Last updated:  22nd. August 2020 See also:  Duplicate Publications page for many spares available for “Swop” or “Sale”

NEW:    Cave Surveys  available in library publications              see:-   SURVEYS

The Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club has an extensive library of both UK and foreign publications as well as archive material of early cave exploration in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. The majority of our library is freely available on loan to members of the club – a few rare or old manuscripts are only available to view. Our librarian may at her discretion make available to non members copies for research purposes on payment of a small fee to cover postage etc.

The library is always grateful for donations of new material, whether by gift, exchange or purchase and it also offers for sale or exchange many of its duplicate publications. Copies of Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club publications are normally available for sale from the librarian and can also usually be purchased from some local caving retailers.

Members wishing to borrow items or seek other information should contact the Librarian: Sandra Wilkinson, 7 Broadacre, Caton, Lancaster. LA2 9NF  or other key holders                 –  e-mail: Librarian (change “at” to @)

The Committee Members below have a key to the Library:

Andy Hall, Steve Gray, Mel Wilkinson, Sandra Wilkinson

Starkers, Martin Fagan, Ray Duffy, Bill Nix, Toby Speight



All proceeds from sale of duplicate books and caving journals in aid of our headquarters [Bullpot Farm] Restoration Appeal.

Ó R.R.C.P.C.   2020