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UPDATED: 17th. October 2016

RRCPC Library Books

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Book Number Author(s) Title Date ISBN Number
Industrial Past Industries, crafts and people of yesterday, The
English Nature Inventory of special interest features of SSSI’s
Cave Hunters: Biographical sketches of the lives of Sir William Boyd Dawkins and Dr J. Wilfred Jackson
Structure of the Masson Anticline, The
B001 SIFFRE, Michel Beyond Time 1965
B002 Nelsons Handbook for Tourists English Lakes, The 1859
B003 Blacks Blacks Picturesque Guide to the English Lakes 1850
B004 WHITE, H.M. Old Ingleborough 1904
B005 EDWARDS, W., & TROTTER, F.M. British Regional Geology: The Pennines and adjacent areas. 1954
B006s EDWARDS, W., & TROTTER, F.M. British Regional Geology: The Pennines and adjacent areas. 1962
B007 KELLAWAY, G.A., & WELSH, F.B.A. British Regional Geology: Bristol and Gloucester District 1961
B008 MORRIS, James Coronation Everest 1958
B009 TAZIEFF, Haroun Caves of Adventure 1953
B010 CASTERET, Nobert Cave Men New and Old 1951
B011 COON, Carleton S Seven Caves 1957
B012ss CASTERET, Nobert My Caves 1947
B013 CASTERET, Nobert My Caves 1947
B014 JOHNSON, Peter History of Mendip Caving, The 1967
B015 DAKYNS, J.R., TIDDEMAN, R.H., GUNN, W., STRAHAN, A. Geology of the country around Ingleborough, The 1890
B016s BAKER, Ernest A. Moors Crags and Caves of the High Peak and Neighbourhood 1903
B017s HENDRIX, Charles E. Cave Book, The 1950
B018 WALKER, F Geography from the Air 1964
B019s SHAW, W.T. Mining in the Lake Counties 1970
B020 PALMER, W.T. Complete Hill Walker, The: Rock Climber & Cave Explorer 1934
B021 THOMSON, J.R. Guide to the District of Craven 1879
B022 GEOGRAPHICA, Guide Lake District, The
B023 GUIDE, – illustrated Cheddar Caves, an illustrated survey & guide
B024 JIMENEZ, Antonio Nunez Cuba con la Mochila al Hombro 1963
B025 BALCH, H.E. Mendip Caves, The 1947
B026 CASTERET, Nobert More Years Under the Earth 1962
B027s CASTERET, Nobert Ten Years Under the Earth 1940
B028s LOVELOCK, James Life and Death Underground 1963
B029 CADOUX, Jean and others One Thousand Metres Down 1957
B030 CASTERET, Nobert Descent of Pierre Saint-Martin 1955
B031 BAKER, E.A. Caving: Episodes of Underground Exploration 1970 ISBN 0854096299
B032 BAKER, E.A. & BALCH, H.E. Netherworld of Mendip 1907
B033s BAKER, E.A. Caving: Episodes of Underground Exploration 1935 ISBN 0854096299
B034 CULLINGFORD, C.H.D. British Caving 1962
B035 NORWAY, Arthur H. Highways & Byways in Yorkshire 1903
B036 WALTERS, Cuming J. Spell of Yorkshire 1931
B037 HARTWIG, Dr George Subterranean World 1871
B038 RAWNSLEY, H.D. Round the Lake Country 1909
B039 WEST, Thomas Guide to the Lakes, A: in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire 1793
B040 DAVENPORT ADAMS, W.H. Famous Caverns & Grottoes 1890
B041 BOGG, Edmund Lakeland & Ribblesdale, A Thousand Miles . . . Along the Roman Road 1898
B042 CHISHOLM, Geo. G World As It Is, The 1884
B043s BOYD DAWKINS, W Cave Hunting 1874
