Meets & Events List

Will  You  Organise  a  Club  Meet?

Updated meets list. Please contact Tom or Emma if you would like to come, or can help coordinate any of the meets (in particular we are looking for someone to do an Easegill trip on 2nd June as we will probably be away). A lot of the trips are weather dependent so may change if the forecast is too wet. Any additions to the list are always welcome. 

Club Facebook page for up to date info


Sat 7th July Summer BBQ. In our newly refurbished back garden and permanent BBQ rig

Sat 14th July – Short Drop, Gavel Pot exchange. Fun, short exchange trip with a couple of short pitches and traverses. Could include a trip to the bottom of Gavel Pot which includes several extra pitches. SRT trip.

Sat July 21st. Black Shiver. Wet, techinical SRT trip with a big pitch in the middle.

Summer Camping Trip. We plan to have a summer camping trip near to Brough, Kirkby Stephen. Weather permitting visiting caves such The Angel’s Drainpipe and Devil’s Grinding and cycling. Can people please let Tom or Emma know if there is any interest in this, and if so what dates are preferable.

Sat 15th September. Penyghent Pot. Fine, varied, long, streamway cave with several pitches. SRT trip.

Sat 20th October. For her 65th birthday Jane Chilton would like to do a birthday trip

down County to Mushroom Passage and back up to County via Spout Hall. All welcome.

Sat 3rd November- Lost Johns. Classic Leck Fell SRT trip.

Weekend of 17th November. Trip to Whitewalls for some Welsh caving. Possibile caves include Daren, Aggy, Draenen and Craig. 

Sunday 2nd December – Rumbling Hole. Interesting surface fissure on Leck Fell. SRT trip with an entrance shaft leading to further shorter pitches.

Sat December 15th. Club Christmas trip to Juiper Gulf (tbc). SRT trip with a big final pitch

Casterton & Leck Fell Permits:

Regarding the Casterton Fell / Leck Fell Permits. These are now all located in 2 files by the booking in sheets in the Members Room. Only condition is on the Leck Fell permits – take these with you on the day and post details of party in estate office in Cowan Bridge.

Leck Fell :

Sat 14th July – Gavel & Short Drop

Sat 11th August – Notts II

Sun 15th September  – Notts Pot

Sat 3rd November – Lost Johns, Deaths Head  (TBC)

Sun 2nd December – Rumbling  Hole

Wed 26th December – Big Meanie, Deaths Head

Fri 28th December  – Lost Johns, Boxhead

Sun 30th December – Notts Pot

Mon 1st Jan 2019 – Notts II


Sat 7th July  – Wretched Rabbit, Lancaster Hole

Sun 22nd July  – Sylvester Pot

Sat 18th Aug – Top Sink, Pool Sink

Sun 2nd Sept – Lancaster Hole

Sat 15th Sept – County Pot

Sun 30th Sept – Cow Pot, Lancaster Hole

Sat 20th Oct –  Wretched Rabbit

Sat 3rd November – Top Sink, Cow Pot  

Sun 4th November – County Pot, Wretched Rabbit

Sat 17th November – Lancaster Hole

Sun 2nd December – Pool Sink, Cow Pot

Sat 15th December – County Pot

Wed 26th December – Lancaster Hole

Thurs 27th December – Top Sink, Pool Sink

Fri 28th December – County Pot

Sat 29th December – Sylvester Pot

Sun 30th December – Cow Pot

Mon 31st December – County Pot, Wretched Rabbit

Tues 1st Jan 2018 – Lancaster Hole

Please apply to Emma Wilson for Permits