Meets and Events

If you have any suggestions for Meets then contact Emma Wilson or Tom Clayton.

f you are able or want to coordinate any additional trips please let Tom know and they can be added to the meets calendar. In particular we are looking for leaders for a club trip in late January/ February.

Saturday 18th May : Grind Circle (third time lucky with the weather?). Awkward, muddy round trip in Link Pot with SRT. A modern classic.

Sunday 19th May : Swinsto (In, out, or through. Up to you). A fun Sunday trip on ropes.

Saturday 1st June: Robinsons Pot (Limited numbers). Short ladder entrance pitch in an unusual location into an interesting cave.

Saturday 15th June: Car Pot (on Ladders). Classic, tight pothole on Ingleborough. Using Ladders, rather than SRT.

Saturday 6th July: Fairy Holes (Limited numbers). Long, horizontal cave in the Northern Pennines.

If you would like to attend any of the above trips or have any suggestions for trips then contact Emma Wilson or Tom Clayton.


Casterton Permits

Sunday 7th April – Cow Pot

Saturday 20th April – Sylvester Pot

Sunday 5th May – Wretched Rabbit

Saturday 18th May – Lancaster Hole

Saturday 8th June – County Pot

Sunday 23rd June – Pool Sink

Saturday 13th July – Cow Pot

Saturday 3rd August – Top Sink

Sunday 18th August – County Pot

Saturday 7th September – Wretched Rabbit

Saturday 28th September – Lancaster Hole

Saturday 19th October – County Pot

Saturday 2nd November – Lancaster Hole

Sunday 3rd November – County Pot

Saturday 9th November – Lancaster Hole

Sunday 10th November – Pool Sink

Saturday 7th December – Cow Pot

Thursday 26th December – Lancaster Hole

Saturday 28th December – County Pot

Monday 30th December – Wretched Rabbit

Tuesday 31st December – Pool Sink

Leck Fell Permits 

Saturday 27th July – Deaths Head, Boxhead

Saturday 31st August – Gavel Pot

Sunday 15th September – Short Drop

Saturday 5th October – Cupcake, Notts 2

Saturday 2nd November – Rumbling Hole

Saturday 14th December – Its a Cracker

Friday 27th December – Notts Pot

Sunday 29th December – Lost Johns, Boxhead

Monday 30th December – Big Meanie, Deaths Head

Wednesday 1st January 2020 – Short Drop, Gavel Pot