B044 KENDALL, Percy Fry & WROOT, Herbert E Geology of Yorkshire 1924
B045s BAKER, E.A. & BALCH, H.E. Netherworld of Mendip 1907


B046 BRAYSHAW, Thom. Guide to Settle 1911
B047 MERCIER, Mrs Jerome Last Wolf, The
B048s GOUGH, A.G.H. Gough’s Cave – a pictorial guide 1934
B049 Cumbria Amenity Trust Mine Explorer, The 1984
B050 FORD, Trevor D. & RIEUWERTS, J.H. Lead Mining in the Peak District 1981 Back to top
B051 GUIDE, official Wookey Hole: The Cave of Mystery and History
B052s Around Ingleton and Clapham: A Dalesman picture guide
B053 SMITH, J.P. Dunald Mill Hole: paper on 1889
B054 JACKSON, Wilfred, J Explorations at Dog Holes: Warton Crag, Lancs. 1913
B055 HUGHES, McKenny T. Ingleborough: Part VI – The Carboniferous Rocks (Yorkshire Geological Society, Proceedings of the ) 1908
B056 MELLORS, P.T. Legal Aspects of Access Underground 1988 ISBN 0900265086
B057 CANSELL, Anthony Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association 1948-1968 1968
B058 ROBINSON, Don Potholing & Caving, know the game 1967 ISBN 71580278x
B059 CORDINGLEY, John Peak Cavern System, a caver’s guide 1986 ISBN 094815201x
B060 GUIDE Show Caves in Austria
B061 GUIDE, Illustrated Caves of Campanet, The 1970
B062 GUIDE, for International Speleo. Conference Caves and Karst of Ireland: Guidebook for the International Speleo. Conference 1977 1977
B063 VACHELL, E.T. Kents Cavern, its Origin and History 1951
B064 BOON, J.M. Great San Agustin Rescue, The 1980
B065 GODENNE, Auguste Grotto of Han 1911
B066 GUIDE, illustrated Grotte Prehistorique de Niaux
B067s LAKE, P.M.B. Kents Cavern, The story of 1950
B068 British Standards Institution Mining Terms, glossary of: Section 2. – Ventilation 1963
B069 HMSO Institute of Geological Sciences, Sectional List No. 45 1967
B070 GUIDE, illustrated Up and Down the River Dart
B071 HMSO Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings 1967
B072 SPEAKMAN, Colin Walking in the Yorkshire Dales 1967
B073 HANWELL, J.D. & NEWSON, M.D. Great Storms and Floods of July 1968 on Mendip 1970
B074 FORD, Dr. Trevor Ingleborough Cavern 1971
B075 RASTALL, R.H. Ingletonian Series of West Yorkshire, The 1906
B076 GATACRE, E.V. Wookey Hole 1975
B077 HENDRIX, Charles E. Cave Book, The 1950
B078 GRENFELL, Harold & MORRIS, Bernard Caves of Gower, The 1974
B079 VIVIAN, John Tales of the Cornish Miners 1970
B080s GUIDE, official Stump Cross Caverns, The underground wonderland
B081 RILEY, Frederic Guide to Settle
B082 Horton Local History Group Horton in Ribblesdale, the story of an upland parish 1984 ISBN 0951007106
B083s BROWN, G.H. Victoria Cave 1925
B085 GILL, George Stump Cross Caverns, the underground wonderland
B086 CHEVALIER, Pierre Subterranean Climbers, Twelve years in the world’s deepest chasm 1975 ISBN 091426415x
B087 FRANKE, Herbert W. Wilderness under the Earth 1958
B088 ELLIOT, Dave SRT 1986 ISBN 0904405680
B089 d’URSEL, Pierre Histoires Grottesques 1965
B090 MOORE, George W. & SULLIVAN, G. Nichlolas Speleology, The Study of Caves 1978 ISBN 0939748002
B091 WARD ,LOCK Lake District, The
