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Due to popular demand we pesent a sellection of photos from past decades of the Red Rose.

If you would like to contribute any photos please contact Andy Hall.

Ron Bliss archives

Photos from Jim Newton
updated 12/09/04

Photos from Andy Hall

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Some photos supplied by Andy Hall

Andy Hall's website has other Red Rose related material


Photo taken in Stop Pot. circa late1980's Ron Bliss took main photo of a group of over 40 of us and filled the chamber full of flash powder! See opposite.

Members include Helen Sargent, Jim Davis, Paul Seddon, Pete Seed, Keith Lewis, Karl Atkinson,

Ron Blss setting up his gear for the group photo.

See link for actual photo by Ron

Gouffre Berger 1984. Group photo of the Red Rose team, who joined up with Army Caving Assoc and CRO to get over 40 people to bottom of Berger. Members include Paul Seddon, Keith Lewis, Jack Sheldon. Pete Seed, Hugh St Lawrence, Jim Davis, Andy Hall.

1982 Red Rose members Hugh St Lawrence, Mick Doran, Bob Daunton and Chris Wilcox setting off to do all 14 3000ft peaks in N.Wales. We did not all make it. I was taken ill on the way round and had to be rescued by Keith Lewis!

Red Rose members attend my Stag Night!

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Some photos supplied by Jim Newton

"Please Sir, may I leave the room"

Red Rose at the Trident in OFD 2 in 1978

Members include K.Lewis, A.Hall, H.St Lawrence, G.Leach, W.Holden, C.Wilcox, P.Seddon, P.Muckalt, R.Stevens, M.Woodhouse

A young Hugh St Lawrence!

Sandra Wilkinson at Marble steps car Park (circa 1970)

Herbert Heddech at Dragon Hole

Sylvester Pot Breakthrough - New entrance 2004

Club trip to Long Kin West 1958

Club members at South Wales CC 1988

Ron Bliss after a trip down Pippikin!

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