Collection of Photos by Bryan Clarkson

Bryan emigrated to oz under the £10 scheme many years ago.  Pauline went with him and they got married on the boat. Both were Red Rose members in the early 1950's. Bryan is Tom Sykes' cousin and they had no contact until some old Auntie told Tom his E Mail address. Hey Presto! Tom had a reply in days & they have been in regular contact since. His first misunderstanding was that Tom lived at Bullpot Farm but we soon put him straight and gave him the club history & the club web site.

They both show a keen interest in everything that happens Bryan has been a pro. photographer for over fifty years. He was inspired and learned a lot from Ron Bliss.

Member of the N.P.C descending Alum Pot

G.G. Main chamber.

Red Rose Members preparing to descend Lost Johns (Bryan is on the right.).

Ron Bliss descending Oxford Pot


Pauline in Gingling Caves. (photo by Ron.)

Bryan descending Notts pot on a very icy day

R.R.C.P.C 2006