Reciprocal Rights with other Clubs

If you are planning on staying at one of these clubs you should ensure that you book in advance of your visit and avoid members only weekends. Most clubs now have online diaries and booking systems, of which you should take advantage.

These arrangements enable you to pay members’ rates for use of facilities. No other rights or privileges are conferred by these arrangements. In particular, we remind you that reciprocal rights do not bring any access to caves managed by these clubs. The normal permit systems have to be followed. Additionally, you should check in advance about access to hut keys if required.

•    Members can stay in Reciprocal Rights Huts for the same fees as that Club’s Membership. (see opposite)
•    Up to 5 members can visit each hut without prior booking though ensuring availability before travelling is sensible when possible and essential for smaller venues (GSG). Contact necessary as well where Key code entry is needed – to obtain code (As at Bull Pot Farm where code changes regularly)
•   Access will be allowed to each club’s “membership only” areas in huts, when there is available space.
•    Only bona fide Red Rose Club members to be included in the agreement.
•    Possible exchange of Club Publications
•    No access to Reciprocal Club Tackle or Library