Aug. 1904)
Picture. Lost John's Cave - entrance 1 page
Magazine extract: Lost John's Cave by Arnold N. Patchett 1 page
Serving Members of the "Bury Cave and Pothole Club" 1 page
J. E. Garvey R.A. - photograph
Bury Cave and Pothole Club Library 1 page
Library contents list (22 items)
Walsh, Andrew:  
Lecture Photographs: Digital Photographs to accompany a lecture presented at: 1 CD
BCRA Hidden Earth Conference 2008. - "Barbondale"
Easegill Survey Data   (Titled)
- Rough sketch on exploration by Martin Ridges and W. Taylor 24/8/47.
File 1: Lancaster Hole - 13/9/47.
File 2: Lancaster Hole - 14/9/47.
File 3:
File 4: Lancaster Hole - 20/9/47.
Bull Pot of the Witches. Casterton. - photograph by R. Bliss R.R.P.C.
Lancaster Hole - 12/10/47
Lancaster Hole - 26/10/47
Lancaster Hole - 23/2/48. Sat & Sun.
File A: through to File Z: Survey notes for each passage as surveyed (catalogued A -Z)
Caving Posters:  
1 Kl. Holl-Loch CH-Niderbauen NW
2 The Columns - Ogof Ffynon Ddu
3 National Caving Conference 1977 - BCRA
4 8 eme Festival International du Film de Speleologie 1985
5 National Caving Conference 1988 - BCRA
6 Karst of China
7 Monster Cavern, Lancaster Hole
8 Alum Pot & The Long Churn Caves (2 editions)
Letters and other documents:  
To: Date: From:
E. Simpson, G. Cornes 1947 R.D. Leakey: Re: Lancaster Cavern April 27, 1947
Wilf Taylor 1948 Norman Thornber: Re: CRO. 18.03.48
Wilf Taylor 1949 Norman Thornber. Re: RRCPC 15.02.49
Wilf Taylor 1950 Eli Simpson (BSA) Re: Tressapssing into Lancaster Hole 30.05.50
Geoge Cornes 1950 Alan Hyslop (solicitor) Re: Tressapssing into Lancaster Hole 20.06.50
Ron Bliss 1952 Tom Sykes: Re: Caving in Cyprus (1952)
Ron Bliss 1952 Gordon Warren? Re. Easegill formations (1952)
Wilf Taylor 1954 Instituto Nacional Para La Investigacion de Recursos Minerals 15.01.54 Re: Congress in Mexico
Ron Bliss 1957 Dennis Kemp: Re: Request to take Sir John Hunt caving (1957)
Ron Bliss 1957 Sir John Hunt: Re: Apology cancelling visit to Lancaster Hole (1957)
ArthurWoodall 1959 Colin Green (NPC) Re: Caving expedition + Relations with farmers etc. 24.09.59
Northern Caving Clubs 1960? D. Marsden Secretary RRCPC - Proposed Formation of C.N.C.C.
M. Wilkinson 1969 Roger Sutcliffe (GC) Re: Newsletters. 11.08.69
Clark Oglethorpe (Solicitors) 1958 Marsden & Marsden (Solicitors) Re: Debt. 13.08.58
Arthur Woodall 1958 Clark Oglkethorpe (Solicitors) Re: Debt. 14.08.58
Jim Eyre 1961 Jack Kennerley (NEG) Re: Relations with kindred clubs. 30.10.61
Tom Sykes 1965 Mick Bateson. Re: General 17.08.65
RRCPC 1969 Tony Tanner. Re: Membership enquiry. 31.07.69
Tony Tanner 1969 Peter Llewellyn. Re: above 07.08.69
M. Wilkinson 1969 Don Mellor (CPC) Re: Journals 20.08.69
Miss (Mrs) Wilkinson 1969 B. Roberts (ULSA) Re: Journals. 22.08.69
Peter Llewellyn 1969 Michael Hartland (BPC) Re: Insurance 10.09.69
Bradford Pothole Club 1969 RRCPC. Re: Pirating our digs 30.10.69
RRCPC 1969 Bradford Pothole Club. Re: reply to above 06.11.69
Peter Llewellyn 1969 Michael Hartland (BPC) Re: personnal reply to above 06.11.69
M. Wilkinson 1970 Rotary Club, Morecambe & Heysham. Re: Hobbies Exhibition 27.01.70
M. Wilkinson 1970 Rotary Club, Morecambe & Heysham. Re: Hobbies Exhibition 07.03.70
Peter Llewellyn 1970 Jim Newton. Re: Letter from India 28.11.70
Sandra Wilkinson: President, RRCPC 1988 W. Taylor: 18.04.88?
Sandra Wilkinson: President, RRCPC 1989 W. Taylor: with enclosures. 17.04.89
Press cutting: Blackwater rafting
Sandra Wilkinson: President, RRCPC 1989 W. Taylor: with enclosures. 14.09.89
Weymouth News: (1988) Wiri Lave Caves
Sandra Wilkinson: President, RRCPC 1991 W. Taylor: with enclosures. 25.03.91
New Zealand caving press cuttings.
Photograph: Bury Cave and Pothole Club 1939
Wilkinson Family 1997 Gerard Verhaegh: Re: General greetings 06.03.97
RRCPC 1998 Liz and Jon Forster: Re: Letter of thanks, wedding day (1998)
Sandra Wilkinson: President, RRCPC 2002 W. Leyland: General greetings. 31.01.02
Cinderella: A farce in three easy parts Re: Dinner turn script
Ode to Eli By W. V. Leyland
Sandra Wilkinson: President RRCPC Unknown W. Taylor
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