B092s CASTERET, Nobert Ten Years Under the Earth 1963
B093 HUTTON, John Tour to the Caves, in the Environs of Ingleborough and Settle 1970 ISBN 0854096302
B094 BLAIR, John Lake District, The
B095 MUIRHEAD, L. Russell Lake District 1947
B096 COUSTEAU, J.Y. Silent World, The 1954


B097 FORD, Dr. Trevor Ingleborough Cavern 1967
B098 RAISTRICK, Arthur Romans in Yorkshire, The 1966
B099 HINSON, Ron & Lucie Around Ingleton 1961
B100 RAISTRICK, Arthur Lead Mining in the Yorkshire Dales 1972 ISBN 0852061714
B101 Dalesman, a picture guide Three Peaks, The: 1962 Back to top
B102 HAMER, John L. Falls and Caves of Ingleton (cover missing) 1946
B103 HAMER, John L. Moors and Falls of Ingleton
B104 HINSON, Ron & Lucie Wharfedale 1966
B105 KING, W.B.R. & WILCOCKSON W.H. Lower Palaeozoic Rocks of Austwick and Horton in Ribblesdale, Yorkshire 1934
B106 HUGHES, McKenny T. Ingleborough: Part II – Stratigraphy (Yorkshire Geological Society, Proceedings of the) 1905
B107 GREEN, J.F.N. Geologists’ Association, Proceedings of the 1917
B108s CULLINGFORD, Cecil Exploring Caves 1951
B109 BROOK, A. & D., DAVIES, G.M., & LONG, M.H. Northern Caves, Volume 2: Penyghent and Malham 1976
B110 AGER, D.V. Introducing Geology 1961
B111 BARRINGTON, Nicholas & STANTON, William Mendip, The Complete Caves and a view of the hills 1977 ISBN 0950145920
B112ss BROOK, D., DAVIES, G., LONG, M.H., & SUTCLIFFE, J.R. Northern Caves, Volume 4: Whernside and Gragareth 1975 ISBN 0852062591
B113 WAINWRIGHT, A. Walks in Limestone Country
B114 FORD, Trevor D. & GILL, David W. Caves of Derbyshire 1984 ISBN 085206781x
B115 WALTHAM, Tony Caves, Crags and Gorges 1984 ISBN 0094649707
B116 BROOK, A. & D., GRIFFITHS, J. & LONG, M.H. Northern Caves 2, The Three Peaks 1991 ISBN 1855680335
B117 BARRINGTON, Nicholas and STANTON, William Caves of Mendip, The complete 1970
B118 GILL, David W. & BECK, John S. Caves of the Peak District 1991 ISBN 1855680343
B119 BROOK, D., DAVIES, G.M., LONG, M.H., & RYDER P.F. Northern Caves 1, Wharfedale & The North-East 1988 ISBN 0852069278
B120 TALLANTIRE, Philip Felix Austria III: Niederen and Hohen Tauern 1968
B121 BROOK, D., DAVIES, G.M., LONG, M.H., & SUTCLIFFE, J.R. Northern Caves, Volume 4B: Leck and Casterton Fells 1983
B122s BROOK, A & D., DAVIES, G.M., & LONG, M.H. Northern Caves, Volume 3: Ingleborough 1975 ISBN 0852063121
B123 BROOK, D., COE, R.G., DAVIES, G.M., & LONG, M.H. Northern Caves, Volume 1: Wharfedale 1972
B124 BROOK, D., DAVIES, G.M., & LONG, M.H. Northern Caves, Volume 4A: Scales Moor and Kingsdale 1983 ISBN 085206747x
B125s BROOK, D., DAVIES, G.M., LONG, M.H. & RYDER, P.F. Northern Caves, Volume 5: The Northern Dales 1974 ISBN 0852062355
B126 TALLANTIRE, Philip Felix Austria, IV: Pitztal – East and West 1966
B127 TALLANTIRE, Philip Felix Austria, I: Venediger Region 1964
B128 DOUAT, Michel, PERNETTE, Jean-Francois, & PUISAIS, Serge Speleo Sportive, A La Pierre Saint-Martin 1985 ISBN 2857441817
B129s DOUAT, Michel, PERNETTE, Jean-Francois, & PUISAIS, Serge Speleo Sportive, A La Pierre Saint-Martin 1985 ISBN 2857441817
