Meets List

Will  You  Organise  a  Club  Meet?

Your Meets Secretary Tom Clayton would like suggestions for Club Caving Meets later in the year. Suggestions please to Tom at or text 0773239082

Easter: 13th – 19th April: Easter trip to SWCC. Trip possibilities include OFD, Little Neath, Daren etc. We will also hopefully have a trip to Dan-yr- Ogof (limited numbers and leader dependent). Please let Emma and Tom know if you plan to attend and which nights you need accommodation so we can let SWCC know numbers..

Sat. 13th May: Birk Fell – Classic long streamway trip in Wharfedale. Either ladders or SRT depending on people’s preference.

Sat. 10th June: Grind Circle – Modern classic, fairly tight and muddy round trip in Link Pot.
Other trips to be organised in the future include a trip to the Stump Cross area, and some old mine trips.

Saturday 1st July   Robinson’s Pot. leader, Bill Nix

Followed by Summer BBQ at the Farm. Hopefully garden will be sorted out by then

Casterton & Leck Fell Permits:

Regarding the Casterton Fell / Leck Fell PermitsThese are now all located in 2 files by the booking in sheets in the Members Room. Only condition is on the Leck Fell permits – take these with you on the day and post details of party in estate office in Cowan Bridge.

Leck Fell :
Sat July 1st – Notts Pot
Sun July 23rd – Short Drop, Gavel
Sat August 5th – Deaths Head/ Big Meanie
Sat 2nd Sept – Lost Johns, Deaths Head
Sat 14th Oct – Boxhead
Tues 26th Dec – Deaths Head, Big Meanie
Thurs 28th Dec – Lost Johns, Boxhead
Sat 30th Dec – Short Drop, Gavel
Sun 31st Dec – Shuttleworth Pot
Mon 1st Jan 2018 – Notts II
Casterton Fell:
Sun April 23rd County Pot, Wretched Rabbit
Sat May 6th – Top Sink, Lancaster Hole
Sat May 27th – Pool Sink
Sat June 3rd – Lancaster Hole, County Pot
Sat June 17th – Cow Pot
Sat July 8th – County Pot, Lancaster Hole
Sun Aug 6th – Top Sink
Sat Aug 26th – County Pot, Wretched Rabbit
Sun Sept 3rd – Cow Pot, Lancaster Hole
Sat Sept 23rd – Pool Sink
Sun Oct 1st – Sylvester Pot
Sat Oct 28th – Wretched Rabbit
Sat 4th November – Lancaster Hole, Top Sink
Sun 5th November – County Pot, Wretched Rabbit
Sat 11th November – Lancaster Hole, County Pot
Sun 12th November – Cow Pot
Wed 27th Dec – Top Sink, Lancaster Hole
Thurs 28th Dec – Wretched Rabbit
Fri 29th Dec – Cow Pot, Lancaster Hole
Sun 31st Dec – County Pot, Wretched Rabbit
Mon 1st Jan 2018- Pool Sink
Tues 2nd Jan 2018 – County Pot

Please apply to Emma Wilson for Permits