Meets and Events

If you have any suggestions for Meets then contact Emma Wilson or Tom Clayton.

f you are able or want to coordinate any additional trips please let Tom know and they can be added to the meets calendar. In particular we are looking for leaders for a club trip in late January/ February.

We have produced a meets calender for the autumn/winter. Any additional trip requests will be welcome. Please note that Leck Fell permits are now available online and available for booking by anyone. See link below for booking Leck Fell, Ingleborough Estate and Penyghent area


Sat 12th October: Dog holes – Bucket on the head. Wet, tight, horizontal through trip in Barbondale.

WANTED – a team of helpers – Club digging trip to Rollerball. October 12th. Pre Auction Party team effort needed
As members are aware we have an ongoing dig at Rollerball Pot, near the Farm. The situation is that the digging itself is easy in a stooping height passage with easily dug sand and gravel and a good draft. However all the spoil has to be bagged up and hauled out through about 30ft of steep passage to the surface as there is no stacking space left in the cave. We require a team of at least 6-8 people to help with this on the day of the Auction Party 12th October. Some people can work on the surface and we can rotate diggers around so you won’t be stuck in one place for several hours. Meet at the Farm at 11 a.m. and bring a packed lunch. We will provide brewing facilities etc. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP. Let Andy Hall or Ray Duffy know

12th October-Auction Party. There will be an auction party at the farm in October. A more informative notice about this event will appear in future News-Sheet.

Sat 2nd November: Rumbling hole. Leck fell SRT trip.

Sun 3rd November: Illusion pot. Easy, well decorated trip in Kingsdale.

Sat 16th November: Underground trip to do some sort of cleanup in Ease Gill Caverns system. Holly Bradley will coordinate. Meet at Farm 10:30. More details later.

Sat 14th December: Long Kin East – Rift pot. Classic SRT exchange trip, with big final pitch.

Sat 11th January: Swan Dike. Reasonably hard trip with squeeze.

Sun 2nd February: Swinsto pot. Classic, wet SRT through trip. Or down and up.

If you would like to attend any of the above trips or have any suggestions for trips then contact Emma Wilson or Tom Clayton.


Casterton Permits

Saturday 7th September – Wretched Rabbit

Saturday 28th September – Lancaster Hole

Saturday 19th October – County Pot

Saturday 2nd November – Lancaster Hole

Sunday 3rd November – County Pot

Saturday 9th November – Lancaster Hole

Sunday 10th November – Pool Sink

Saturday 7th December – Cow Pot

Thursday 26th December – Lancaster Hole

Saturday 28th December – County Pot

Monday 30th December – Wretched Rabbit

Tuesday 31st December – Pool Sink

Leck Fell Permits

Sunday 15th September – Short Drop

Saturday 5th October – Cupcake, Notts 2

Saturday 2nd November – Rumbling Hole

Saturday 14th December – Its a Cracker

Friday 27th December – Notts Pot

Sunday 29th December – Lost Johns, Boxhead

Monday 30th December – Big Meanie, Deaths Head

Wednesday 1st January 2020 – Short Drop, Gavel Pot