B130 DROVIN, Philippe and MARCHAND, Thierry Speleo Sportive, En Ardeche 1989 ISBN 285744401x
B131 MAIRE, Richard, and RIGALDIE, Christian Speleo Sportive, Dans Les Alpes de Haute-Savoie . . . 1984 ISBN 2857441819
B132 DELANNOY, Jean-Jacques and HAFFNER Dominique Speleo Sportive, Dans le Vercors 1987 ISBN 2857442742
B133 ODDOU, Alain and SOUNIER, Jean-Paul Speleo Sportive, Au Marguareis 1986 ISBN 2857442416
B134s STRATFORD, Tim Caves of South Wales 1986 ISBN 904405435
B135 STRATFORD, Tim Caves of South Wales 1986 ISBN 0904405435
B136 STRATFORD, Tim Caves of South Wales 1982 ISBN 0904405761
B137 SCHUURMANS, Theo Caver’s View of the Clydach River, A 1987 ISBN 0951293818
B138 BARRINGTON, Nicholas Caves of Mendip 1964
B139s BALCH, H.E. Mendip, Its Swallet Caves and Rock Shelters 1948
B140 STRATFORD, Tim Caves of South Wales 1978 ISBN 0904405354
B141 IRWIN, D.J. & KNIBBS, A. J. Mendip Underground, A caver’s guide 1987 ISBN 0905903129
B142 MITCHELL, Albert Yorkshire Caves and Potholes: North Ribblesdale 1948
B143 MITCHELL, Albert Yorkshire Caves and Potholes: Under Ingleborough
B144s MITCHELL, Albert Yorkshire Caves and Potholes: Under Ingleborough
B145 Mountain Rescue Committee Mountain and Cave Rescue 1975
B146 FORD, Trevor D. Caves of Derbyshire 1974 ISBN 0852062486


B147 FORD, Trevor D. Caves of Derbyshire 1964
B148 HOLLAND, Eric G. Underground in Furness 1960
B149s STRATFORD, Tim Caves of South Wales 1986 ISBN 0904405435
B150 GUIDE Cavern of the Dragon, illusted Back to top
B151 REYNOLDS, Kev Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees 1978 ISBN 902363212
B152 WILSON, G.H. Cave Hunting Holidays in Peakland 1937
B153 THORNYCROFT, L.B. Cheddar, The Story of – Its gorge, caves and ancient history 1959
B154s THORNYCROFT, L.B. Wookey Hole, The Story of 1951
B155 BATTAGEL, Arthur Pyrenees East: East of the Gavarnie Cirque 1975
B156 BATTAGEL, Arthur Pyrenees West: West of the Gavarnie Cirque 1975
B157ss JASINSKI, Marc Caves and Caving, a guide to the exploration, geology and biology of caves 1969
B158 THORNBER, Norman Pennine Underground 1965
B159ss THORNBER, Norman Pennine Underground 1959
B160s THORNBER, Norman Pennine Underground 1947
B161ss THORNBER, Norman Britain Underground 1953
B162 THORNBER, Norman Britain Underground
B163 JASINSKI, Marc Caves and Caving, a guide to the exploration, geology and biology of caves 1967
B164 JENKINS, D.W. & MASON WILLIAMS, Ann Caves in Wales & The Marches 1967
B165s FORD, Trevor D. Caves of Derbyshire 1967
B166 NORTON, M.G., SAVAGE, D.& STANDING, P.A. Little Neath River Cave: South Wales, The 1967
B167 MUIR WOOD, Dr Robert On The Rocks, a geology of Britain 1978 ISBN 0563162112
B168 ELLIOT, Dave & LAWSON, Dick SRT Rigging Guide 1987 ISBN 0904405249
B169 ELLIOT, Dave SRT 1968 ISBN 0904405680
B170 De JOLY, Robert Memoirs of a Speleologist, The adventurous life of a French Cave Explorer 1975 ISBN 0914264095
B171 JERMY, A.Clive, & KAVANAGH, Kathryn P Gunung Mulu National Park, (Sarawak Museum Journal, Vol.XXX No.51 – new series) 1982
B172 JENNINGS, J. N. Karst Geomorphology 1985 ISBN 0631140328
