Outside the Bunkhouse

Looking down the Farm Lane from end of public road

Looking down the Farm lane from end of public road

Bullpot bunkhouse is surrounded by farmland, mainly used for cattle and sheep grazing. We do have access to a front yard car park, rear garden, rear car park and raised garden area to the North West of the building. Pictures below show various views around the exterior of the premises.

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Farm in winter

Aerial photo to show the isolation of Bullpot

Construction work.

Thanks to a Yorkshire Dales National Park SDF Grant, considerable work has been done in the back garden to develop three new stone built tackle stores and a grey water storage system for toilets and gear washing. The work is now complete.

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New tackle store

water tanks

Side elevation

Side elevation

New Woodstore

Wood store

Spacious rear car park

Front porch with Emergency Phone

Rear garden

Rear garden

Upper field

Changing room/showers

New NP Signage

Details on NP sign