B173 JUDSON, David Caving Practice & Equipment 1991 ISBN 1871890764
B174 MIDDLETON, John & WALTHAM, Tony Underground Atlas, A gazetteer of the world’s cave regions 1986 ISBN 0709027982
B175 SMITH, D.I. & DREW, D.P. Limestones and Caves of the Mendip Hills 1975 ISBN 071536572x
B176 WALTHAM, A.C. Limestones and Caves of North-West England 1974 ISBN 0715361813
B177 HEAP, David Potholing: Beneath the Northern Pennines 1964 ISBN 0905903099
B178s HEAP, David Potholing: Beneath the Northern Pennines 1964
B179 HILL, Carol A. & FORTI, Paolo Cave Minerals of the World 1986 ISBN 0961509309
B180s WALTHAM, Tony Caves ISBN 333174143
B181 WALTHAM, Tony Caves 1974 ISBN 333174143
B182 MORGAN, Llew E. Dan-Yr-Ogof Caves, Swansea Valley: Official Guide
B183 MEREDITH, Mike & MARTINEZ, Dan Vertical Caving 1986 ISBN 095068743x
B184 TYLER, Ian Greenside, A Tale of Lakeland Miners 1992 ISBN 0951294644
B185 GASS, I.G., SMITH, Peter J. & WILSON, R.C.L. Understanding the Earth 1971 ISBN 851412629
B186 McFADZEAN, Alen Iron Moor, The 1989 ISBN 095129461x
B187 BOON, J.M. Down to a Sunless Sea 1977
B188 Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society Beneath the Lakeland Fells 1992 ISBN 0951294636
B189 MARBACH, Georges & ROCOURT, Jean-Louis Techniques de la Speleologie Alpine 1980
B190 LYON, Ben Venturing Underground, the new speleo’s guide 1983 ISBN 0715808257
B191 JUDSON, David Caving Practice & Equipment 1984 ISBN 0715381555
B192 PALMER, Robert Blue Holes of the Bahamas, The 1985 ISBN 022402311x
B193 HOWES, Chris To Photograph Darkness 1989 ISBN 086299649x
B194 JIMENEZ, Antonio Nunez Geografia de Cuba: Asi es mi Pais 1960
B195 LOVELOCK, James Caving 1969 ISBN 713403039
B196 LAWRENCE, Joe Jr. & BRUCKER, Roger W. Caves Beyond, The 1975 ISBN 0914264184


B197 BRUCKER, Roger W. & WATSON, Richard A. Longest Cave, The 1977 ISBN 0394487931
B198 TYLER, Ian Force Crag, The History of a Lakeland Mine 1990 ISBN 0951294628
B199 JUDSON, David Ghar Parau 1973 ISBN 0304291587
B200 BECK, Howard M. Gaping Gill, 150 Years of exploration 1984 ISBN 0709015526
B201 HOWES, Chris Cave Photography 1987 ISBN 0951220403
B202 ELLIS, Bryan Surveying Caves 1976 Back to top
B203s MEREDITH, Mike Vertical Caving
B204 CHEVALIER, Pierre Subterranean Climbers, Twelve years in the world’s deepest chasm 1951
B205 SELF, C.A. Caves of County Clare
B206 TRATMAN, E.K. Caves of North-West Clare, Ireland, The 1969 ISBN 715343246
B207 FARR, Martyn Great Caving Adventure 1984 ISBN 0946609101
B208 De LAVAUR, Guy Caves and Cave Diving 1956
B209s CADOUX, Jean, and others One Thousand Metres Down 1957
B210 CULLINGFORD, Cecil Manual of Caving Techniques 1969 ISBN 710066546
B211 FARR, Martyn Darkness Beckons, The 1980 ISBN 0906371503
B212 MITCHELL, W.R. Yorkshire’s Hollow Mountains 1989 ISBN 187106404x
B213 Le Speleo Club des Causses Speleo Causse Noir
B214 DEAKIN, P.R. & GILL, D.W. British Caves and Potholes 1975 ISBN 085153239x
B215 GELDARD, Ed Wainwright in the Limestone Dales 1991 ISBN 0718134915
B216 NYMEYER, Robert Carlsbad, Caves and a Camara 1978 ISBN 0914264249
B217s STENUIT, Robert Caves and the Marvellous World Beneath Us 1966
B218 BEDFORD, Bruce Underground Britain, A guide to the Wild Caves and Show Caves . . . . . 1985 ISBN 0002181010
B219 FORD, Trevor D. Limestones and Caves of Wales 1989 ISBN 0521324386
B220 OLDHAM, Tony Caves of North Wales, The 1977
B221 BERGER, Alexis, DEFLANDRE, Guy, FLAMENT, Jean-Paul, LEONARD, Christian d’ombre, de silence, de pierre et, d’eau 1966
B222 OLDHAM, Tony Caves of Carmarthen, The 1975
B223 RICHARDS, J.H. Waitomo Caves: New Zealand’s Underground Wonderland 1954
B224P Lava Caves of Hawaii: Geographical magazine 1981
B225 JEFFREYS, Alan Scotland Underground 1984
B226club JEFFREYS, Alan Caves of Assynt, The 1972
B227 MONTGOMERY, Neil R. Single Rope Techniques, a guide for vertical cavers 1977 ISBN 095996083x
B228 THRUN, Robert Prusiking 1971 ISBN 7381274
B229club JEFFREYS, Alan Caves of Assynt, The 1988
B230 LAWSON, T.J. Caves of Assynt ISBN 0951390104
B231 MILLIGAN, Spike Goon Show Scripts, The 1972 ISBN 0713000767
B232 McFADZEAN, Alen Wythburn Mine and the Lead Miners of Helvellyn 1987 ISBN 0951294601
B233 MINVIELLE, Pierre Grottes et Canyons, Les 100 plus belles courses et randonnees 1977
B234 FOGG P. & T. China Caves Project: 1987-1988
B235 WALTHAM, A.C. China Caves’ 85 1986
B236 COURBON, Paul Atlas Des Grands Gouffres du Monde 1979
B237 COURBON, Paul et CHABERT, Claude Atlas des Grandes Cavites Mondiales 1986
B238 RAISTRICK, Arthur & ROBERTS, Arthur Life and Work of the Northern Lead Miner 1984 ISBN 0901450251
B239 STANTON, W.I. Pioneer under the Mendips 1969
B240 COLEMAN, J.C. Caves of Ireland, The 1965
B241 COURBON, Paul.,CHABERT, Claude., BOSTED, Peter & LINDSLEY, Karen Atlas of the Great Caves of the World 1969 ISBN 0939748215
B242 JACKSON, Donald Dale Underground Worlds 1982 ISBN 705407454
B243ss BOGLI, Alfred & FRANKE, Herbert W. Radiant Darkness, The Wonderful World of Caves 1967 ISBN 245586032
B244 WILSON, Ken & GILBERT, Richard Big Walks, The 1980 ISBN 0906371600
B245 TAYLOR, Michael Ray Lechuguilla, Jewel of the Underground 1991 ISBN 0909158552
B246 MEREDITH, M., WOOLDRIDGE, J., LYON, Ben Giant Caves of Borneo 1992 ISBN 9677300709


B247 BROOK, D.B & WALTHAM, A.C. Caves of Mulu 1978
B248 EYRE, Jim Cave Explorers, The 1981 ISBN 0969079028
B249 EYRE, Jim & FRANKLAND John Race Against Time 1988 ISBN 0950687448
B250club EYRE, Jim Ease Gill System, The 1989 ISBN 0900265108
B251s GEMMELL, A & MYERS J. O. Underground Adventure 1952 Back to top
B252 HOLLAND, Eric G. Coniston Copper Mines, a field guide 1981 ISBN 902363360
B253s HOLLAND, Eric Underground in Furness 1967
B254s HOLLAND, Eric G. Underground in Furness 1960
B255 HOLLAND, Eric G. Coniston Copper 1986
B256 LOVELOCK, J Caving Manual, A 1981 ISBN 0713419040
B257 EYRES, Jim Right In It 1992 ISBN 0905903331
B259 FARR, Martyn Darkness Beckons, The 1991 ISBN 0906371503
B260 WAINWRIGHT, A Pennine Way Companion
B261 ROSE, David & GREGSON, Richard Beneath the Mountains, Exploring the deep caves of Asturias 1987 ISBN 0340387912
B262 MARSHALL, Des Vercours Caves: Classic French caving Vol 1 1993 ISBN 1871890713
B263P Fall 1987 Caves Region Meeting Alleghany County, Virginia: Into the Northern Latitudes 1987
B264P GEMMELL, Arthur Caving: Out of Doors and Countrygoer: 1954
B265P ROAD, Alan Secrets of the Welsh Caves, inside the Black Mountain: Observer magazine 1966
B266P MOUNTAIN Mountain: No. 7 1970
B267P BOOTH, P.H.W. Warton in the Middle Ages 1976
B268P Crimean Caves: leaflet
B269P LLOYD, Oliver C Cave Diving Hazards: Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal 1967
B270P LLOYD, Oliver C Cavers Dying of Cold: Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal
B271P FRANKLAND, John C. Caving, Problems and Pleasures: The Practitioner 1977
B272P FRANKLAND, John C. Caving and Cave Rescue: Community Health 1975
B273P CRAVEN, S. A. Some Medical Aspects of Caving Accidents, illustrated by a case history: Injury
B274P Mine Safety Appliances Co. Ltd. Edison Electric Safety Cap Lamp, parts list of the
B275P CEAG CgL2 Cap Lamp , brouchure
B276P Casey Brothers NIFE Cap Lamps
B277P LLOYD, O.C. and CHURCHER, R.A. British Cave Diving Accidents: UBSS 1980
B278P FRANKLAND, J.C. Studies on the response of healthy English Speleologists to exposure to Histoplasmosis Infection 1974
B279P FRANKLAND, John Some Medical Aspects of Cave Rescue: BCRA 1975
B280s EYRE, Jim & FRANKLAND John Race Against Time 1988 ISBN 0950687448
B281P DOVER, W.N. Down to Earth Holidays: Parade magazine 1967
B282P SMITH, Derek 100 Year Journey to Daylight, The: Telegraph magazine 1970
B283P OLIVIER, Johan Aladdin’s Crystal Cavern: Panorarma 1972
B284P ENGELBRECHT, Neville Jock’s Cave: Panorarma 1970
B285P CHOPPY, Jacques In Another World: Scala International 1962
B286P Lake District Special Planning Board Management of Glenridding Common & Greenside Mine 1978
B287P Complete Range of Wetsuits & Kits, A: Aququipment catalogue
B288P WALTHAM, A.C. Cavernous Depths of Yorkshire: Geographical magazine 1972
B289P NUNEZ JIMENEZ, Antonio Estalagmitas de Geiser: Cuba Revista Mensual, – 1962
B290P SMITH Hypothermia: COG Squeaks, extract
B291P PAZ, U Soreq Cave, The: Philatic magazne 1980
B292P WICKS, Alan L. Photographing the Deepest cave in the World: Photography 1969
B293P Brixham Geological Society Brixham Cavern Guide
B294P GUIDE Silver Mine of Sala, The
B295P GUIDE Diros Caves, Greece
B296P DILANDRO, Rene & RISBY, Andre Potholing with a Cine Camara: Amateur Cine World 1963
B297P Geological Jewelry Box: Report magazine 1973


B298P JEFFREYS, Alan L. Exploring Scotland Underground: Climber 1964
B299P WORKMAN, Geoff 105 Below: Climber 1964
B300P OLDHAM, A.D. Caving and Climbing in the Avon Gorge: Climber 1964 Back to top
B301P HUMBLE, B.H. Mountain Accidents and Mountain Safety + Exposure: Climber 1965
B302P WOOLEY, John Down the World’s Deepest Cave: ICI Magazine 1966
B303 GUIDE Gorges du Verdon, Guide Complet du Grand Canyon
B304P GUIDE Hobbies Exhibition: brochure 1965
B305P MANN, Richard Down Sell Gill Hole: Dalesman magazine 1966
B306P Dalesman magazine A Trio of Caving Journals: Dalesman magazine 1964
B307P MITCHELL, W.R. Yorkshire’s Big Hole: Dalesman magazine 1966
B308P TAYLOR, Reg. J. Flood Fall in Goyden Pot, Nidderdale: Dalesman magazine 1967
B309P BARRINGTON, Nicholas Ingleborough Cave (Pillar Hall): Dalesman magazine 1967
B309P PLANT, Ian A New Way in Lord’s Hole: Dalesman magazine 1967
B310P MITCHELL, W.R. Owner of Weathercote, Dalesman magazine 1970
B311 AYGEN, Dr. Jeolog Temucin Turkiye Magaralari (Turkish Caves) 1984
B313P GUIDE La Grotte de Clamouse
B315 Nature Conservancy Council Focus on Bats, their conservation and the law 1983 ISBN 0861392418
B316P ASPIN, Dr.J. Fantastic Caverns of Upper Ease Gill:Dalesman magazine 1953
B317s HAMER, John L. The Falls and Caves of Ingleton 1951
B318s RAISTRICK, Arthur Malhamdale 1946
B319s GUIDE White Scar Caves 1937
B320 RAISTRICK, Arthur Story of the Pennine Walls, The 1946
B321s WILSON, G.H. Cave Hunting Holidays in Peakland 1937
B322P Evershed News Cave Surveying in Northern Spain 1963
B323P Investigations upon influences of sea level fluctuations on underground karstification in some coastal regions of southern Greece Jugoslavia – (extract) 1965
B324P MISTARDIS, Gasparis Recherches sur la karstification souterraine de l’attique peninsulaire
B325P City Extra Giant Rat caught at Bull Pot Farm
B326P Ordnance Survey Bench Mark List (SD6681) 1969
B327P WILKINSON, M & CREEDY, D Flood Pulse Test: Lost Johns to Leck Beck Head 1971
B328P SMITH, R. & STEVENS, R.A. (extract from BCRA) Inductive Loops and Cave Surveying 1974
B329P Carboniferous Succession: Easegill
B330P Show Caves in Great Britain: Proceedings 6th International Congress of Speleology 1977
B331P EYRE, J Abyss of Provatina, The (extract) 1967
B332 BERNABEI, Tullio, & DeVIVO, Antonio Grotte e Storie Dell’Asia Centralle 1992
B333 SHAW, Trevor R. History of Cave Science, The exploration and study of limestone caves to 1900 1992 ISBN 0646125036
B334 PETROCHEILOU, Anna Greek Caves 1984
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Book Number Author(s) Title Author (s) Date ISBN Number
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B746P White Scar Cave – The longest Show Cave in Britain (leaflet) 2010
B747P Ingleborough Cave (leaflet) 2010
B748P Ingleton Waterfalls Trail (leaflet) 2010
B749P Coves del Drach, Porto Cristo Mallorca (leaflet) 2010
B750P Cuevas de Arta, Canyamel, Mallorca 2010

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Book Number Author(s) Title Date ISBN Number
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B752P   British Cave with a waterfall twice the size of Niagara Falls, The (Daily Mail article) 2009  
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B757P   Postojnska Jama: 1990: (leaflet)    
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Book Number Author(s) Title Date ISBN Number
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B867 PODLECKI, Janusz Wieliczka – A Royal Salt Mine 1997  
B868 MOTYČKA, Zdeněk Heaven below Earth 2005 ISBN: 80-903378-2-1

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